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Cataracts Halted, Even Improved with Homeopathy

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

December 13th, 2015  |  151 Comments

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The logic seems simple, impeccable even.

If you can avoid cataract surgery, why not?

Besides, who wants another drug or medical procedure added to their daily list that for many, is so long that it unfurls like an ancient scroll.

Life shouldn’t be measured by the length of your medical troubles, but by memories, deeds and adventures. 

This opinion must run in my family because I have a number of relatives who are suspicious of drugs and such. 

My cousin Mario is one of them.

Mario is a road trip enthusiast. Every few weeks or so, he’d plan a trip in Europe, skiing in Colorado or just trekking across the U.S.

No doubt he knew his eyesight wasn’t great.

After all, he was in his 70s when his optometrist reported that he had cataracts.

When he got the news, he was crestfallen. The adventurer in him just wasn’t finished.

His vision had started to become cloudy which he described as looking through a fogged-up window.

And the vistas he treasured just weren’t as bright as they once were.

Discouraged, my cousin looked into surgery, but the possible side effects and the mandatory use of steroids haunted him for days after his consultation.

If things didn’t go perfectly, he could be even further away from his lifestyle of driving adventures.

And worst of all, he’d actually feel old!

He decided he’d mull over his options. 

That’s when he called me.

I’d observed a method in Calcutta that could be of benefit to Mario.

The Banerji protocol for cataracts is Calcarea carbonica 200C mixed with Belladonna 3C, taken once daily for many months.

This could be the solution to my cousin’s situation, so he began the protocol.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that this protocol will work for everyone. Nor will I tell you that it will take someone all the way back to perfect sight, but for a couple of bottles that cost under $20, to Mario (and, of course, me), it seemed a no-brainer.

The improvement was gradual. So gradual that he barely noticed it at first, but he still reported to me every few months that he was indeed taking his homeopathic medicines.  

But then Mario mentioned that his worst eye seemed to be clearer. It was around this time that he felt more confident driving after dark too.  This was not a psychological response, but a physical one.

His sight was improving ever so slightly and consistently over the months. More importantly, the progression seemed to have halted.

It's been a few years now and Mario has avoided surgery. His vision is not perfect, but it has improved enough that he is satisfied with his ability to drive in most conditions. 

Last time I spoke to Mario, he was planning a road trip to Mexico. In his backpack was his pair of eyeglasses and his bottles of Calc carb and Belladonna for “just in case”.

This is how Mario took this combination remedy:

He already owned Calc carb 200  because his wife used it to uproot her allergies. So he simply purchased a bottle of Belladonna 3 and put a few pills of each in his mouth each day.

To find out more about aging robustly (and in some instances, without fanfare!) use the search bar in this blog and learn how you can address your and your family’s ills with intelligent, polite and logical homeopathy.

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Joette laughingI am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom. I'm also a teacher and most importantly, a mom who raised my now-adult children depending on homeopathy over the last 31 years. I lived decades of my life with food intolerances, allergies, and chemical sensitivities until I was cured with homeopathy, so I understand pain, anxiety, and suffering. You may feel that your issues are more severe or different than anyone else’s, but I have seen it all in my practice and in my work in India. My opinion is that nothing has come close to the reproducible, safe and effective results that my clients, students and I have achieved with homeopathy.

Call today and learn how homeopathy might just be the missing piece in your health strategy.

Joette is not a physician and the relationship between Joette and her clients is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client. It is fully the client's choice whether or not to take advantage of the information Joette presents. Homeopathy doesn't "treat" an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Joette believes that the advice and diagnosis of a physician is often in order.

We've provided links for your convenience but we do not receive any remuneration nor affiliation in payment from your purchase.

The Author disclaims all liability for any loss or risk, personal or otherwise incurred as a consequence of use of any material in this article. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


151 thoughts on “Cataracts Halted, Even Improved with Homeopathy”

  1. Judy says:

    What about the potential for an aggravation in taking a 200c dose for an extended period of time?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Aggravations come from using the remedy too infrequently. That’s one of the benefits of using this method. There’s rarely an aggravation since if one is about to present, its calmed down immediately with the next short intervaled dose.

      1. Rose Linville says:

        I have had terrible aggravations from following Banerji protocol of taking 200C remedies every day. Am I just too sensitive? I have not had this problem using regular homeopathy for over 30 years.

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

          An aggravation is when you have taken the correct remedy but it over stimulates for a short period of time (generally) which is followed by amelioration. If there is no amelioration of the original complaint, then it is not considered an aggravation, but a poorly chosen remedy. In other words, a remedy that is well chosen, if repeated frequently, will not cause worsening of the problem.

          For example, if you have eye floaters, not cataracts and you use the protocol given in this article, it will certainly cause new conditions to present because it is specific to cataracts.

          1. Shelley says:

            Please tell me, is there a homeopathic remedy for eye floaters? The past few months I have been getting so many of them that it is disturbing my vision. I need to find something to help.

          2. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

            I plan to write on this subject soon.

          3. Julie says:

            I can’t wait for you to address floaters, sometimes they are very annoying. There’s nothing like admiring a clear blue sky with floaters floating past.

      2. Carol Schofield says:

        I thought it was important to note that I have been using Castor Oil in my eyes each day at bedtime. It is known to clear the eyes, rid cataracts and improve vison. I can attest that I have fuchs dystrophy. I should have had to have surgery to replace the retinas. I have remained the same for the last 3 years using castor oil, and wearing contacts. It has caused the eye blisters to flatten and has removed the pain, improved night and regular vision and along with taking various multi vitamins..I haven’t had to have surgery. or take anything else…

        1. HI Carol, I appreciate your post, congratulations! I also have a dx of fuchs and a recommendation for surgery, which I have postponed for almost 2 years at this point. I have from time to time used castor oil drops. I’ve been thinking of going back to wearing contacts, but have been wearing glasses and doing natural vision improvement methods, and natural therapies. Good to be reminded there are benefits in wearing contacts lenses for this condition.

        2. Melody says:

          Carol, would you be willing to share a trusted brand of Castor Oil? My husband is starting the Banerji Protocol for cataracts, and I am interested in learning about supporting his healing in all ways.

  2. Amanda Bressi says:

    Would you recommend these same dosages for a child? My 6yr old daughter, who has deteriorating vision, is in a group with a young girl that has cataracts. Can you recommend anything for overall vision improvement? Thank you!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      We don’t generally use a different dose or potency for a child when using the Banerji Protocols.

      Deteriorating vision is something I hope to cover in an upcoming blog. Meanwhile, I believe a high fat diet of traditional, saturated fats is an underpinning must. Butter, butter, butter and lard. But don’t forget coconut oil.

      1. kanupriya says:

        hi amanda how is yr daughter? what remedy did u finaly follow?

        1. Amanda Bressi says:

          I wish I could report that I found a remedy to improve her vision but unfortunately, I have not. Her vision has progressively gotten worse and I now have another daughter with deteriorating eyesight.

  3. Elle says:

    Where do you recommend a person buys the Calcarea Carbonicum and the Belladonna?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Check with Amazon, hahnemann Pharmacy in CA or Washington Homeopathics in W. Virgina.

  4. Pat says:


    Will this remedy help with improving eyesight, even though one has had the surgery for cataracts, but eyesight is still failing? Thankfully.


    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      This protocol is specific for cataracts. If the condition is not one of cataracts, it will likely not act.

  5. Margaret says:

    Do you have a suggestion for retinal puckers?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I’m sorry but I dont’ have a specific protocol for that condition. The case would need to be taken.

  6. Denise Krause says:


    I am 52 years old now and have terrible floaters in my left eye. My retinologist is keeping an eye on me for issues relating to high astigmatism (oval eye shape)as there is some risk of retina tearing/thinning. Id like to address the floaters. Please advise and thanks! denise

  7. Eric Henderson says:

    Hi Joette,

    This is a timely post. I went to the optometrist recently for a slight deterioration of vision and was informed that, while I don’t have cataracts yet, my cornea are undergoing the structural changes that precede cataracts. I was also told I had developed a drusen in my right eye. A bit disappointing at 48. Anyway, would this protocol be good to reverse this even at this early stage? Thanks.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I know this protocol to be specific for already developed cataracts. HAving said this however, I can’t say whether it would act at this time.

      1. Eric Henderson says:

        Thanks, Joette. BTW, do let me know what y’all think of the books.


  8. helene von rosenstiel says:

    Joette, thanks for this. Can you explain your final comment about the reasoning for a high fat of traditional saturated fats being an underpinning must__ butter butter butter and lard and of course coconut oil.

    I so appreciate all the work you are doing on our behalf since we sat together in class with Dr. Ram, Liz Potter, Maria and the rest of the gang. I wish you all the best and send you continuing blessings and gratitude.

    much love, helene

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Hi Helene! I certainly remember. ‘Nice to hear from you!
      I follow the works of Dr. Weston Price, (for over 26 or so years) after making the mistake of veganism and later macrobiotic, years before that. Take a look at the site Weston A Price Foundation.org.

      1. Linda D says:

        What is wrong with veganism? If done correctly.

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

          “Done correctly” requires taking vitamins becuase without them suffering inevitably ensues. A diet that doesn’t provide enough nutritients is not a good diet.

  9. Kelly says:

    When you say “mixed with” do you mean a few pellets of each taken at the same time or some other repertoire? Thanks!!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      They are taken at the same time or the pharmacy mixes them together for you in advance.


    Could you please tell me if there is any protocol for Retinitis Pigmentosa?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Not specifically that I’m aware of. The case would need to be taken classically.

  11. Judy says:

    If one is following this protocol, does it contraindicate the use of other remedies taken at a different time? Does a remedy for an acute disorder make a difference? Just concerned about antidoting.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Classical homeopathy would likely say yes to your concerns of contraindications, but using the Banerji Protocols is a different method that is not generally concerned with this.

  12. Moniek says:

    Hello Joette,

    I am new to homeopathy, became very interested through your website because of the easy to implement solutions and protocols and started myself on the protocol you describe for tick bites.
    Because both my parents have (beginning) cataracts, they have now started the protocol you describe above.
    Do you think it would be useful to also start taking cell salts for cataracts, or should we wait and see what happens with the Banerji protocol first?

    Thank you so much!

    Moniek (Europe)

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I believe the Banerji Protocols are more efficacious than cell salts for cataracts. Having said this, if you study the cell salts and find that there are some that are fitting, it would behoove you to use them in addition to BP’s. Just remember that these methods will take a good deal of time. Additionally, diets that include sugar and high carbs have been shown to cause or exacerbate cataracts.

      1. Moniek says:

        Thank you for your reply. We will try nr. 8 (European number), which is specifically recommended.
        They already have made some changes to their diet, but are not willing to do more I’m afraid. But they do eat healthier than most of their peers and are not afraid of fat.
        Happy new year!

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

          I’d like to hear how far it goes for both of them, so stay in touch.

          1. Moniek says:

            I will let you know!

        2. Susan says:

          Moniek, It is now 2021. Were your parents happy with the results of the cataract protocol? Please let us know how it went with them. I hope they are well.

  13. Hi Joette – My mother has been taking the Banerji protocol for her cataract and ran out of Belladonna. Should she continue with Calc carb 200 or stop till she gets the Belladonna? I have your GGBG course and need to be a better student and get to work! Your amazing energy comes through the lectures and it’s info packed. Thank you!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      CC alone has also been used for cataracts.

      1. Thank you for your reply. She has seen improvements already!

  14. Erin Joseph says:

    Would it be possible to use this protocol on my dog? He is 12 years old, and fit as a fiddle but his eyes are cloudy with cataracts. I would like to help him with this if I can. Thank you for your response.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I use homeopathics on dogs, goats, cows, chickens, cats, etc.

  15. bettina says:

    would you recommend Calcium Carbonate 200c also for farsightedness coming of age?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I don’t understand your question regarding coming of age.

      1. bettina says:

        oh, so sorry! I mean that older people often need glasses when reading because of farsightedness! In my case, I’m 51 years old, I’m not using glasses yet but my eyes become weaker year after year. I was wondering if Calc.Carb would help to slow down this process

  16. Karen says:

    Could you write an article soon on farsightedness with strabismus in children?!?! Thanks for all the work you do!

  17. Stephanie says:

    Do you know of a protocol for glaucoma?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Certain conditions and their protocols are super easy to send along, while others need an explanation of how and when to use as well as their accompanying protocols. Glaucoma is one of those conditions. I’ll put it on my list to write about it in the future. Meanwhile, look to the drugs that are being taken and see if they can cause or exacerbate the condition.

      1. Laurie says:

        I would love to know how to reduce pressure where there are no symptoms

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

          Pressure in eyes is related to glaucoma and I’ve not written on this subject on this blog. I will consider it for the future.

  18. Jane Neroni says:

    I am already taking Calc. Carb for Allergies. I would like to take this remedy for a cataract problem. Should I take the Calc. Carb. mixed with Belladonna every day and skip the Calc. Carb. every other day? Will the Calc. Carb still help my allergies if I do so?
    My thanks for replying.

  19. kimberly says:

    Hi Joette, should i get a diagnosis for cataracts to take this protocol or would it help say if you are needed a stronger prescription and my eyes feels strained? I do have floaters and am 54 so I probably have some early stages of cataracts but not positive. but if not harmaful and if it may help my vision would like to see if it would help my vision. what are your thoughts?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I would not use a protocol that is meant to address a condition that has not been diagnosed.

  20. yermamaSa says:

    Does the Banerji protocol require stopping the remedies as soon as there is any improvement before continuing?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I’m not sure I understand your question but if you mean that you stop when you’re done, the answer is yes. And if/when the condition returns the protocol is taken up again.

  21. yermama says:

    Thanks. My question was not worded well. In my experience, especially with acute ailments, an improvement may occur such that one would stop and wait, but then no continuing improvement follows, at which point one might take another dose, I would like to try the cataract remedies and am wondering whether there might be some stopping and starting up again, or does one just keep taking the remedy until one is convinced no improvement or no further improvement will occur?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Using homeopathy for cataracts is generally something that takes a very long time of continued use. Often many months.

  22. yermama says:

    Thanks. Just to be clear, then, I understand you to be saying that when used with a proper diagnosis of cataracts, there is no danger of a proving. I am still concerned about how one knows when one is finished, since a complete reversal is not to be expected, but perhaps that will become more apparent in time. Your amazingly prompt responses are much appreciated, by the way. I don’t know how you do all that you do.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Thanks for your kind words and yes, CC is often continued for very long periods of time. We’re always on the look out for improvement. FOr example, my father saw improvement within about a month, but then it stopped at that level. About a year later it went back to its original level…likely because he had stopped, perhaps not. So its important to always assess every couple of months.

  23. toback says:

    if you have cataracts and have not had surgery for them and it has progressed quite badly would this protocol still work to reverse the condition? how do these substances help cataracts? they sound like they are for illnesses unrelated. thank you for your blog. very interesting!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I can not tell you to what degree that a homeopathic will act on a particular condition. Each case is different. For my father, this method worked for some time to halt the progression of the disease. Years later, he decided to have surgery because the condition worsened. For others, it is different.

  24. Julie Swain says:

    Have you written a blog on eye floaters yet? Or if not would you be able to tell me a remedy for them? Thanks so much.

  25. Keith Fowler says:

    I am using these remedies and told my eye Dr about them and his comment was that he didn’t understand how this would work since there are no blood vessels in the lens part of the eye where cataracts form. Could you give me some information I could give him? Thank you

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Homeopathic medicines don’t act like conventional drugs. That is, they don’t require the medicine to be digested hence carried into the blood stream and then to the organ. Having said this, you’ll not convince him of how homeopathy acts. If he could be convinced, he’d be practicing homeopathy instead of allopathy.

  26. barb says:

    joette this summer my grandson stabbed my dogs eye with a toy in her pupil they used stem cells from her and made drops for her eyes but she has a film in her eyes right now im giving her conium 302xs a day but would the banerji protocol be better

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Anytime we see a positive response, we don’t switch lanes. If there’s a halt in improvement, then consider moving on.

  27. Jocelyn says:

    Please address eye floaters in a blog soon. My husband is always complaining about his floaters.

  28. Perviz paroo says:

    Would be most interested to know if these two remedies would work for my left eye which already had cataract surgery in 1994 and the right eye in 2004. The left eye is now developing a film in the lens so vision is getting misty. Have been told will need a laser surgery to clear the lens. Would like to avoid that

    Could Calc Carbonica and Belladonna help ?

    Really looking forward to information on various types of glaucoma and macular degeneration.

    Have written twice to the Banerji’s about my husband’s glaucoma but no response

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      There’s no way of knowing what results you may or may not enjoy.

  29. Steve Scrutton says:

    Thanks for the article, and all I would suggest is that it is surely better that people obtain their remedies through homeopathic pharmacies rather than Amazon. Rather nit-picky I suppose, but it’s just my prejudice against companies that want to own the world, pay no tax, and hoard their wealth in tax havens.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I must admit that you have a valid point.

  30. Kathy Ott says:

    I saw an eye dr. 3 yrs ago, who told me that I had considerable cataract in one eye and just starting in the other. My vision was blurry and dim. He told me I would need surgery within 3 yrs. I am not a candidate for cataract surgery, as my immune system would not tolerate silicon in my eyeball. But I did nothing for 2.5 yrs. I knew I should go get checked again, and I was just starting to do homeopathy, learning from Joette’s classes and postings. I got a combo homeo remedy for cataract and took it for three months. I also did castor oil drops into my eyes. My vision got clearer right away, felt less tired. Then I went to a different eye dr and purposely did not mention cataract to see what his opinion was. He finished with the exam and said, well your eyes look great, much better that most your age (64). I asked what about cataract? he said there is no sign. AND my reading glasses rx improved a notch! Yay for homeopathy!

    1. trish m says:

      This is remarkable! Thank you for sharing. I am trying to get up the courage to take the BP as it’s hard for me to accept that taking a 200C potency daily would be ok 🙂

      1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

        If you don’t mind sharing, I’m interested in learning who told you that homeopathic medicine should not be taken daily when in 200 potencies.

    2. Susan Harris says:

      HI Kathy, it is now 2021. Did you discontinue the protocol. And would you update us on how your feel your eyes are doing today? Thank you.

  31. catherine says:

    hi Josette. where can we get Belladonna 3c to use with Calc Carb 200c for my husband’s cataract. he’s waiting to be seen at hospital. we live in England. many thanks for most informative info – and your enthusiasm to help patients. catherine

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Try Helios Homeopathics in England (on line).

  32. Hi, I was just wondering if you ever wrote an article on eye floaters yet?

  33. Karen Spoonts says:

    I see the calcarea carbonica 200c comes in various grams. Can you explain what gram we are supposed to take?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      They’re not measured in grams but in potencies. Calcarea Carbonica 200c is exactly the potency used in this protocol.

      1. Pat says:

        How many of the small pills do you take of each Calcarea Cabonica 200c and Belladonna 3c do you take at a time and how many times a day?

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

          The number of pills that comprise a dose is printed on the bottle and the frequency is indicated in the post.

  34. Kellie Collins says:

    why does it come in various grams, as Karen said? how often should we take it, at the 200c potency?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Please read the post carefully. Everything you need is there.

  35. Rachael says:

    Do you have anything listed for something like glaucoma? I tried searching and didn’t come up with anything.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Glaucoma is not a simple protocol. The case needs to be taken by an experienced homeopath.

  36. Diane Neubauer says:

    For beginning cataracts
    How many pellets did your cousin take daily of the two homeopathics you described

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      The number of pellets that comprise a dose is conveniently printed on the side of homeopathy bottles.

      1. Geralyn_D says:

        Speaking of what is on the bottle of remedies I too have run into the ‘gram’ description when looking to purchase a remedy recently but no pellet count. I am assuming this is just to let you know the amount or size of the contents? After the weekend I will ask a pharmacist though because it seems up their alley!

  37. Corinna Errett says:

    I have two daughters with amplyopia (lazy eye) and increasing nearsightedness. Do you know of a way homeopathically to improve their vision?

  38. Donna Brogle says:

    I am looking for a way to improve night vision. I see halo’s and a lot of glare. I haven’t been diagnosed with cataracts. I am 67. Would this protocol help with night vision without a diagnosis?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      This protocol is specific for cataracts.

    2. LJR says:

      Look into nutrition for night vision. Seems to me taking a vitamin or supplement helped someone i know with night vision. I know this is vague but just search eye nutrition.
      Also, another thing i remember years ago is that some flashing (we described it as ‘seeing stars’) were a result of food allergies and/or something lacking. Experienced myself. so I’m not sure if some writers above are experiencing this and calling them eye floaters. ‘Would be worth a try to take inventory of their diet when eye troubles aren’t from cateracts.

  39. Jan says:

    Would this protocol be OK for my horse who has a cataract caused by uveitis? He is totally blind, and three vets have said there is nothing they can do.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      We use the same medicines and protocols for all people as well as animals.

  40. Cinda says:

    Any articles on eye floaters? I can’t seem to find any when I search.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I don’t believe I’ve written on that condition.

  41. Zach says:

    Joette, Around Feb 2019 (age 42) I started noticing some dark floaters in my vision. I also noticed a grey spot on my right eye. Went eye doc, he said floaters are normal, but the spot he said cause was demodex mites. He prescribed a tobramycin dexamethasone eye drop for a couple weeks. That didn’t help so he said let’s do prednisalone drops for 2-3 weeks. That didn’t help and actually spiked my eye pressure way up. He said eye pressure will go back to normal after stopping steroid so nothing to worry about and he referred me to a cornea specialist for the grey spot. She said the spot on cornea is textbook case of saltzman nodular degen and no treatment is necessary bc it’s a slowly progressing benign condition. She also at the same time said I have the start of cateracts normal for my age – nothing to worry about til I’m 70 or so. So question is, what kind of damage did I do with the unnecessary steroid drops – both docs said nothing to worry about, no concern for such short usage, but I’ll always wonder. And is it normal to start cataracts at age 42? I have IT career – staring at computer screen every day – this probably doesn’t help. I also seen more light-flash sensation when moving my eyes around or rubbing them but both docs said everything looks healthy but mentioned that due to the angle of something in my eye I am a glaucoma suspect. So, Idk. Just slightly nervous about all this, not sure what to think.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I’m not a fan of steroids and superfluous antibiotics. I also do not diagnose. Given that you’ve been told by your doctors that all is well, I’d take it at face value and move ahead with awareness of the potential consequences of drugs.

  42. Barb says:

    I already have Belladonna but it is 6c potency, would this be okay to take with the Calc carb 200c?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      If you hope to witness the kind of results that I witness regularly, it would behoove you to utilize the correct potency.

  43. Alexia says:

    Would love for you to write on eye floaters.

    Thank you for loving Jesus and homepathy and giving answers to true healing.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Please go to the front page of my site, click on the link and register your statement with the FDA and representatives that you count on homeopathy. If you don’t live in the US you may still register your position.
      We want full access to all homeopathic medicines, not just a select few.

  44. Cass Devlin says:

    I have been told by the optician that I have a cataract beginning. I don’t have to go back for another year. I want to slow or preferably halt the progress of this cataract so should I start taking the two remedies now?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I, of course, can’t tell you what you personally should do but some of the best times to employ homeopathy is at the onset of a condition to cut it off at the pass.

      1. Cass Devlin says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. Would you suggest I follow the regime for a year until I have my next eye examination?

  45. Marshia Pierce says:

    Joette, in February, 2020 I was diagnosed with cataracts. Vision in my right eye was 20/40 and in my left it was 20/30. Then everything hit, and my opthalmology appointment was cancelled.
    I began your protocol in early March. Today, I saw an opthalmologist Vision in both eyes is improved! Right eye is now 20/25; left eye 20/20. Thank you so much for your work and your drive to teach women this amazing craft!

  46. Jan says:

    Hi Joette,
    I’m just 45 and I was recently diagnosed with nuclear cataract in the right eye. Could this protocol works just for one eye?
    (I have doubts about trying Causticum and Calcarea fluorica in the recent past for other indication, because later on I started the vision problem. Could this combination lead to the cataract?)
    Thank you!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Think of it this way: If you have arthritis in one knee does that mean you don’t use the arthritis protocol?
      I doubt it would cause something permanent but in honesty, homeopathy is only relatively safe. So I couldn’t comment on your question.

      1. Jan says:

        Good point 🙂 thank you! Now I’ve started the protocol a week ago. Probably I’ve worsen a little, but I red in the chat this could be a good treatment choice signal. Let’s see. I’ ll share the evolution here after a few months or previous improvement (… and my apologies for late response).
        Thanks again for helping people!

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

          When the use of a homeopathic is followed by a worsening of symptoms, it’s not necessarily a sign that it is well chosen. I urge my students to halt the use of their homeopathic if worsening continues past a couple of weeks.

          1. Jan says:

            Ok Joette, thanks again for the advise!
            I’ll take it into account.

          2. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

            I hope it helps you.

  47. Anita Vaughn says:

    Hi Joette! I love, love, love your blog and reading all the comments, questions and your answers afterwards.

    I’ve been wanting to try this protocol since my eye Dr said I have cataracts in both eyes and they affect my vision tremendously. The strange thing is that you cannot see any clouding of the eyes. Have you heard of that before?

    I’m up for trying this protocol but if it’s not really cataracts will it hurt to take this protocol for several months to see if it helps?

    I have never heard of cataracts that affect the vision so much but you aren’t able to see clouding of the eyes but I’ve had 2 eye Drs tell me that. Have you seen that before?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I would trust 2 opthomologist’s diagnoses.
      Most diseases and conditions don’t include every symptom to a T.

  48. Megan says:

    What would you suggest for congenital cataract? My daughter was born with a tiny one, an ophthalmologist diagnosed it around 1 year but she was very holistic and instructed me to keep an eye on it. My daughter is very coordinated and shows no sign of visual difficulties from my limited experience as a special education teacher. We have since moved which is why I have not followed up with an eye dr as I don’t have a trusted / parental rights recommendation yet and am trying to avoid someone who is surgery happy.

    Will belladonnna and Calc carb work for her? Is it worth a try? She loves to take remedies and I have just never tried. Would castor oil also be an option? I’ve been told it can help. I just don’t want it to get worse. I can see it out my naked eye. A tiny white dot right in the middle of her eye.
    Thank you!

  49. Dennis says:

    I had cataract surgery in one eye, but I had problems with the the steroid eye drops. I have a cataract in the other eye and don’t want to have surgery again. Will taking the Calc Carb and Belladonna be a problem for the eye that has had surgery.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Think of it this way: If you have arthritis in your left shoulder but not your right one, will a remedy taken for the pain of the left cause a problem for the right?

  50. my uncle ( father in law aging 90 has suddenly lost his eye sight while waking up mid night prayers in May 2018. I am retired bank ,manager and utilize my leisure in reading homeopathic books and remedies. Unfortunately six months after eye sight lost he fell down one night and his left leg at hip joint broken .Although his leg joint has been cured with traditional local treatment,but he cannot move down the bed. Due to prolong ailment his muscles have become hard & stiff.I would be much and d much grateful if you kindly prescribe some suitable medcine for restoration of lost eye sight and relaxation of leg muscle so that he can move to bath room himself. The remedy we used for his eye sight was” it seems that there is some liquid dropped down from his brain. He had a brain injury some 45 years ago. sight of one of his eyes ( right) had also been lost due to a boil some thirty ears ago.as per my observation liquid has poured into the retina of eye. I would request you to please advise some medicine which could dry the liquid from retina of eye and restore eye sight. Loss of eye happened suddenly like an incident. Hoping to receive a positive response from you

    1. Susan says:

      Hopefully your relative made an appointment with her office so that he could get individualized treatment. How is he doing now?

  51. Lucille Morico says:

    I am new to homeopathy.
    I misread the Remedy you suggested to us for cataracts . I have been taking the correct strength Calcarea carbonica but have mistakingly been taking Belladonna 30c strength. I have been doing this for 8 weeks.
    I have ordered the correct Belladonna 3c strength, but it will not arrive for 3-4 weeks.
    Should I continue to take the Belladonna 30c- but perhaps only once a week – Or Perhaps Not at all until I receive the Belladonna 3c strength?
    Thank You, Lu

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      I can not give you personal, medical advice. All I can say is that potency matters.

  52. Jeanne M Hedin says:

    I have the beginnings of cataracts (age 70). I also have floaters. Will doing the cataract protocol cause problems with the floaters? I’m referring to your answer to a question in 2015 . . . “For example, if you have eye floaters, not cataracts and you use the protocol given in this article, it will certainly cause new conditions to present because it is specific to cataracts.”. I would like to do the cataract protocol but don’t want to cause/aggravate floater issue. thank you.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      What I was saying is that the protocol is specific for cataracts and it should not be assumed that it’s specific for floaters, hence chosen for that condition. But this doesn’t mean it will cause problems if floaters exist as well.

  53. Jeanne M Hedin says:

    I have the beginnings of cataracts (age 70). I also have floaters. Will doing the cataract protocol cause problems with the floaters? I’m referring to your answer to a question in 2015 . . . “For example, if you have eye floaters, not cataracts and you use the protocol given in this article, it will certainly cause new conditions to present because it is specific to cataracts. . .”. I would like to do the cataract protocol but don’t want to cause/aggravate floater issue. thank you.

  54. Ruth Yates says:

    Please comment on homeopathic treatment of macular degeneration.

  55. Sofia Goodrich says:

    Do you have anything about Glaucoma?

  56. Amy Peront says:

    Hi Joette. I’ve been using homeopathy for our pets for years with great success. Thank you for your generous and empowering information!

    My question is if this cataract protocol has been used successfully in diabetic cataracts in dogs. While the cloudiness is the same in both, my research indicates that human cataract are caused by protein build up while canine diabetic cataracts form due to increased sorbitol and water as a result of elevated blood sugars. I’m thinking I’d like to try this BP, but there’s a hesitation in my spirit that I don’t want to ignore. Any thoughts?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      I urge my students to be cautious about focusing on theories as to the causes of this or that condition. Cataracts are cataracts no matter the species or etiology.

  57. Jennifer Diefendorf says:

    I just spoke to Boiron- they do not carry Calcaria Carbonica in 200C or Belladonna in 3C. Would you have another recommendation for comparable dilutions?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      If you are a student of mine you may purchase from OHM.They carry the Banerji Protocols. But you may also purchase from Washington Homeopathics in W. Virginia, Helios in England, Hahnemann Pharmacy in CA.

  58. Carina says:

    In my country I can’t find Belladonna 3. The lowest is D6. Is it ok to use?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      I Have no experience with this potency for this particular protocol but I’ll make the assumption that it will be fine.

  59. Rohit Bansal says:

    Hi mam, I am from India. My son having cataract in both eyes having 11.5 years of age. Can I use this for him.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      This is not an age-specific medicine.

  60. Yavonna Hannigan says:

    My mother tried this protocol for 4 weeks and ended up having a proving including graininess in her eyes. Camphor 200 was given and the issue resolved within 24 hours. Her cataracts have continued to worsen. Do you have a suggestion for an alternative protocol since the CC and Bel isn’t an option for her?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      Here, I offer those protocols that are 1st line. When they don’t act, we usually repertorize.
      Should you be in one of my courses where I teach that, it should help you out.
      Meanwhile, you might want to check out Robin Murphy’s Repertory.
      It won’t offer an exact protocol but will give you a glimpse of what to consider.

  61. Laurie Rathsam says:

    My ophthamologist has determined that my vision (minus the cataracts) would be much improved with cataract surgery, but I don’t like the after care items used, such as steroids, antibiotics, etc. When your dad had his cataract surgery, did he also submit to the steroids, antibiotics, and other nasties , or did he use homeopathy, and if so, what did he use?

  62. Benny Hamaoui says:

    Hi there, What’s doing I have Keratoconus (Bulging Cornea disease and really want to get it cleared up l. And I’m very interested in Homeopathic treatment. My WhatsApp is 718-312-2534

  63. Heather says:

    Can you recommend a place in Canada to buy Belladonna 3C??

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, PHom M says:

      It matters not from where it’s being sent.
      Helios in England will send it as quickly as any.
      But if it must be derived from Canada, try Thompson’s on Young street in Toronto.

  64. Dawn says:

    This treatment has been amazing for my husband. He has a pretty aggressive cataract in just his left eye. He noticed improvement after just the first dose. Driving at night last night he noted that the oncoming headlights were not nearly as distracting…after just the second dose. Thank you so much for providing all of your wonderful knowledge here.

  65. Becky Pine says:

    Hi Joette – my mom tried this remedy and her blood pressure went up. Is that possible? If so, is it the wrong remedy for her? Thanks!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, PHom M says:

      Any medicine that causes pathology ought to be halted. It usually means it’s the wrong medicine for that person.

      1. Becky Pine says:

        Thank you!

  66. Gerri says:

    Hi Joette,

    My gratitude for the wonderful info. Please, how many Cal carb 200c & Belladonna 3C daily, 1x day? I think that may be what people are asking about dose. Not how many pills are in a bottle. Thanks!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M says:

      The number of pills that comprise a dose is printed on the side of the bottle.

  67. Karen says:

    Hi Joette,

    I have hypothyroidism and was wondering if Cal Carb and/or Belladonna will make hypothyroidism worse? If it is just one remedy that will make hypothyroidism worse and the other remedy won’t, would just taking just the one remedy work on the cataract?

    Thank You!

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