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Repetition is Good ’til it Causes Painful Hands


I have been in India at the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation (PBHRF) for three of my expected 7-week yearly fellowships and when I have a quiet moment to reflect on my experiences here, it makes my heart swell and my gray matter escalate.  (more…)

Not Sensitive Anymore, But I Get “Delhi Belly”

Ox cart transportation on early morning in Old Delhi, India

For today’s blog, I write to you from the far-away land of India. After spending many a cold winter months in the gray and cold state of New York, the majestic country of India always brings a welcomed burst of color, warmth and a shot of vibrancy.  (more…)

I’m Bad


I’m just here to confess something….I’m bad.
I’m naughty.
And I like being this way.
Why am I bad?
Because I don’t comply with the rules of modern medicine nor even most complementary medical methods.
I don’t get mammograms, colonoscopies, pap smears, flu vaccines.
I don’t wear sunscreen… (more…)

Boys, Concussions and Broken Furniture

Homeopathy for Concussions


The two young boys had simply been watching too much wrestling on TV. The brothers loved to spend hours brawling down in their basement, reenacting the moves of their favorite professional wrestlers. But one evening, when 10-year-old Jason recreated Hulk Hogan’s signature move by slamming his little brother down onto his back against the floor, his brother went limp. (more…)

It Cracks Me Up! How to Cure Dry Skin without Over Thinking


It makes me laugh–all the assumptions surrounding this illness or that. I hear them daily from my clients and students and must admit, recognize the ones even I believed in the past. (more…)

Fake News: Not ‘New’ News For Us Homeopathy Folks

The term “fake news” is all over the media these days.

But for those of us who practice and believe in homeopathy, fake news is nothing more than “old news” for us. (more…)

On this holy day may we unite in peace and joy

My dear friend, mentor, and colleague Dr. Pratip Banerji sent this to me from Kokata last night. 

I haven’t stopped singing it since then! 

Click on it and you’ll see what I mean. 

Peace, joy and a blessed Christmas to all! 



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