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Podcast 118 — Moms with Moxie: Freaking Mom Helped by Homeopathy Study Buddy

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

May 17th, 2024  |  No Comments Yet

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Podcast 118


02:13   Introduction

07:43   Why Join The Academy of Practical Homeopathy®?

11:13   The Power of Study Groups: A Dramatic Success Story

21:36   Freedom From Fear

23:42   How to Join a Study Group
The Academy of Practical Homeopathy®
Gateway to Practical Homeopathy®: A Guided Study Group Curriculum
Joette's Study Group, Find Your New Study Group Friends



This is the Practical Homeopathy® Podcast, episode number 118.

Hi! This is Joette Calabrese. My Practical Homeopathy® is transforming lives all over the globe by offering health freedom!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say a podcast is priceless.

I want you to hear — in their own words — how regular people just like you have reshaped their lives using the practical protocols I teach in my Practical Homeopathy®.

So, with the help of my reporter Kate, I bring you this podcast series featuring interviews with moms, dads, teens, health care practitioners and Academy of Practical Homeopathy® students from all walks of life.

With education, you can follow in these students’ footsteps. You can eliminate your fear of illness and injury by learning how to care for yourself and your family. Like them, YOU can be in control — without acquiescing to authority — to live healthier, more autonomous lives. Indeed, you, too, can heal yourself and your family through my brand of homeopathy — Practical Homeopathy®.


Kate: (01:30)
Hi, I am Kate, and I want to welcome you to today's podcast. I am super excited to talk today about connection. That's one of the things that we're going to share with you today, and it's been one of the most important parts of my life throughout the last, I would say, 5 to 10 years. Because I've met dear friends from all over the world, and these women — these beautiful women — have become a part of my life — an integral part of my life, actually. And I don't know what I would do without them.

I met many of my dearest friends through Gateway to Homeopathy study groups, and it's just been an amazing relationship that I've had. And it sounds funny to say, but some of my closest friends are really all over the United States and the world.

And so today I want to introduce you to two beautiful women who have met in study groups, actually through the Academy of Practical Homeopathy®. And so, I want to welcome you to the podcast. Robin and Katie, welcome.

Robin and Katie:
Thank you. Thank you. Great to be here.

So, I want to get to know you just a little bit. Robin, tell us a little bit about yourself.

So, my husband and I, our two boys, we are in southeast Idaho. Picked up and moved from California about three years ago and randomly showed up in a town called Pocatello. Love it here and love being able to dive into homeopathy.

We are very much of a people who like to take ownership of our health and of our lives, and so we take the time to really dig into that.

But for a while, I just didn't know why we were even here. And here we are, and I've been able to meet Katie, and it's been a blessing to be here.

Yeah. So, now you know one of the reasons that you ended up there, maybe.

Exactly. It was so random, but here we are.

And with that, too, Academy of Practical Homeopathy® — both Katie and I joined last year. So, it has been a fun ride. We'll dig into that a bit during this podcast.

Okay. Katie, tell us a little bit about you.

I grew up in a very remote town in Idaho. We didn't have a doctor. We didn't have a hospital anywhere nearby. The nearest large town that we could even go Christmas shopping was three hours away.


And so we learned to be our own doctor, to tend our own things, our own injuries, our own illnesses. And I'm so glad that we learned not to rely heavily on the medical system.

Sometimes I've had relatives that have had to be taken by Life Flight because of emergencies. Really glad that we have it when it's needed. But for the rest of the time, we just learned how to be self-sufficient for our health, and I'm so grateful for that.

So, I didn't know what to study in school. I tried massage. And then I got a degree in sports medicine and tried to learn more about supplements, herbs, essential oils. And finally, finally, I was introduced to homeopathy, and I have found the ultimate medicine, and it's wonderful, and I love it so much.

Never looked back, right?

That's right. That's right.

Yeah, I hear a lot of people say that. That's what happened for me, too. You go through all of these other natural healing paradigms and when you get to homeopathy — which, unfortunately, is usually last (I don't know why that is) — but it's like: This is home. This is what I've been looking for.

I know Joette talks about that. This is the medicine we've all been looking for, and it's really so true. It's so much more efficacious, I have found, than any other healing paradigm. So, yeah.

Well, one of the things that I wanted to ask you about today is what really got you into homeopathy? What medicine really worked that sold you on homeopathy?

Katie, you want to share that with us?

Sure. After I took my first Gateway class with my sister, I bought a small kit, and it didn't have very many remedies and certainly not in very big amounts. And so, it was small enough to fit in my purse.

We went to the beach, my family, and one of my daughters got stung on her leg by a jellyfish. After a quick panic, thinking, “What can I do about this?” She was screaming in pain. She was in so much pain and so upset.

And then I remembered my homeopathy kit, and I gave a remedy. And it was Apis that comes from a honeybee, and that really worked for the jellyfish sting. Within five minutes, she was back playing in the waves.

After that, I wanted to know everything about this medicine. I don't know a single other medicine that I had ever heard of that could have done that.

Yeah. So quickly and so efficacious. Right?

That's right.

So, from then on, you were gung-ho into studying homeopathy.

Yes, I was.

All right. Robin, what about you? What really stood out in the beginning for you?

So many stories. I would have to say one of the key stories was when one of our kitties who was coming down the hill, and my husband took a look at her and said her entire arm was swollen.

We didn't know at first what had happened — if she had been bit by a snake, what the injury was — but it was completely swollen. She had a pretty massive limp. And even though my husband took Gateway to Homeopathy, and he believed in the power of it, I think he had a moment of doubt of like, “Well, is this going to work?”

Because she was in such bad shape with labored breathing, and so we gave her a combination of three different medications — you know, homeopathy — and Arsenicum, Hypericum … there's a third one. And within the third dose, it was later that day that she was up walking around, back to her old self. When it returned a month later, for some reason, we re-dosed her. She was fine. It was incredible to see.

So that's just one of many stories. I love homeopathy in that it treats the root cause. It's just so simple, and yet it is God's medicine. It's like what Joette talks about all the time.

Yeah. Well, those are great.

So gentle.


Kate: (07:43)
Yeah. Yes! Yes, exactly.

So, you both recently have joined The Academy of Practical Homeopathy®, and I would love to hear a little bit about what prompted you to join and what you're finding with The Academy. What you love about it, and what you want to tell people about it? Robin, you want to share with us?

I have been a believer in homeopathy for the last couple years; my husband joining a study group. And then when it came for The Academy, I think overall, again, diving into different courses and the different medicines, having that opportunity to have an in-depth study is important because I think that knowledge really is power and being able to equip ourselves with it.

And then I think probably Katie for you, too, being able to funnel that information down to the kids of, “Hey, in the event that something happens, here's what you need: Aconite, Arnica, whatnot.”

So, I think a lot of it is just making sure that we have the information that we need. It's really the toolbox, I think.

Yeah. So, what prompted you to join The Academy? Because I know you've done Gateway 1, and so what really made you take that leap?

It was just the need for jumping into the material and being able to take that ownership. I think otherwise, you're always dependent on other people.

If you have that knowledge and you have that understanding, then you're able to turn to your loved one in a time of need and say, “Here's what you need.” Instead of, “I don't have the knowledge; I'm sorry.”

It was that time to realize if it's not now, when is it going to be? And sometimes we can get in that mode of it's not ever convenient … and it's not. But at some point, you’ve got to realize, just jump in.

For anybody out there listening who feels like it's not the right time … you're overwhelmed. There's no better time than right now. And you'll figure it out, and you'll make the time for it because it's a priority. But this knowledge is too important to let it just sit there for another year until it's going to be a better time. We're going to always be busy.

Yeah. We have a mama with 10 kids in The Academy. And I mean, if … I always think if she can do it. I mean, that's pretty incredible.

Katie, what about you? Tell me what your thoughts are about The Academy, and what you've been excited about.

I actually got into The Academy because I had so many family members. I come from a very large family, and I had so many people all the time coming to me and wanting to know what to do for gout and what to do for heartburn and what to do for a broken leg and what to do for this and that, and I have a headache today. And I just felt like my knowledge that I had was insufficient, and there was nowhere for me to turn.

There aren't homeopaths everywhere. And certainly, I don't know any in this area. And I just felt like maybe I just need to do it. Maybe, you know? And so that I can be that point of contact — that reference — for all of these people that are already coming to me anyways, and I have to do all this research. Why am I holding myself back by not rounding out my education? And so that's why I decided to get into it.

I actually joined The Academy late. I was four weeks late getting in, so I felt like I was so behind, and I didn't know if I was ever going to catch up. But I'm so glad that I was put into a study group … where I was allowed to join a study group. They hadn't solidified those study groups yet, and I got into the one that I was in, and I'm so glad.


Kate: (11:13)
So that leads us to a really key part of why you guys are here today, and that's to also share your story about what happened and how being in this study group together really was a lifesaver in a way.

So, go ahead, Katie. Tell us what happened, and you guys came together into the study group. I know because one of our team members said, “Hey, Katie, you should join the study group because you live in the same area as Robin.”

So, since you guys lived in the same area, you were kind of suggested to be in the same study group. Tell us why that was important and what happened. Katie,

In the middle of October, my one-and-a-half-year-old got sick. When she has a fever, she has seizures with her fever, and it's very scary. I've taken her in at my husband's urging —taken her to the hospital now that we live near one.

And the doctors tell me, “It's a febrile seizure; there's not really anything we can do. Just try and keep her comfortable and safe and don't worry about it. Just keep her temperature low, make sure that you're keeping her on Tylenol and ibuprofen and keep that temperature down so that she doesn't go into these seizures.” And that was as good as they could tell me.

So, when she got sick again … and it was just a fever. There was no runny nose; there was no cough; no nothing to suggest that it was a cold or a flu of some kind. It was just a fever and extreme fatigue. She was just very weak, tired, but she had a hard time sleeping. And so, it was a worrisome time. She wasn't eating, but she at least was drinking, and she would have these seizures.

So, I was giving her just a basic flu remedy for the kind of symptoms that she was having with being so weak. And that was helping, but it was not … I don't think that it was shortening the disease.

And so, I looked up in one of my reference books about fevers of unknown origin. The Drs. Banerji, in their book, talk about that. And so, I looked for my remedy that they suggested, and I didn't have it. I thought I had it. I did not have it. And I think that's because I gave it to either my mom or my grandma when they were having trouble. And so, I didn't have it at home, and they live a long ways away.

So, I immediately got online, and I ordered the correct remedy. But it was a weekend. Even though I ordered expedited shipping, I knew it wasn't going to get to me for a couple of days. And so, I thought, “Well, we can tough it out for a couple of days. Keep her on this remedy that's sort of helping and use another one for the seizures and just try and keep things under control until that one gets here.”

Well, I checked every day. And Tuesday came; it hadn't even been shipped! I was trying to track the order and stuff, and it had not even shipped yet.

That night, she had some of the worst seizures that I have ever seen in my life. Some of them lasting up to 45 seconds … a minute. And I don't know, I haven't seen a lot of people have seizures, but she doesn't breathe very good when she's having a seizure. It's very scary. And her lips turn blue, and then when she's done with it, she’s so, so, so tired.

And at about 4:30 that morning … I had been up all night … again. I thought, “I really need some help. I wish there was somebody around here that had this medicine.” And then I thought, “Oh! Maybe one of my study group members that lives nearby, Robin, might have this medicine.”

And so, I texted her at 4:30 in the morning. She didn't see it until the next day. Isn't that right, Robin?

At 7:00 a.m. So, I turned my phone on at 7:00 a.m. I'm like, who text messaged me at 4:30? You need … like, this is an SOS.

Right? Immediately, Robin flew into action. She did have the medicine. She asked me did I need some, and I was just beside myself with relief and hope. And she was there before noon. She brought it right to me.


And within seconds of the very first dose, I saw a change in my daughter. She relaxed. She had been very whiny, upset, but still weak. I mean, there wasn't hardly anything she could do. She was getting dehydrated a little bit by that time — or had been dehydrated, and then we rehydrated her. But it wasn't like she wasn't getting any better.

But I saw an immediate change. And so did you, Robin, right?

It was within seconds.

It was.

It was incredible to see. I remember looking at you, Katie, and saying, “This is what Joette talks about when ‘this is the right medicine, and it will act’.”

But it was seconds. It was shocking.

But having you call out for help, one, I think is important. Sometimes we can get into that mindset of like, do I really need help? I don't want to inconvenience. But it was never an inconvenience to just reach out and say, “Hey, do you have a medicine?”

And I went through Joette’s blog earlier that year — even the year before — and just documented all the different medicines that Joette had written about of the “have to haves.” And I had these medicines, and I brought Cocculus to you as well, which Joette had a blog about it. And if you're a caregiver, this is what to bring or to take to somebody who's a caregiver. And so, I immediately thought, “Hey, this could be something that's helpful.”

But also, it's just the connection with our other study group member, our study group adviser, Erin, who has been a complete godsend. I reached out to her when you reached out and said, “Hey, can you start a conversation with Katie? I'm on the road, so I'm not going to be available, but let's make sure that we're thinking through all of the different medicines. But I'm going to bring some different ones, including one for Katie.”

But having her eyes on that too was really neat to see.

I'm glad that you brought her in. I was hesitant to post to the entire group. You know what I mean? We've got, I don't know, eight or nine members in the study group, and I didn't want everyone worried and asking questions … and I didn't want to have to field any of those questions.

I just needed a little bit of guidance, a little bit of help through this because I couldn't think anymore. My brain was fried. I had been up for four nights in a row, and the only time that I ever ate anything was when I could walk around holding my baby and find whatever was available on the shelf in the kitchen. (Not that my family doesn't care, but they just didn't see the need. It never occurred to them to bring meals in. And I never thought to ask. I was in a bad state. You know?)

It's really hard to think when you are exhausted and caring for someone. And Joette talks about that, too. How when you are caring for a child, it's really good to have that other person that you can talk to and say, “Hey, what do you think? Because I just can't think right now.” It's too close to you. You're too worried.

And like you're saying, it's great to have that connection, somebody that you can reach out to that can help you think — that's the bottom line — and just kind of be with you. Even someone just to be there, you know? That you know someone is on the phone or on the way, and just that right there is a huge relief, I think.

So, Katie and Robin have been talking about the importance of connection and being involved in a study group. And they're both in the study group for The Academy, but there are many study groups that you can be a part of … the Gateway to Homeopathy study groups that I talked about earlier.

But I think we wanted to just emphasize that importance of not trying to buckle up and go it alone. Maybe Katie was doing in the beginning that you had that study group there, and you did reach out and the importance of that. So maybe you guys can talk about that a little bit and what you want to share with the listeners.

Oh, I'm going to cry if I talk anymore about that. I just felt like that Robin was a guardian angel for us. I mean, she was like our rescue. She had the right medicine, and I had a connection to her, and she has a willing heart just to help people. People that study homeopathy, they don't do it for fame and fortune. They do it because they really care. And that … it meant the world to me.

So, you were saying before, Katie, and maybe I can just share that you had said if you wouldn't have had that remedy at that time, that you probably would've ended up going to the hospital again and seeking medical care — which we're not saying that that's a bad thing — right?

No. No, I would've done it.

But just how you were able to stay home, and that remedy took care of it and the value of that for you.

Yeah, it really eased my mind. I had been on the verge at least twice, probably three times, of taking her to the hospital because I knew that a fever — with no other symptoms except just weakness that lasted that long and was starting to inch up and up and up — could only mean some kind of septic infection or something similar. And she would have to be on some heavy antibiotics and have a lot of testing done.

I wanted to spare her that if I could, but I wasn't going to put her life in jeopardy so that I could stay home and say that I handled it myself. I would've gone. I would've gone. But I am so glad that I didn't have to.

She was spared all kinds of horrible traumas that some of my other children have gone through. To be catheterized is traumatic, I don't care who you are. But especially for a small child, it's terrible. Some of the tests that they have to endure to figure out what's going on so that they can get the right treatment …


Kate: (21:36)
Yeah. So, we're thankful for that when we need it, but we're also thankful for these medicines that allow us to …

And I think another thing too is to not have the fear, right? Because we have tools that we can use … and that I know has been important in my life.

I remember you guys were talking about your daughter being stung by a, what, a jellyfish?


And we were on an island at one point, and my daughter got stung by, I think, a sea urchin? I'm not quite sure. But yeah, she started blowing up too. And it was an island without medical care. You had to see if you could get a flight back to another island to get medical care.

And we used homeopathy for that. And just knowing that I had some tools there that I could use really … well, one, you never know what would've happened if you didn't have that in that instance. How long would it been until you got care and then would it have been in time?

I mean, it's literally been a number of times where homeopathy, I can honestly say, has saved one of our lives in my family. It helps with that fear.

You need that connection. I'm connected to all these beautiful women who are willing to help at any time. Like you said, Katie, these people that you meet in these study groups, they are selfless, and they are willing to be there day or night and to help. And so that's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Robin, did you want to add anything to that?

I think a lot of it is just reaching out. Sometimes we can get in this state in place of wanting to be strong and push through it. And yet there's no harm in asking, “Hey, am I headed in the right direction? What do you think? Do you have any input?” You don't know how anything can be turned around and then within seconds see an improvement, and you just can't believe your eyes. So being able to be part of that …

And I just encourage people to reach out, connect, ask questions. Like, don't go at this alone. If there's stories, share them. I think that that's how we all learn, and we can apply it to our daily lives, too.


Kate: (23:42)
Yeah. So, if you are listening to this podcast, and you think, “I want to have a connection with other people.” Because there’s men study groups. There's women's study groups. If you want to have that connection to a group of people, there's a number of ways that you can do it.

One of them is through homeopathy study groups, whether it's in The Academy of Practical Homeopathy® or Joette’s Gateway to Homeopathy study groups.

But if not there, then find your people that you can be connected with … that you can do life together and that you have each other's backs. I just think that's super-important, and I know that's what you guys have found with this as well.

I just wanted a quick mention: If you're looking for a way to connect with other people through Joette’s Gateway study groups, you can go on the Facebook page, Joette's Study Group, Find Your New Study Group Friends. So that's a Facebook page. And if you join there, you'll see all the people who are offering study groups and connect with someone there.

So, I want to thank you guys today for sharing your story. And I know it was emotional and hard, but I know that people are going to be just really thankful that you took the time today to share your story and to encourage those who are listening. So, thank you so much.

Absolutely. Thank you, Kate, for having us.

It was a pleasure to be here.

All right. I will see you in The Academy.

Wonderful. Thanks, Kate.

Thank you. Bye-Bye.

Robin and Katie:
Bye. Bye!

These podcasts focus on students of Practical Homeopathy® who have learned how to take care of themselves, family, friends, clients, pets, patients and even livestock using homeopathic medicine.

I hope listening to this podcast has inspired you to follow in their footsteps.

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