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Homeopathic Remedies for Fainting


Let’s add to our arsenal of homeopathic remedies for simple first aid. Today, we’ll look at fainting.

Fainting is a unique way for the body to display stress. Frightening experiences and other emotional times in one’s life are nearly always met with a physical component. Fainting occurs when the heart suddenly fails in its normal action. It most often afflicts women and the “faint-hearted.” The causes for fainting spells are often varied. (more…)

Deadly Nightshade … a Medicine?


Belladonna. It means “Beautiful Woman” in that most poetic of languages, Italian. Our history tells us that the herb was made into eye drops to cause the pupils to dilate, thus making the eyes look more seductive. A ruse perhaps once employed by the Venetian courtesans? In any case, that falls under the category of “Don’t try this at home!”

Belladonna in gross form is very poisonous and ingestion of even a small amount can cause death. Not for no reason did my mother call it “deadly nightshade!” When I was a child, she made the plant known to me, and I steered clear — by no means tempted to sample the wares of the Grim Reaper. (more…)

Travis, the Teenager, Loves Homeopathy

“Sweet!” crowed Travis, the 16-year-old, as he rose up with renewed strength.

Travis the teenager loves homeopathyJust hours ago, Travis had been suffering from a 103-degree fever, pounding headache and relentless nausea. After three doses of Belladonna 30C and a much-needed nap, this pale, emotional child was made whole.

Since it was Saturday night, this meant he would be able to go to his school dance.

His parents had no reservations. (more…)

Bedbugs! Non-toxic Eradication and Homeopathy

bedbug 2

All God’s creatures, great and small? Okay … bumblebees, butterflies, bunnies.

Got it. But bedbugs? 

Oh, I think not! Bedbugs are not nice, not fluffy, not useful at all. 

They can lie dormant in your walls for a year without feeding, and then suddenly wake up hungry for blood.

They can latch on to you in hotels, on busses, in dentists’ offices … anywhere people gather, sit, and can drop a critter or its eggs.

Bedbugs are dirty, disgusting, and demoralizing.

They creep, they crawl, and they cause a lot of alliteration in this blog.  (more…)

Empty Nest: The Anguish of Motherhood

Mindful HomeopathyA mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child.

Mindful Homeopathy
Practical Protocols for Mental and Emotional Conditions

Anxiety…depression…bipolar…OCD…learning disorders…brain fog…PTSD…addictions…dementia…

Homeopathy has a history of uprooting these conditions.

These are my favorites that I guarantee you’ll use.

I created an infographic to give you hope that real, safe, efficacious alternatives to chemical drugs exist. Click here and read more.

This infographic contains some of my favorite remedies that I guarantee you’ll use.

 Empty nester? Try this remedy.

The office phone rang, and my assistant directed me to pick up line 2.


“He’s gone!” It was a female voice dripping with desperation.

“Who’s gone … and by the way, who’s calling?”

“It’s Sandy, Joette, and my son is GONE!”

My thoughts dashed to automobile accidents, and I braced myself for bad news. (more…)

Sixteen Reasons to Choose Homeopathy

2013-04-30 20.46.58

This is our best kit.

Homeopathy is fast becoming the medicine of choice for families who are sick and tired of being dependent on drugs that often cause more problems than the original sufferings.

Ok, ok, I’ll admit, Darvon works. Indeed, it kills pain, but after having been prescribed for 50+ years, it was banned from the marketplace for causing deaths in people who innocently took it for their pain. And what was the cause of death? It was cardiac arrest in those who had no previous nor family history of such. Quite a price to pay for something that could easily have been resolved with the use of a simple, inexpensive homeopathic remedy such as Belladonna, Arnica or Hypericum. If only those folks and their families knew before they filled the prescription. (more…)

Morning Sickness Ruining Your Pregnancy? Choose One of These Homeopathic Remedies

toilet2Forget the mornings … sometimes this awful sensation can last all day! However, not with homeopathy. Unlike many modern medical methods, homeopathy has no side effects or detriments to the baby. In fact, one of the best times to use homeopathy is during pregnancy.

Choose a Remedy

Choose one of the remedies below that most closely fits the symptoms at hand, and for most moms, if the remedy is taken twice daily for 1-10 days, there’s often a nice shift. That’s how we know it’s time to stop using the remedy. If the symptoms return, then it’s time to resume its use.


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