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Hi! It’s Buster here.

I just met a new friend who rivaled me for my nickname “The Bad Office Dog.” But I figured if homeopathy could help me, it could help my new friend.

Meet Gunner. He’s a 6-year-old hound mix that Shannon, my mom's chief of staff, adopted last year. Apparently, he suffers anxiety from loud noises.

The weird thing is, Gunner lives very close to a gun club, and the sound of gun fire doesn’t bother him at all. Maybe it has something to do with his name? Or maybe he’s just a proud Second Amendment advocate. 

No matter the reason, Gunner wasn’t able to explain exactly why thunderstorms and fireworks were different for him … why they made him so upset that he reallllllllly misbehaves.

I mean, he nearly chewed a hole in his mom’s wooden door! Look at this:

So, Shannon put a camera on the door to find out exactly what was happening with poor Gunner (and the structure of her house).

Well, get this … during a thunderstorm she witnessed him freaking out so badly that he was able to turn the storm doorknob and get out of the house into an enclosed breezeway.

Being out of the house seemed to settle him a bit, so she let him do that for a while. (I think he’s really talented to turn a doorknob. I’m too short, or I’d try it myself.)

Anyway, one day being out on the enclosed breezeway wasn’t good enough. Apparently, Gunner got freaked out so badly that he escaped the housebreaking right through a glass window.

He was found out on the main road (thank goodness, he hadn’t been hurt), and brought back to our office.

I really liked Gunner right away. So that he wouldn’t be alone, Shannon started bringing him into the office more and more.

First, she tried using Aconitum 200, but that didn’t help.

She tried using Ignatia 200, but it didn’t do anything either. I knew he didn’t want to be bad; he was just scared. (Plus, between you and me, I wanted my nickname all to myself.)

So, I concentrated really hard to telepathically remind Gunner’s mom that Joette teaches about the use of Argentum nitricum when human clients have anxiety. (Tell your human to scroll to the bottom of this page to receive their free remedy card containing that information in an easy-to-reference form.)

Anyway, my concentration must have worked. (I must be pretty clever, huh?) Because recently, when Gunner was at home freaking out about the fireworks, his mom gave him one dose of Argentum nitricum 200, and he laid right down! Good sign, right?

Unfortunately, because Gunner had already been through so much stress in his life, his anxiety about noises turned into separation anxiety when his family would leave him alone. 

He even shredded some wooden blinds and chewed through a windowsill when his family left him for one night.

So, instead of using the remedy as an SOS for fireworks or thunderstorms, Shannon decided to give him a dose of Argentum 200 every morning. Since then, she’s been monitoring him on her camera, and he’s been much better.

Every once in a while, he still will have a freak out (yes, he tore apart a screen and almost let out the cat). But now that his mom is repeating the remedy every day, I’m hopeful that my buddy Gunner will continue to improve.

At least he isn’t shivering and quaking with fear during thunderstorms as he did before. So, there are plenty of good signs. I’ll keep you posted.

By the way, you might wonder how his mom delivered the medicine to him. Well — please don’t tell my other animal friends that I am giving away this information — but if you put the pills into a shallow dish and cover it with a tiny bit of coconut oil, we will lap it right up.

Most of us love coconut oil and get so excited that we really don’t look to see if you’re tricking us into taking a wee bit of medicine with it. Again, you didn’t hear it from me … it’s our secret.

Thank goodness that Gunner was adopted by such a cool family— who know so much about homeopathy. (And, of course, being my new friend doesn’t hurt!) So, let’s all keep rooting for Gunner — I mean, look at that face! 


Have a great day,











Note from Joette:  Remember that treating animals with homeopathy is the same as for humans. Anxiety for humans is the same as anxiety for hounds. Treat everyone!



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