Primate Problems

Joette Calabrese

Now, I understand that an ape is not a monkey. But for the sake of a fun and memorable image — AND that what I’m calling the “Primate Pustules” can be spread amongst all primates as well as other mammals — here is my way of helping you not go bananas every time a new disease is touted in the news.

So, let’s discuss navigating the muddy waters of the “Primate Pustules” health issue that is still in the headlines.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I had to roll my eyes as I prepared this blog post. One article I saw said that cases were down, “BUT …”

But what? For crying out loud, couldn’t they just stop with “cases are down”? That’s good news! But keeping you on the edge of your seat and inevitably driving you bananas is a tactic.

Fear — especially fear of contagion — sells. It drives the populace to look to Big Government and Big Pharma for answers.

Fortunately, standing at only 5 feet tall,  I’m unfettered by their “Big” agenda, so I’m downright unconcerned. Why? Because I know that homeopathy has a history of being able to address viral skin conditions, whether they be “small,” “chicken or “primate” in nature.

I held a Facebook Live on the topic a few weeks ago. And, as I try to do often, I went a little deeper with my Mighty Members in a private live event immediately afterward. (I must be very careful about what I say in public forums. So, if you’re not a Mighty Member yet, this extra “frank” talk is just one of the many benefits you’ll receive when you join us.)

However, if you missed my live event or cannot access it now, let’s talk a little bit about it here. I want you to be able to roll your eyes at the recent headlines just like I do.

Any kind of disease like this — one that transmits from human to human (or even animal to human or vice-versa) — is homeopathically addressed at the onset in the same manner. When the first little “uh-oh” feeling that a cold, sinus issue or virus is on its way — if it’s respiratory in nature — I consider different sources.  One of them is the Banerji Protocol of Aconitum napellus 200 mixed with Bryonia alba 30, twice daily until very much better. But then there's the work of Dr. James Compton Burnett from about a century ago who also calls for Bryonia for many forms of lung conditions. In fact, he encourages its use for at least a few days or until it's evident that the condition is resolved or it's clear that the medicine is doing no good. 

When one first starts to feel “off,” it may be unclear as to what is forthcoming. With an impending “Primate Problem,” there can sometimes be respiratory issues, flu-like symptoms, fever, headache, muscle aches, or grand fatigue even before a skin rash begins. Those are all common viral symptoms. So, at first blush, it may seem similar to any number of ailments.

But that's good. 

These two homeopathic medicines, when mixed together, have been known to present a strong defense against almost any quick-onset respiratory condition. But then there's also ColdCalm® a homeopathic combination that can lessen the impact of an oncoming cold or flu illness, and in many cases, I have personally witnessed, they can actually abort the ailment altogether!

But should the “Primate Problem” develop into the next stage, we’re ready for that, too! The next stage is the rash itself — the very uncomfortable, burning rash. At this point, I would generally turn to Arsenicum album. Arsenicum is one of our best medicines both for skin conditions AND for symptoms presenting with burning. So, Arsenicum is indicated twice by the symptoms of this condition.

How neat and tidy is that? That’s exactly how we like to approach choosing a homeopathic. (Scroll down to download the free Remedy Cards for more specific information.)

In the next stage of this condition, the rash may transform into fluid-filled pustules. We now look to a different homeopathic medicine. My first inclination would be Mercurius vivus 30 or Mercurius solubilis 30, twice daily until pustules have scabbed over. (As an aside, those two medicines are somewhat interchangeable, so you may choose to use what you have on hand.)

Keep in mind, though, that I discussed other choices in the Facebook Live that I alluded to earlier. Plus, I go into more detail about each of these medicines and why I would choose them over others. So, it’s worth listening to!

In the final stage of Primate Problems, the pustules dry out and become scabs, often resulting in scarring. Thuja occidentalis 30, twice daily, would be an excellent choice during this final stage until the skin has cleared.

Now you’re armed! Whether primates or poultry become problematic for you, you’ll be ready!

My friend, I doubt you’ll see a news story anytime soon declaring, “Everything’s fine; go on with your day in peace, happiness, and productivity.” So, even though the news will try to keep you in a state of high alert, I encourage you to relax! No matter what condition is concocted next, homeopathy already has an answer.

We’re lucky. We can sleep soundly at night knowing these medicines have got our backs! Now, it’s up to us to pass on the good news of homeopathy to everyone!




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9/25/22 Primate Problems


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