PPP: Pulsatilla for Premature Puberty

Joette Calabrese, Practical Homeopathy


Wasn’t it Maurice Chevalier who sang “Thank Heaven for Little Girls”? Indeed, as the song goes, “They grow up in the most delightful way.”

That is unless they grow up too fast … unnaturally fast.

A seven-year-old should be playing with dolls, learning multiplication, developing language skills, and coloring. They shouldn’t be shopping for maxi pads.

Unfortunately, an article in the New Yorker, Why More and More Girls Are Hitting Puberty Early, notes that an increasing number of girls in industrialized countries are experiencing menarche much earlier than previous generations did.

Is it any wonder? Our modernized society is rife with endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as preservatives, pesticides and chemicals added to plastics (BPA, for instance). Little girls — and little boys alike — are exposed to so many synthetic hormone disrupters in their food, hygiene products, and clothing that it’s not shocking their systems are out of whack.

When my children were growing up, my maternal instinct (and the reading I did) convinced me not to buy any foods or toys that were in or made of plastic. Now that these reports of early puberty due to hormonal tampering are increasing, even my husband said, “You were right!”

While it’s always satisfying to be right, I sure wish I weren’t. This is a societal tragedy! What are we doing to our children?

Avoidance becomes more and more difficult with each passing year. These toxins are becoming ubiquitous! Even the clothes we put on our children and their bedding are often treated with flame retardants. (You know… to protect those kids who smoke in bed!) This is why I urge everyone to wear only cotton or linen — natural fibers — next to the skin. A waterproof jacket is one thing, but synthetic undergarments are quite another.

So, obviously, I stand with other mothers fighting to remove them from our daily lives.

But with homeopathy, we can possess such freedom from the angst of external influences. The Practical Homeopath™ says, “Give me the name of the condition, and I’ll give you the remedy that has a history of righting the ship.”

Premature puberty is no exception.

However, before getting further into this discussion, I want to underscore that we only utilize homeopathy in the face of a pathology — a textbook, diagnosable, “Holy cow, something is wrong” condition. We don’t jump to conclusions. We never cavalierly employ a homeopathic because we simply wonder if something might be off.

Homeopathy is medicine, my friends. I cannot stress that enough.

While homeopathic medicines are relatively safe compared to drugs of commerce and are free from dangerous side effects, they do act upon the body as a medicine! So, we do not interfere with our bodies' delicate balance without a clearly defined pathology.

You can learn the nuances of treating female hormonal conditions (among other ailments unique to women) in my course, Feminopathy: How You Can Correct Female Ailments Using Safe, Inexpensive and Effective Homeopathy. Download a free, helpful infographic by clicking on that link.

Of course, the conventional medical machine has devised an intervention for premature puberty. It’s the use of Lupron, a medication that blocks reproductive hormones. Well, that makes sense, doesn’t it? (That’s sarcasm, my dear reader.)

A little girl is becoming a woman before she knows how to ride a bike because of chemical interference in her natural development. So, the industrial medical complex’s answer is MORE chemical interference. More tinkering with hormones. More unnatural meddling.

How has our society gone this far astray?

They can keep their Lupron.

I have consulted with mothers whose seven- and eight-year-old daughters have begun to develop breasts or begin menses as part of a diagnosed premature puberty onset.

It has been shown that Pulsatilla nigricans 30, once daily, provides the usual success we expect from homeopathy. It’s often the gentle nudge a little girl’s body needs to recalibrate the hormonal pandemonium caused by the onslaught of synthetic chemicals in her environment. It allows our little girls to mature when their bodies are truly ready, not when artificially induced by extrinsic influences.

We’ve previously talked about adding Pulsatilla to your well-curated homeopathy kit for digestive disorders from fake dairy products. We’ve also discussed it as a counter for menstrual changes after chemical exposure and for weepy winter blues. But I wanted to add this additional information to highlight what a valuable medicine Pulsatilla is.

Let’s face it: All homeopathic medicines are valuable! In fact, it’s challenging for me to narrow it down to just a few to have on hand. It all depends on what you and your family can reasonably expect to experience in your lives.

But the way I see it is you can never own too many homeopathic medicines. Even if your family never needs it, a loved one’s family may! And you’ll be glad you have the homeopathy education and appropriate medicine to share in their time of need.

It’s a marvelous way to pass on the good news of homeopathy!



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10/8/23 PPP: Pulsatilla for Premature Puberty


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