Homeopaths Get the Flu Too, Ya Know



I’m sick.

Lest you think homeopaths don’t get ill … here’s proof that we do. I’m writing this on my laptop from bed, with a cup of bone stock on my bedside table.

You read that right  — I. Am. Sick.

I feel pretty lonely, too (my husband is out of town for the day), but thank goodness for Buster, the bad office dog.
He hasn’t left my side.

This doesn’t feel like a garden variety cold.

I’m super weak, my back is achy and my lungs feel like this is going to be a doozy of an illness. Everyone around me has gotten bronchitis; one family member got pneumonia, and it feels like it’s all stacking up against me to get me really down.

But I’m prepared.

This is what has gone through my head:

No wheezing nor breathing trouble, so I won’t consider Kali iod 6.
No breathlessness or cough that’s gagging or nagging, so no Ipecac 30.
No stuffed-up nose or the feeling of an infection in the sinuses, so I won’t go to Sanguinaria 200.

And it’s not deep enough to consider Kali carb, since it’s not bronchitis or pneumonia.

Having said this, Kali carb is a great remedy to support the lungs in general. It's one of the best for asthma, emphysema and pneumonia but I’m not going there yet, since the aches and weakness are more prominent.

I could take Influenzinum, but so far, the remedies I’m considering have helped many around me, so I’ll forgo that idea for a while.

I could use Oscillococcinum®, which helps thousands of people every year (including my family members) but never helps me, so although I might suggest it for others, I’ll pass.

I might also consider Gelsemium 30 or 200 if the fatigue doesn’t back off. It’s what the homeopaths used during the great flu pandemic of 1918  and saved tens of thousands of lives, while the allopaths saw a large percentage of their patients die.

But again, I’m prepared.

I have my remedy kits, my notes, book, homemade bone stock and my poodle.

So this is what I’ve done so far:
About three hours ago when this came on, I took Aconitum 200 and Bryonia 200 because it’s a good place to start for coughs and illnesses like this, especially when it comes on suddenly. It was the remedy that helped my sons with their recent coughs, so I put more credence into this choice.

I put the pills of one into my mouth and the pills of the other to mix them. The mixing of these two particular remedies is a protocol that Drs. Banerji taught me for colds and coughs. (Although, they have it pre-mixed in their pharmacy.) About an hour later, I took Hepar sulph 200. I plan to alternate between these medicines every few hours or so into the night.

Hepar sulph is my all-time favorite for coughs and although I haven't developed one as of yet, I took it because I feel rumblings in my lungs and it’s what I call the homeopathic antibiotic for coughs and sore throats. (I hate saying that because homeopathy is often superior to antibiotics, but you know what I mean.)

Even though I have an idea where this may be headed, given those around me and the calls our office has been receiving, I’m going to remain conservative and stay focused on the symptoms that are currently presenting.

If this doesn’t do enough good in the next 24 hours and my back is still achy, I might just go with Rhus tox 30 or Nux vomica 30 or 200.
Am I rambling? I think it's ‘cause my brain feels fatigued, too.
But I want you to get an idea of how to tease out what’s most important when trying to decide on a remedy choice, particularly when you’re the one with the illness.

This will also be a good opportunity for everyone to see how I fare during this upcoming week.

Next week’s blog will reveal what happened to me while recuperating. (Read it here.)

I’m not going to write anymore because I’m going to sleep now.

I hope you don’t get what I’ve got by reading this.

Wait. That’s not how germs are spread, right?
(See what I mean about my brain? I really DO need to rest!)


P.S. I’m going this alone because I have my systems in place. But you, dear reader, ought to have a friend or homeopathy study group mate whom you can bounce this off of. Consider starting with one in your neck of the woods.


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