Eye Floaters

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No. Not those kind of spots!

I’m talking about the kinds of spots in your eyes that look like little black specks “floating” through your vision.

Depending on their placement, these floaters can range from easy-to-ignore, to downright annoying, to intruding on vision (in worst cases).

I noticed a number of my Mighty Members recently had a conversation about floaters in our private forum. But I wanted to weigh in here — on the blog — so that all of you who want to learn more about this issue would have access to the information.

You may have so much experience with certain conditions (say, otitis media, strep throat or urinary tract infections) that you don’t need a professional diagnosis. However, if one were to experience a sudden onset of myriad floaters, that could be another story and a medical diagnosis may be warranted.

One cause is posterior vitreous detachment. While the name sounds horrific, it is a common occurrence in people over 65 — and not considered rare in one’s 40s or 50s.

It happens as the vitreous humor in our eyes shrinks and changes shape with age. Think about an old serving of Jell-O pulling away from the edges of the cup and cracking a bit. Eventually, the vitreous membrane pulls away from the retina, and may cause vitreous hemorrhage.

While sometimes gradual, it’s usually sudden. And believe me, you’ll know when it occurs. A team member of mine told me when she woke up one morning, it seemed as though she were looking through a snow globe! There were hundreds of floaters in her vision.

Modern medicine offers very little except reassurance. “It will eventually go away,” the ophthalmologist told her. “Some will reabsorb, and your brain will compensate for the others. Eventually, you won’t notice them in your field of vision.”

Well, “eventually” didn’t come. While most of them did go away, a few very pesky ones remained — right in the middle of her vision.

Enter homeopathy!

For vitreous hemorrhage, the Banerji Protocol that I count on is Hamamelis virginiana 200C mixed with Arnica montana 3C, four doses daily. This is a good place to start.

There are other protocols, depending on the exact issue. Vitreous hemorrhage can be caused by retinal tears, diabetes or trauma (among other causes). As with any condition, for best results, it is imperative to know exactly what you are tackling as you choose a medicine.

Here’s something I want to make clear: before you choose a homeopathic medicine, look it up in your materia medica. Take note of all the conditions each medicine covers. If you are deciding between two remedies, one may stand out as perfect because of other conditions it addresses — conditions that you may also be experiencing.

If there are several alternatives from which to choose, the medicine that most closely fits all of the symptoms and conditions you are experiencing should be your first choice.

For example, if you’re considering Hamamelis, you would discover it is also used for hemorrhoids, Raynaud’s Syndrome, varicose veins, etc. That’s useful information!

Let’s say you’re experiencing both eye floaters AND hemorrhoids. You would then have built a sound case for choosing to use the Hamamelis/Arnica protocol rather than any of the other potential remedies.

You see, I try to make it as easy as I can with the protocols I teach, but you need to know your medicines. An awareness of the ideologies behind the use of a homeopathic medicine can have value — especially when choosing between alternative lines of protocols.

You can look up medicines in A Materia Medica: Practical Homeopathy® for Busy Families that I have written in easy-to-understand common language with my unique take on each remedy. Or you can look at Dr. James Tyler Kent’s materia medica online.

My team member wisely chose Hamamelis virginiana 200C + Arnica montana 3C after her diagnosis. She is still utilizing it but has already noticed a vast improvement.

Problems with our eyes can be disconcerting, but homeopathy offers alternatives to merely learning to live with the issues or worse yet, having risky surgical procedures performed. If you’ve never read the story of my cousin’s experience with cataracts, I suggest you click through to my blog post from years ago, Cataracts Halted, Even Improved with Homeopathy.

And remember: Pass on the good news of homeopathy!


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