Erectile Dysfunction and Drugs of Commerce


Today’s blog is for men (and the women who love them)!

In 1985, the United States rescinded the regulations prohibiting advertising for drugs of commerce. And ever since then, we’ve been inundated with incessant drug commercials.

Well, at least this is so in the U.S. Big Pharma’s advertising blitzes for drugs are now on a par with the cereal and toy commercials aimed at kids on Saturday mornings. Are we adults being infantilized? 

Big Pharma uses all manner of compelling situations and flashy visuals in an attempt to control our first thought when a problem arises — or in this case, when it doesn’t “arise.”

Don’t fall for the commercial “miracle” of a little blue pill. Instead, let’s talk about a more polite way to address Erectile Dysfunction (or ED).   

You guessed it! Homeopathy!

Sometimes ED results from a poor diet and a side effect of other conventional drugs — specifically statin drugs. But what is the conventional medical treatment for ED? Why, yes … yet ANOTHER drug!

I ask you … why treat this condition — this side effect — with yet another drug!?! What sense does that make?

In addition, the doctor who probably prescribed the statin drug is a cardiologist. Unfortunately, he likely also said, “Don’t eat red meat; don’t eat butter; don't eat liver; don’t eat eggs!” Yet, wouldn't you say that those are the very foods that support a man’s reproductive organs?

So, between the statin drugs and the dietary limitations (resulting in basically eating salads, sprouts, and oatmeal all day, every day), the conventional medical system has created a double whammy against a man’s healthy reproductive system!

Yet, they write a prescription for sildenafil (the generic name of the infamous “little blue pill”).

Hmmm, has anyone ever wondered if they might be creating a problem in order to move you on to their NEXT “solution”?  Wow, what a marketing plan!

Reading the list of side effects of these drugs aimed at men is disturbing enough. Who would volunteer to risk heart strain, blindness or hearing loss? However, now there’s even more to consider.

I often write about the dangers of tinkering with women’s hormones, but what about men's hormones?

Now, I’m aware that this particular group of drugs is not directly hormonal in nature (as are, say, birth control pills). However, a recent study has shown that sildenafil may affect the amount of the hormone oxytocin in the brain!

While the study wasn’t sounding any alarm bells, I certainly will!

For better or worse, do men really want to be taking a drug that is shown to tinker with hormones in their brains?

If I were a man, my answer would be a resounding NO!

“But what’s the alternative?” you might ask.

Well, as I already mentioned, ED often occurs as a side effect of another medicament. So, in that case, the best way for men to return to normal function is to homeopathically address the underlying conditions that caused them to require those drugs of commerce in the first place!

However, my first choice to address the dysfunction itself would be the Banerji Protocol of Aurum metallicum 200, every three days.

In a previous blog article, I wrote about a few other related homeopathic medicines for men. But I cannot stress this enough: Aurum metallicum is the PREMIER remedy for men — especially for anything with a psychological or hormonal component. This sweeping medicine triumphs over any male insufficiency, weakness, sexual dysfunction, low sperm count and even infertility.

So, no drug commercials with romantic walks, glorious sunsets or oddly utilized bathtubs can dissuade me. A drug of commerce with so many potential side effects can never trump polite, efficacious homeopathic medicines.

Men, I urge you to take control of your own healthcare. Autonomy is true power, and nothing offers health autonomy quite like homeopathy.

To that end, we are currently facilitating a Gateway to Homeopathy Study Group just for men! Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that men can’t join any of our Gateway study groups at any time. But sometimes it’s extra productive to learn with your own gender so you can comfortably share concerns only other men might understand.

Plus, it might be more fun. (Need proof? Listen to this podcast from a men-only study group we called our Dads with Audacity.)

The next Men's Gateway to Homeopathy Study Group will begin on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Each participant will need a Gateway to Homeopathy study guide. However, if your spouse has already purchased one, you may use their copy.

Investing just a couple of hours each week will allow you to learn this valuable method of self-health care and gain confidence to provide healthcare leadership for your family.

And ladies, mention this time-sensitive opportunity to your man — or even enroll him as a gift!

If you are interested in joining, we’ve extended the cut-off date to this Tuesday, September 13. So, don’t hesitate. Please send an email to soon!

And pass on the good news of homeopathy!



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