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Caring for Animals Along Life’s Bumpy Roads


Howdy folks! Buster, the Bad Office Dog, here with some of my farm friends.

I’m a short little fellow, so they seem very tall and imposing to me. But, I’m told they really are as sweet and loveable as I am! Here’s a wonderful story of how homeopathy helped one of my friends as she traveled down a very bumpy road.

Its also an opportunity for me to explain how my mom (Joette) teaches folks how to move from one medicine to another. Only if needed, mind you.

Herding cows into a cattle trailer and moving them down the road to another pasture are activities most farmers are accustomed to, but not so for our four-legged friends.

One morning, Suzie’s small herd of cattle needed to be moved into the cattle trailer. And, off they went down some very bumpy roads.

Upon arrival at the new pasture, Suzie was on hand to observe the unloading of her family’s cows. She saw each one gingerly step off the trailer and excitedly explore their new green grass. Everyone seemed to have survived the trip just fine.

However, that evening things got — like the roads — a little bumpy. After a hard day’s work on the farm, the family was just about to head out to enjoy a musical concert and meal together when Suzie noticed out of the side of her vision that something was not right with Sunflower, one of the young heifers.

She was not walking right; in fact, she was lame in one of her front legs.

Suzie and her family were well equipped to handle this type of emergency since they had all studied and taken my mom Joette’s class, The Survivalist’s Guide to Homeopathy.

Suzie immediately grabbed her aqueous solution of Arnica from the refrigerator (where she keeps it for exactly these kinds of emergencies) and headed out to administer it to Sunflower.

On the way to the pasture, she put a few pellets of feed in her pocket in case a bribe was needed. As Suzie approached little Sunflower, she sprayed a feed pellet heavily with Arnica. Sunflower eagerly gobbled up not only this pellet but all the medicated pellets from Suzie’s hand.

Just for insurance, Suzie gently sprayed Sunflower’s muzzle with the aqueous solution in the little spray bottle. Satisfied she had gotten a good dose, Suzie returned to the house.

As the family was heading out of the driveway a few minutes later, they noticed Sunflower had laid down in a nice, quiet spot in the pasture. The family let out a sigh of relief knowing that whatever was wrong with the leg, Sunflower could at least bend it.

(Cattle spend much time grazing on grasses and lay down when chewing their cud. They are designed to bend their front legs underneath them as they go down and get up.)

By the next morning, Sunflower was able to bring the leg forward instead of dragging it, but she was exhibiting the classic “rusty gate” phenomenon of Rhus Tox – slow movement at first that limbers up with additional movement.

So, Suzie added Rhus Tox 30C to the Arnica 200C in the water solution and sprayed Sunflower’s nose twice a day for several days. This combination worked well to address the initial swelling and inflammation she was showing.

About five days later, Sunflower’s improvement seemed to have come to a halt, as she was still not putting any weight on the injured leg. Time to retake the case!

Suzie remembered that Joette had written about a similar injury right here on my very own blog. A few computer keystrokes later and up popped the article, “From Tendon, Bone and Cartilage Problems to Healing with Homeopathy. The information Suzie read about my torn meniscus matched the symptoms of what she was observing in Sunflower. Taking her cue from these symptoms, Suzie switched to Symphytum 200C twice a day.

A few days passed, and Sunflower was moving the leg normally and putting weight on it again. Sunflower’s regimen continued until Suzie saw her running and playing with her best friend, another young heifer. 

We all have bumpy roads in life that homeopathy can help make smoother. This case certainly has a happy ending, as Sunflower is once again freely roaming her new and greener pastures.

Your Pal,




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