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Happy Birfday to me. Happy Birfday to me. I’m turning seventee-eeeen. Happy Birfday to me!

Hi there! Buster, the Bad Office Dog, here again! I’m turning 17 this month!

They say that’s 119 in human years. (Who is this “they” anyway?) I definitely don’t feel 119.

At least not anymore.

Last November, I wrote New Trick for an Old Dog (or Old Human) to tell you that my mom had started giving me Arf-nica 30 (oops, I mean Arnica 30) for my cardiac condition. Welp, I’ve been much, much perkier since then. Homeopathy works!!

But remember how I was telling you in that blog post that Arnica can be effective for all kinds of issues? Well, guess what? Guess what? Guess what?

Okay, wait. I’m getting ahead of myself. (I’m just so excited.)

So, I’ve been deaf for years. I could hear high-pitched sounds (like our squeaky sliding door). But that was about it. I couldn’t hear other doors around the house, music or my parents yelling for me. (And to hear them tell the story, they say they would really SCREAM!!!) Instead, they resorted to catching my eye and giving me hand signals to give me a hint of what they wanted me to do.

Obviously, hearing is not supposed to get better as we age, right? So — and this is the exciting part — imagine my mom’s surprise when my hearing started to improve! No kidding!! Of course, it’s not perfect, but I can hear again!

Now, they can call me in a regular voice, and I can hear them! (That comes in really handy around dinner time.) And I can provide much better security for my home now that I can hear potential intruders. (Okay, they say he’s just the mailman. But I’m not buying it.)

The ONLY thing that has changed in recent months is the addition of Arnica 30 to my daily water bowl. So, it’s gotta be the Arnica, don’t you agree?

Believe me, it’s so exciting to be able to hear again! But now I have no excuse when Mom or Dad tells me something I don’t want to do! Hmmm. I’ll have to figure out a way to fake just a little deafness. (Shhh. Don’t rat me out.)

Oh, and one other thing. I had a giant lipoma on my chest. What’s a lipoma? Mom taught me that word. It’s just a fancy way of saying a big lump of benign fatty tissue right under my skin. It was huge, though. It was somewhere between the size of a ping pong ball and a tennis ball, and it was very firm.

So, guess what?

Now my lump is softer and smaller! And again, the Arnica is the only thing that has changed in my routine — no change in food and no vet interference.

Can you imagine? All these great unexpected benefits came from Mom’s amazing Arnica 30 in my water.

Thanks to Arnica, I’m perkier, my tail is wagging, and I can even go upstairs by myself (instead of having my parents carry me because I would get too breathless). I am definitely feeling better than I did just a few short months ago.

Look, I know I won’t live forever — even homeopathy can’t change that. But it’s okay. I feel pretty good for my age, and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s actually quite lovely to have the wisdom of an old dog. You see, I’ve learned a thing or two over my 17 years, so let me share a couple of extra thoughts with you.

  1. Don’t chase cars. Believe me, you won’t know what to do with one if you catch it.
  2. Squirrels are annoying. You have to drop whatever you’re doing to bark at them when they come anywhere near your home, and worst of all, they BITE!!
  3. And most importantly, listen to your mom — especially about homeopathy. If you no longer have your mom, then listen to MINE!! And if you’re the mom in your family, that means people should listen to you! (So, learn lots about homeopathy and help your family, too!)

Oops. Speaking of Mom, she’s calling me. I think she wants me to get off her computer. Watch this … I’ll pretend I can’t hear her. (Gosh, I crack myself up!)

Love and licks,











P.S. Joette, here. If you’ve forgotten the method I used to administer Arnica to Buster, here it is again. I purchased Arnica 30 prepared as a liquid from the homeopathic manufacturing pharmacy and placed a few drops of it in his water bowl. If you can’t readily locate Arnica in liquid form, don’t worry. You can simply use one dose of Arnica 30 pillules dissolved in the water.

May I also suggest that you own a copy of A Materia Medica: Practical Homeopathy® for Busy Families. In it, I spend several pages discussing various other uses for Arnica than what we’ve discussed here. Plus, there is rich information on over 150 different medicines. This book is written in plain language — my language — and I think you’ll find it more accessible than the difficult-to-comprehend traditional materia medicas. It’s an excellent place for you and your family to start laying your foundation in homeopathy!

Buster's B-Day 3-20-22


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