All Creatures Great and Small

Joette Calabrese

One of my favorite things about homeopathy — and truthfully, there are so many — is that it is an equal-opportunity medical paradigm! Whether the sufferer is a baby or a grandfather, a mom or a mouse, homeopathy has been shown to be equally polite and efficacious.

Indeed, homeopathy displays no ageism or speciesism! Come one; come all! No matter who you are (or what you are), homeopathy belongs to you!

It makes no difference if it’s a dog vomiting after getting into the garbage or a human made sick from eating bad food from an unclean restaurant. (After all, garbage is garbage.) Indeed, we would consider the same medicines in the same potency with the same frequency.


So, for our example of vomiting from bad food, it might be Pulsatilla nigricans or Arsenicum album  (or others, but for the sake of brevity, let's start with these two)— for either Rover or the man of the house. Homeopathy doesn’t discriminate.

I’ve told the story before (listen to Podcast 106: “Old MacDonald Had a Farm, E-I-E-I-O.”) about a cow who collapsed after giving birth. The farmer was seasoned and had seen this happen many times. It's called milk fever. (The medical term is hypocalcemia — a severe drop in calcium.)

This distraught farmer was preparing himself to lose the cow. Once this condition takes hold, cows don’t get up after birth and are usually gone within three days. Then, naturally, his concern would turn to the calf. With her mother no longer there to nurse and nourish her, he would, more than likely, be facing the loss of two heads of cattle — two important animals.

But he called me for help. Homeopathy has been shown to uproot this condition by correcting the sufferer’s ability to uptake calcium through the medicine Calcarea carbonica 200. He delivered one dose to the suffering animal (details in the podcast), and then, almost like clockwork, the farmer called me again in about half an hour. The suffering momma-cow had risen to her feet and was on the mend!

Out of appreciation, they named the calf, Joette! That was a first!

But my point is that Calc carb is not just for cows! It has been shown to address post-partum hypocalcemia in human moms too!

Homeopathy shows no favoritism; it applies to all creatures, great and small.

Heck, I’ve even treated llamas! And let me tell you, one in particular was a baaaaaaad llama. I’m not sure what the world had done to make her that mad, but she was one angry llama. She’d kick, butt, and spit. But homeopathy — As I recall, we used Stramonium — turned her behavior around (just as it did for my own child, for a different set of circumstances) as detailed in Podcast 94: Stramonium and the Swiss Family Robinson, as well as one of my student’s children in The Angry Child.

But I was recently reminded of another case involving animal husbandry. This time it was an aggressive rooster named Beauregard who belonged to a neighbor/friend of mine when I lived in New York.

But Beauregard wasn’t like my llama friend, who was just generally irritable.

Instead, Beauregard was a man on a mission.

A rooster with a responsibility.

He was protective of his territory and his flock … fiercely protective … downright dangerously protective.

Picture a homicidal Foghorn Leghorn, if you will.

Gradually, his sphere of influence grew until no one could even walk on the street past my friend’s house without running the risk of a rooster attack. And given the talons that roosters develop, Beauregard certainly had the ability to do some real damage to people and other animals. So, his owners were considering putting him down.

But when they asked for my advice, I considered Beauregard’s symptoms and his mental state. He was overzealous! He was aggressive against any perceived danger to those under his charge. He saw every innocent situation as an impediment to his family’s success. One might say he really overindulged in his masculine role.

Whether rooster or human, that picture — suggested by the word “over” — can be a call to consider Nux vomica 200.

After Beauregard’s owner administered the remedy, he began to relax. He began to settle down a bit, and passersby no longer ruffled his feathers (so to speak). His life was spared, and he became a valued family member again — instead of soup!

So, this week, let’s add Nux vomica 200 to our list of must-have medicines! It has many important uses, some of which I’ve discussed before: overindulging in alcohol or chocolate, overeating at meals, too much partying, or even post-hospitalization gut issues. But now you’ve also learned that for a man who is overzealous in his responsibilities — when it is a pathology — Nux vomica may be worth crowing about.

In closing, my friends, don’t forget that homeopathy is not only polite and efficacious but also equitable! It doesn’t discriminate. What’s good for the goose is good for the …

Hey, wait a minute … have I ever treated a goose? I don’t recall, but I have confidence homeopathy would be just as helpful. (Oh, and I have an impressive story about chickens that I’ll share with my Mighty Members in this week’s memo.)

So, pass on the good news of homeopathy — to everyone!



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5/7/23 Aggressive anger from over zealousness




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