Podcast – 20 – Moms with Moxie, A New Miniseries

In this podcast, we cover:

3:19   Why we love homeopathy

5:30   Gaylyn’s story

18:33  It’s a gift

20:15  Teaching it to our kids

23:06  Being homeopathy missionaries

25:16  Success stories

We’ve got another podcast for you here at We’re introducing a new miniseries called “Moms with Moxie.”

All the way from my desk in New York, I get to see how homeopathy is transforming lives all over the globe. Some of my students have really caught my eye. Some of you have done all you can to learn how to cure those around you using homeopathic medicines. Your successes inspire me. They’re glorious and powerful. I can’t keep your successes a secret any longer.

So with help from my roving reporter, Paola, we bring you this mini podcast series that I call “Moms with Moxie.” It’s actually grand moms too but it’s Moms with Moxie. See how regular mothers and others, average people who want to cure those around them have gone from freaking to fabulous with homeopathy.

Today’s podcast, we meet Gaylyn, a busy mom of seven. What I really like about Gaylyn is that she is very normal. She reminds me of myself before I got sick with chronic health issues. She really just set out to heal her body. I can really relate. She intermittently fell in love with this awesome form of medicine that we call homeopathy.

At the end of this podcast, Gaylyn shares some success stories she’s had with homeopathy and protocols she’s learned from my courses. We wanted to share some of the protocols she likely used! Here they are: 

Sinus Infection: Sanguinaria 200 mixed with Belladonna 6, also consider Kali Bichromium 30.  

Kidney stones– While there is a protocol for this condition, it may be easier to try this combination remedy first.  So, for kidney stones, some people swear by a homeopathic combination remedy called Renelix manufactured by Pekana Homeopathics. 

Snoring- Sanguinaria 200

Seasonal allergies- consider Bovista 200, taken for many months, and look for progress over a few years (as your ‘allergy season’ returns, assess improvement).

Gall Bladder- (Drs. said Gall bladder needs to be removed) Carduus marianus mother tincture—which is like an herbal tincture.

Anxiety- Ignatia 200

Fever Seizure- Since Gaylyn's son's fever was not high, Gaylyn likely used Cuprum met 6 and then later for Strep Throat: Hepar sulph 200. 


You are listening to a podcast from where nationally certified American homeopath, public speaker, and author, Joette Calabrese, shares her passion for helping families stay healthy through homeopathy and nutrient-dense nutrition.


Paola:  We’ve got another podcast for you here at We’re introducing a new miniseries called “Moms with Moxie.”

Joette:   All the way from my desk in New York, I get to see how homeopathy is transforming lives all over the globe. Some of my students have really caught my eye. Some of you have done all you can to learn how to cure those around you using homeopathic medicines. Your successes inspire me. They’re glorious and powerful. I can’t keep your successes a secret any longer.

So with help from my roving reporter, Paola, we bring you this mini podcast series that I call “Moms with Moxie.” It’s actually grand moms too but it’s Moms with Moxie. See how regular mothers and others, average people who want to cure those around them have gone from freaking to fabulous with homeopathy.

Paola:  Today’s podcast, we meet Gaylyn, a busy mom of seven. What I really like about Gaylyn is that she is very normal. She reminds me of myself before I got sick with chronic health issues. She really just set out to heal her body. I can really relate. She intermittently fell in love with this awesome form of medicine that we call homeopathy.

Also, towards the end of the podcast, Gaylyn gives a lot of success stories that she’s had in using homeopathy with her friends. If you go to Joette’s website under podcasts, you can find Gaylyn’s podcast and its transcription. So Joette has taken the time to write out some of the homeopathic protocols that Gaylyn likely used when she was helping some of her friends. So be sure to head to Joette’s website and find her reposted Gaylyn’s podcast to view the protocols that Joette added in.

Hi there. I’m here with Gaylyn Scholes from Texas. She is our first interviewee for our new series that we’re calling Moms with Moxie. Hi Gaylyn, welcome.

Gaylyn:  Well thank you. I appreciate you taking the time.

Paola:  Gaylyn, you’re a girl after my heart. We could chat all day. I love getting to know you and how you do the homeopathy in your life. So let’s just get started here. Tell me, do you love homeopathy?

Gaylyn:  Oh I do, I really do. As Joette would say, it just simply works and I love it. It’s empowering. It’s the essence of liberty. It’s the knowledge that keeps on giving. I love how I can send kids out to play and just feel confident that they’re going to be able to come back, and they always do with bruises and bumps, and I’ll know how to take care of them. I love how we can take of Texas fire ants [sugar bites 00:02:48]. I love that I have everything I need right here in my own house. I don’t have to go anywhere. I just have it ready to go. I love that the remedies can speak for years and years if we take care of them. I love that they don’t have to depend on the refrigerator to stay good. If you want to note them [00:03:04]. You’ll probably really enjoy that.

Paola:  Okay. It’s a book?

Why we love homeopathy

Gaylyn:  It’s a book. It’s one of those fun books that get you pumped to be prepared. I love that I have something to offer my friends and family when they’re suffering. I love that it takes the things of the earth and makes them our medicine. I love that it gives meaning and purpose to all those noxious and poisonous plants, those nasty insects and infestations even because they can be utilized for good. I love that I can keep my family from toxic drugs that will damage their immune systems.

Paola:  Yes.

Gaylyn:  Right? I love that it follows natural law. I love that it empowers individuals and families to take care of their own. Really, how can you not love all of that?

Paola:  I know you’re right. When you say how can you not, I feel like the people who don’t love homeopathy, it’s only because they don’t yet understand it.

Gaylyn:  Most definitely.

Paola:  That’s the only reason because once you get it, there’s nothing not to love.

Gaylyn:  Oh you can’t back. It is so wonderful.

Paola:  So something you said here that kind of caught my eye was you said here is the essence of liberty. What does that mean to you? Can you kind of explain that for a second because that caught my eye?

Gaylyn:  You know what? When can you start going down the path of liberty? You keep fighting more ways in which you want to delve into it more. The freedom to not have to go to the hospital, that’s freedom. I mean maybe we might need to at some point but we don’t have to. We know enough that we can stay home and we can take care of it. That is freedom and that’s liberty. The knowledge that homeopathy gives to us, it really is truly powerful. It’s powerful that you know what to do.

Paola:  Right.

Gaylyn:  It’s only when we don’t know what to do that we feel powerless and then thus, our liberty is diminished.

Paola:  When you know what to do, you have the power. So Gaylyn, tell us about how you found homeopathy because it really feels like you’ve been doing it for at least 10 years. How did you find it? How long ago was it when you embarked in your journey?

Gaylyn’s story

Gaylyn:  Okay, I’d love to tell you all about that. Let me give you the background for it. At about 38, I felt like I looked like the epitome of health. I was enjoying lifting weights as I always had throughout of my life. I was doing triathlons. I had done some marathons. I had also been following a no fat diet then for about 10 years thinking that I was doing a good thing, right. Health and fitness had always been my interest. In fact, when I went to college, that was my minor.

But anyway, I started throwing out my back about every four to six months and it would just take me down. I hated stopping work to heal up. But I had to do it sometimes. I always got back right into my workouts. But soon the ache in my back didn’t really go away. My hips and my spine then started to hurt more and more. Finally, I realized I had that arthritis thing. So I was like, “Oh my gosh. How was it even possible that I have arthritis being as active as I am?” So I went to an arthritis specialist to see what he could do, what I could do. He told me that it was osteoarthritis and that I could take pain meds. There really wasn’t anything to cure it.

Paola:  Modern medicine is so incredible. The way they can diagnose is really impressive. I mean, that impressive.

Gaylyn:  It is wonderful.

Paola:  But when you have something like arthritis and we talk about how amazing medicine is and they come with you like, “Well you can have painkillers.” I was like, “Really?”

Gaylyn:  That’s it?

Paola:  Yeah, where is the ivory tower of great modern medicine? That’s it?

Gaylyn:  Exactly, exactly. I was really kind of surprised because I hadn’t really looked in obviously to that, yet. Yeah, there was nothing to cure it. So I was like, “Surely someone has something for me. Someone’s got some answers.” So I went into another specialist and he said the exact, same thing. The pain meds were apparently the answer. I told them I’m too young to start taking pain meds. These aren’t even going to heal me. I plan to live another 40 years. 80 would be nice.

Paola:  Right. Your kidney and your liver won’t hold out having to go through all those drugs. 

Gaylyn:  Right. Right, exactly. I was like, “There’s got to be something else for me.” I just wasn’t satisfied. So anyway, I kind of left that out to the side and stood over it for another, almost a year. It was at this point that I went to a Christmas party, when I was walking around, chitchatting with all my friends and then the pain in my hips just jumped out and grabbed me and made me almost fall down. That really scared me. For me, it really was the last straw. I needed to figure out what was going on. I needed to figure out how to heal because I was getting worse.

Paola:  You were convinced that your doctors didn’t have it all. I remember you told me you asked him, “So I’m drinking soda, right?” You had a soda habit like a Big Gulp or whatever, a soda everyday.

Gaylyn:  Right. I even said, “Look. I’ve been drinking, I don’t know how many ounces, 32 probably for a long time.” Then I went down to like maybe just two sodas of diet sodas every day since I was about 14 or 15 except for when I was pregnant. Mind you, I have been pregnant eight times. Every time that I would get pregnant, for some reason, my body knew that I shouldn’t have that drink in me. But the rest of my whole life, I was like, “Oh, it’s probably bad for me.” But I didn’t really think about it too much. Well, I started getting sick.

I asked my doctor. I was like, “Do you think that habit has anything to do with me being sick with this arthritis?” He was like, “Ahh, no. It’s probably not the best thing but it’s not a big deal.” Then I really knew. I was like these guys, they don’t know what they’re talking about. At least in this level, they don’t know anything about nutrition. Even though I had studied a lot of it, it was the regular, conventional nutrition.

So I’ve come to find out, I really needed to look. In my little bits of looking here and there, I found some information on raw milk. I was like okay, I’m going to try this out, finally after this situation at this party. I was like, “I’m going to go see if it’s actually true that it has some anti-inflammatory factors that I heard about.” I heard about this information. I listened to a talk from this lady. She had mentioned a book called “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and found myself a raw milk farmer in our area. I was quite excited. At that point, I decided that I would kick my daily soda habit for real, for good. Mind you, I had quit about a thousand times. This one though was for real and I did, six years ago.

 Paola:  Well and the thing is you were talking about how you were educated with the traditional sense of nutrition. You were taught, I mean not directly but you infer that you can outrun that soda pop. You know what I mean?

Gaylyn:  Oh right.

Paola:  Burn off the calories or whatever, you’re fine. So you didn’t have that motivation?

Gaylyn:   I wouldn’t have done anything different had I not gotten sick. I would be doing the exact, same thing as I was doing had I not gotten arthritis. I’ll tell you that right now because that was not a motivation to change.

Paola:  Then, I’ll be so impressed with those people that are changing and they’re not sick because I can relate. I got sick and then I woke up. 

Gaylyn:  This is true. If you could be someone that’s not sick and then do these changes then you’re a rock star, so good for you.

Paola:  Yeah, good for you, not us. 

Gaylyn:  Yeah. But even in a couple of weeks, I thought, “You know what? I think, I feel a little, tiny bit better.” You know how you’re not totally sure but you’re just like I think I am feeling just a slight, little bit less pain. I wasn’t sure if I was imagining. But anyway, I just kept at it and I experimented with all the main points in that book. It really became a permanent fixture in my kitchen. I read dozens and dozens of other related books. I mean you name it, I was reading it.

Food was and I was convinced at this point that food could be my savior. I was so convinced that this was going to heal me. So I was just very, very motivated. I kept at it for a couple of years, really, not losing a beat until my big change which was my sinus infection. It came and got me and just threw me down. I tried every home remedy I could find on the internet and really nothing helped. In my studies, I had learned that I really needed to avoid antibiotics and steroids because those only weaken my immune system. I knew I wanted to stay away from that but my sinus pain got so bad, I really didn’t know what to do.

Paola:  It is true. When you change your diet, it takes so much energy out of your life that you really hope. Like, “Okay. Well at least, I’ll probably never get sick.” But the second you think that you’re like, “That’s not possible. I’m going to get sick someday.”

Gaylyn:  No. You really get sick. It is going to happen. And then what are you going to do? I mean that’s something that I was thinking. I’m going to be getting better, better, better, better. I was thinking, “Oh, I’ll be able to take care of it. I’m using home remedies.”

Paola:  Yeah, like herbs and stuff.

Gaylyn:  But no. It made me realize that I had a gap, a huge, huge gap. Fortunately, I had been a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation. I have been getting the Wise Tradition journals that the Weston A. Price Foundation puts out. Really, those come in the mail and I’m like just reading the whole thing. Nobody better disturb me right? But I did remember that in those journals, there was a lady named Joette Calabrese and that she was talking about the healing power of something called homeopathy. So gosh, I was desperate and so I called the number that I found. It turned out to be her son, of all things.

Paola:  I love it.

Gaylyn:  He assured me that he would give her the message to call me. Yeah. I mean, I was in a ton of pain. My ears were exploding. My sinuses were just killing me.

Anyway, so my sweet husband, he felt so bad for me. He couldn’t understand why I just didn’t go get a prescription and get better. We had several friends that are doctors and they’re like, “Just let us throw in a prescription for you. It’d be so easy.” Rob’s like, “Oh yeah. Go do that.” So he went ahead and picked me up whatever my friends thought that I needed. I was like, “No, I don’t want to. I’ve done all this work to get my gut where it’s in a good spot, where it’s in a good place. I don’t want to ruin it.” Anyway, after I got them, I was speaking with Joette. We’ve had a little 15-minute chitchat. I was just telling her my story. She was so kind and understanding but my husband really wanted me just to take the meds. He didn’t want to see me suffering. We didn’t have any experience yet with homeopathy.

Paola:  I tell people all the time, the worst time to get started with homeopathy is in the middle of a crisis.

 Gaylyn:  Oh definitely. I mean it’s good but it’s bad at the same time because you want to get pushed in, get started. But what I ended up doing is taking kind of a shortened version of the antibiotic but I did throw away the steroid. I was like, “No, I’m not doing that.” I was like, “This better work with a little bit antibiotic that I’m going to take.”

Paola:   Right, right. Well, sometimes it took the antibiotic. You could probably look forward to an opportunity to treat it with homeopathy pretty soon.

Gaylyn:  I did. Of course, I did. So, there were about four more episodes of that. By the time those came around, I knew what to do. That was what was so exciting.

Paola:  Four more sinus infections that you treated each one with homeopathy.

Gaylyn:  Exactly, exactly. That was the thing. So I kind of got started with Joette’s right after that. We set it up. She was helping with all my chronic issues and really, I just got so excited. I mean, it totally bit me. I loved it. I just couldn’t read enough. I couldn’t get enough of it. Every birthday and mother’s day, anniversary, Christmas, that was just for me an excuse to buy another one of Joette’s courses. I just loved it. I mean I was like, “Yeah, I have another birthday coming up. I get another course.” I can tell I was healing faster and faster all the time, so very motivating.

Paola:  Sure.

Gaylyn:  One day, I just remembered realizing that I didn’t need to waddle. You know how we get when we’re like towards the end of our pregnancies where you have that waddle. Well, when I had this arthritis, I was doing a lot of that waddling because everything hurt. One day, I realized I’m still waddling but I don’t really need to. I was like, “Oh. I think I could stand up straight. I can kind of walk in a nice, regular way.” I was like, “That is really funny.” It strikes me as really funny.

Paola:  That is funny. I can relate. I remember one time when my children were very young and I was always bouncing a baby at church. One day, I didn’t have the baby with me and I was bouncing. But you do. You get so used to compensating for an illness. Then you’re like, “Wait. I’m better. I don’t have the baby. I don’t have the arthritis.” 

Gaylyn:  I know. That is so funny. So yeah, I mean I got to the point where I was able to start running again. I was able to start lifting weights again because I had gotten to a point where I was like, “I guess that part of my life is over and done with.” It really made me sad because that was my emotional outlet. That’s how I dealt with stress. That was such a gift to be given that back to me.

Paola:  Yeah. 

Gaylyn:  Yes, most definitely.

Paola:  Very good, yeah, great. So I guess, I mean this question is kind of obvious at this point. But what do you think your life would be like now had you not found homeopathy?

Gaylyn:  That is a really great question. Let me start by saying what we wouldn’t be able to do. Well, we wouldn’t have been able to go buy our new bigger farm in the country. I’ll tell you why because I wouldn’t have had the health to do all the hard labor. Yeah, I know our husbands just go off to work all day. They’re doing such big stuff at work. So we’ll get to do the hard work. I wouldn’t have felt confident to be able to do that. I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking care of my animals or my garden. I use homeopathy with both. It’s so wonderful to have options for sickness. We don’t have to resort to the antibiotics and the regular, conventional drugs. I really just would not have felt as prepared. I would have felt more limited.

Paola:  I asked you this before. How long have you been doing homeopathy, Gaylyn? That’s like a long time when we look at the story in this journey. There is so much that has happened.

Gaylyn:  Right. But you know? Homeopathy and I have only been hanging out for about 3 ½ years.

Paola:  Wow. 

Gaylyn:  Yeah, 3 ½ years but it really does feel longer. It feels like a whole decade or two. I mean it feels like I’ve really been studying it for so long. But it’s just because it completely changes your paradigm.

Paola:  Yes, that’s exactly right. I’ve been doing it for about the same amount of time. Maybe a little bit less. I refer to it as my other life. Because people will talk to me and they’ll say, “Oh of course.” They’re apologetic. “Oh, I had a C-section or I had an epidural.” I’m like, “Oh girl, I had epidurals with all my children.” I have another life.

Gaylyn:  Right, exactly. Thank goodness I had all my children before all this.

Paola:  Right, right, props to Joette, props to Joette who talks about her course. So now that you have homeopathy, you’ve made a resolution for yourself. So tell us about that.

It’s a gift

Gaylyn:  Well, I just felt like I was given such a gift. To me, it felt like a mystery unveiled that changed my life forever. I love the study. Now, I make sure that that’s a big part of what I study personally. I also, as a homeschooling family, make it a huge part of what I study with my children in our homeschooling time. I do have seven children, six at home. I make sure until the day they leave my home, feeling confident in their homeopathy skills. That way, they could take care of themselves and others.

I have a lot of boys in our family, all involved with scouting which is kind rough and tough. I made homeopathy emergency kits to take with them on their scouting adventures. These kids can take care of most of these emergency situations. I write little simple instructions on each one of them, so that they know exactly what to do and how much. I make sure that everything’s at my house and I keep it all stuffed up, definitely.

Paola:  Don’t you have a son who recently has left home?

Gaylyn:  Yes, I have a son that is serving in a church mission. But I made sure I spent a whole night before he left getting his homeopathy arsenal ready in case of anything. I mean, I would say in anything. So I put those options after options in that kit. I wrote it all out. I don’t know how many pages of writing things out. It’s like if this happens, do this. If this happens, do this. Knowing that he’s going to be out there, eating just whatever foods and just given to him. My visions of him getting sick are like highly likely. I just felt like I needed to send him prepared.

Paola:  I love it. So I’m intrigued. My kids are a little young. My oldest is starting to kind of be intrigued by homeopathy. What do you do to teach your kids at home? What does your curriculum look like?

Teaching it to our kids

Gaylyn:  My curriculum is everybody gets sick every now and then. That’s our curriculum because that’s when you learn. If someone gets their head knocked, we all say out loud. What is it we’re going to go get? They’re going to run and grab it.

Paola:  Oh, you don’t tell them right away? You basically have them guess ahead of time? I love that, Gaylyn. You told me once that you actually read Dorothy Shepherd, the homeopath. Joette loves her books. You read them for bedtime.

Gaylyn:  We read Dorothy Shepherd and we’ve read two of her books so far. I’m planning on reading a whole bunch more because it’s awesome, really fun stories and lots of situations. I don’t know. It’s just really awesome. Then we use Joette’s courses too. We just go straight to the courses.

Paola:  I love it.

Gaylyn:  What else could be better? What other science, health, section could be better than that, really?

Paola:  I know it. It’s true. We actually have an animal out here on our farm that got sick. We checked him. He had a fever. My son was like, “Oh good.” I was like, “What do you mean good? He was like, “Mom, fevers are good.” I’m like, “Oh my gosh.”

Gaylyn:  Is that awesome.

Paola:  I’m like, “You’re right. You’re right. It is good but I would rather him just be healthy and not be sick at all.”

Gaylyn:  But it’s at those moments that we realize that what we’re trying to help them understand is sinking in.

Paola:  So when someone at your house gets sick, you don’t necessarily blurt out the right remedy. You turn to the kids and you say, “What should I give her or him?”

Gaylyn:  Yeah, definitely. Let’s figure it out. Maybe I do already know.

Paola:  Okay. So Gaylyn, tell me about homeopathy and you said it turns back time for you.

Gaylyn:  Yeah. Well, you know, I feel like I’ve been given a second chance. I’ve seen in my own life how my arthritic symptoms are slowly being resolved just as Joette taught me. The most recent symptom, this is one of the things that she teaches, that the most recent symptoms are the ones that go away the first. That’s what’s happening. I am solely working backwards to my very, very first symptoms that showed up that are now my chronics. I don’t know. I’m hoping that I may be on a five-year plan, six year plan. That eventually, I will be able to say goodbye to most of my arthritis situation. The thing that makes it really cool is when an acute shows up, when we know how to deal with those using homeopathy to actually accelerate our progress with our chronics because it’s boosting our immune system. Now our system knows more. Just the same thing, now our immune system has more power.

Paola:  I had a pretty bad case of strep throat once. It was bad. I stuck with it. It got bad because I didn’t have the remedies in the house. I am so glad I stuck with it because after that strep throat got better, all of sudden my chronic stuff was really moving out.

Gaylyn:  It really is how it happens. It’s amazing. 

Paola:  So you and I have kind of joked that we’re homeopathy missionaries. A lot of these moms with Moxie are. Man, they are little missionaries. So tell me about that.

Being homeopathy missionaries

Gaylyn:  Yeah. I mean, once you’ve seen the power of homeopathy, boy it carries you on. You cannot keep your mouth shut. You just want to tell everybody all about it. I’m really involved with my church. I had numerous opportunities to share what homeopathy has done for me and my family with people of my faith. I’m also very involved with a homeschool group that we put together that meets once a week. Likewise in that group setting, I’ve had lots of opportunities to sharing health. I’m also looking around. Everybody’s got something. Either it’s acute, chronics all over the place. Many don’t want to go to conventional meds but they just don’t know of any other options. So these are opportunities to share.

I share homeopathy with random people, too. Just the other day, a serviceman came to work on the tractor. He started telling me about his asthma. I was like, “Well oh, let’s talk about asthma.” So I got to take a moment and fantasy with him that there are other options than going back to his regular meds. So for a year and a half now, I’ve been able to gather my friends around me and do a homeopathy group at my house. We’ve been able to support each other in our quest for health. In my little meetings that we have here, I also tried to share demonstration of Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions” doing some nutrient-dense cooking in my kitchen for my friends. If you put those two things together, you just have a winning combination.

Paola:  You do. I tell people this. With homeopathy and a high quality diet, you can have pretty incredible health which means resources at your fingertips. It does go back to what you said at the beginning about liberty. You don’t know you have any other option. You really are bound by the mercy of if you have a smart doctor who tells you to take vitamin C or whatever.

Gaylyn:  Yeah, exactly.

Paola:  Or the drugs that they’re used to doling out. So let’s get to the fun stuff, Gaylyn. I want you to tell me some of your experiences. Think of some stories that our listeners might appreciate. You’re just a regular mom who has been doing this for just over three years. What kind of transformation have you been able to do with your own two hands?

Gaylyn:  I could go on and on and on but let’s see.

Success stories

I’ll tell you about a friend that came to me with kidney stone issues. She ended up in the ER. Her doctor found a 5-mm size of stone that was giving her lots of problems. For weeks, she had been suffering with pain and the need to urinate that result in only like a trickle. These symptoms would come and go. But the doctor offered a drug. In the same breath, he mentioned that it wasn’t even very effective. He ended up giving her the pain meds which she took when the pain was really bad. Then we were able to set her up with remedies for kidney stones and waited for it to just do its magic. It really didn’t take long.

Within three days from talking to me and giving those remedies, she felt that she felt this zing, kind of a sharp, quick, painful zing in her lower left abdominal area. Instantly, that constant urge to urinate was just gone. It was just completely gone. She hasn’t had any issues with that since.

Paola:  Wow, so where did it go? Who cares?

Gaylyn:  Who cares? Right, I know. It’s just gone. Without these symptoms then it’s gone.

Paola:  Right, symptoms don’t lie. That’s great. I love that.

Gaylyn:  There’s another friend that came to me with concerns that her daughter was snoring every night. She was worried that her daughter might also have apnea during her sleep. She had actually several things. She had chronic nose bleed. She had ear pain and motion sickness. She had taken her daughter to the doctor. After about 15 minutes of conversation, he offered to schedule her daughter for a tonsillectomy. I mean is that just kind of crazy?

Paola:  Yeah, you know what? Your tonsil is out, kid.

Gaylyn:  No.

Paola:  He has strep throat right now and I was like, “Well, your tonsils will swell up.” She was like, “Oh I don’t have those.” You don’t want that bacteria getting to your heart.

Gaylyn:  No, [00:27:06] for sure. Well, my friend, she knew. She didn’t want to have her daughter have that happen to her. Anyway, they did a sleep study and they found for sure that she did have sleep apnea going on. Then knowing that I was in the homeopathy, she came to me. I was able to use the knowledge I gained through Joette’s courses to choose remedies that worked. So after two weeks, there’s a big difference in the intensity of her snoring. It wasn’t gone yet but it had lessened. That cute girl, she forgot to take her remedies for a few days and the family noticed. So they told her, “Hey, you need to get back on the remedies.” A few months later, the snoring was just gone. She got to keep her tonsils.

Paola:  Oh, I love that. I’m thinking now. You have the sinus infection. I’m thinking about her with her sinus issues especially when you were telling me about. She had the dizziness and a lot of those other symptoms, the ear pain, the nosebleeds, the motion sickness, that all sounds kind of the sinus, fluid in the ear and the sinuses. So did her remedy involve Sanguinaria?

Gaylyn:  Sanguinaria was one of them. Yeah, I chose a couple of other ones too, to make sure we got it and whatever, it worked. It even surprises me even after seeing this over and over now that it worked so well. That is amazing.

Paola:  I love it.

Gaylyn:  There was another friend that just blew me out of the water, too. Actually it was her husband that came to me. He was just telling me all about his wife’s allergies and she had them for years. She was a daily Zyrtec taker and actually other meds just to be able to go to work and function. Her symptoms would get worse every fall and every spring. I started off how magical homeopathy was and how it’s worked in our family. He decided to try it out. So I set him up with just one remedy and how to take it and thought nothing of it for months. Well later, they come to me and he told me that her allergies were just gone, completely gone. That’s amazing. In a year and a half, they were gone. I don’t know if that’s normal in everybody’s situation. I don’t think it is. But for her, that one remedy was enough.

Paola:  That was the one and she did it for about a year and a half before it was completely gone.

Gaylyn:  A year and a half.

Paola:  I tell people, it’s not that she was miserable during that year and a half and then boom, she was better. You see all that improvement during that time. It’s just enough so that you can stay off the allergy meds as you kind of improve.

Gaylyn:  Right. And as Joette teaches, there are those three elements. There’s the intensity of it, there’s the duration, and the frequency. With those three and if you’ve seen any improvement in any of those situations, you know you’re on the right track.

Paola:  You stick with it. There is that podcast, the Magic Markers podcast.

Gaylyn:  Right, yeah, exactly. But just to have that result was just – it’s simply amazing.

Paola:  Tell us another one. I enjoy this storytelling.

Gaylyn:  Okay. Well, definitely. Since we moved on to our farm about six months ago, we also acquired a lovely Great Pyrenees livestock dog. He is just an awesome dog. Anyway, when we bought him, we bought him off of Craigslist of all place. He was just in this tiny little place. He had been covered in fleas. He had scratched up a huge section of his behind, all the hair and stuff. So he created a bunch of sores back there. Using homeopathy and specific remedies for him and eating some nice, raw food, and some nice raw bones and good quality nutrition for him also.

Paola:  Wasn’t it great for dogs.

Gaylyn:  It really is. He’s had like some nice, raw eggs from our chickens. Then he’s got bones from goats and yam. He’s great. He looks really great. He probably got rid of about 10 lbs. He was way overweight. They had just left the bag of feed there. So he might have eaten whenever he wanted. All I know is he’s gotten so much better. There are some hairs back on his behind and there aren’t any more sores. I can keep going on though. I’ve got a couple more.

Paola:  Yeah, tell me a couple more. Go ahead.

Gaylyn:  Okay. I have another friend. She was concerned about her gallbladder. It had been giving her problems for the last couple of years but she also was one that’s like, “I don’t want my gallbladder taken out.” Don’t take the gallbladder out.

Paola:  Right.

Gaylyn:  But in the last six months, she was having so many issues that she was like, “Is that my only option to have that taken out?” So anyway, about that time, I came to her basically because when you’re a homeopathy missionary, you’re just like, “Blah, blah, blah. I vomited all these wonderful information out there.” I told her definitely don’t get your gallbladder taken out. Let’s figure it out. So found the right remedies for and within a few weeks, she was having less and less issues with that gallbladder. Now, months later, she doesn’t have any issues. Her bladder lives to see another day. Her gallbladder is going to be okay. It just was sick. I could tell you, taking out the gallbladder, that’s pretty much bread and butter now. For some reason, everybody’s gallbladder is getting sick.

Paola:  It’s almost like when you start thinking like it’s not important but then I hear about people’s lives when their gallbladders are removed are difficult.

Gaylyn:  It’s not easy. It’s not a good place to be. Yeah, you need it. You need it, definitely.  I can go on. Here’s another one.

This was a friend of a friend that had heard that I was doing homeopathy stuff. Well this gal, she had a ton of issues. She had terrible allergies crippled in anxiety where she literally couldn’t function, chronic headaches, migraines. She would only have two periods a year. This was since she started on her menstrual cycle. We worked on her situation and just a few months of taking a remedy, she’s had huge, huge changes. This is kind of how it happens too. She almost forgot that she had them. I had to remind her that she had allergies. [00:32:54]. That’s right.

That goes back to, let’s make that clear, Joette always says take your notes. Take your notes like good notes. Make sure that you label them with numbers and intensity. That was a situation where it was a good thing that I did take good notes because she totally forgotten that she had allergies. This was another thing. Her anxiety, we started with her with a whopping 9 for her anxiety and we got down to about a 4. The headaches were coming less and less. This was a really big one, too. Within a month for four months like aligned with the stars and her body was able to start having a period every month. Her whole life, she had only like two a year. Then once we got the right remedy in there -.

Paola:  It probably affected her fertility too if she was -.

Gaylyn:  Well definitely. She had had one. She had had to plummet beforehand to even get pregnant with her other children. What a gift is that to somebody that’s been trying to have children. So it really was miraculous.

One of the things that was really interesting with this one was even at the end of our discussion, she’s like, “Well I still have anxiety.” I was like, “Yes. But you went from a 9 to a 4.” Sometimes that’s the way it is. I mean like even for me. Do I still have arthritis? I do. But I went from up here like I can’t remember what I started at but now I’m down to a 1 or a 2. So that’s a huge deal. So we cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater just because it’s still there.

Paola:  Joette says that. We get greedy.

Gaylyn:  We are. We definitely were so greedy.

Paola:  Yes.

Gaylyn:  I’m greedy.

Paola:  Yeah, me too. My chronics are so much better. Then I want this.

Gaylyn:  That’s right. I want it even more

Paola:  I want more. I want more.

Gaylyn:  I do. I do.

Paola:  Joette does say that in her classes. She’ll say, “You’re not going to get perfect health. Nobody has perfect, perfect health. You always are going to have some. But you can live a robust, busy life, good life. That’s what you want.”

Gaylyn:  Definitely, most definitely. Here’s one more. This was like the clincher.

Paola:  Yes, go for it.

Gaylyn:  So just this past week, we have kind of a scare. Like I had mentioned, I have seven children and my 17-year old calls me up. I was a half hour away at a meeting. He called just obviously upset and was telling me that our little one, Jam, who is 3 years old was having a seizure. I’m thinking of how I would have reacted four years ago, five years ago, ten years ago. I mean I really would have probably freaked out, right. But very calmly, I was able to say run over to such and such place and grab this. He ran and grabbed it and gave him the dose. Then I said, “Now, tell me what else is going on.” He was able to tell me and I was like, okay.

Paola:  Wow.

Gaylyn:  I knew one of the two remedies in my head but I had to send him to the books to get the other one for the seizure. I was like, “Run and go grab the book. Go find it. And you know where to find all the remedies.” So within about two minutes, he was able to find it, find the right remedies and give them to our three-year old son. Even though he was upset, he wasn’t freaky because he knew. He felt confident in himself and he felt confident in me, I think and the books that we have and the remedy. Everything was just there. If any of that wouldn’t have been set up just perfectly like that, we could have had a nice freak-out session.

Paola:  Yeah.

Gaylyn:  Seizures are kind of scary. We have never dealt with that before.

Paola:  So that was new. I keep ordering different kits. I have my 30C. I have my 200C. I just got my 1M. I keep getting them in different colors. Go get me my red box. Go get me my blue box. I need my green box. The kids were like, “Okay.” They all know where it is and they run.

Gaylyn:  You got to have it. That’s the thing is that it creates such a security to have those things right there. I keep telling people get it anyway because at certain times, you will always go to it. You just have to have it at your house. If it’s too far away, if you need to go to a vitamin shop, the local drug store, it’s just too far away.

Paola:  It goes back to liberty. It does. It gives you freedom of choice, freedom of option.

Gaylyn:  And you’re limited when you’re not prepared.

Paola:  You are.

Gaylyn:  You really, really are. So this is a part of this story with my son. My husband really, really wanted to take him to the hospital and get him checked out at the emergency room. Knowing the situation that we were going to be in, I was just a little bit leery. I was like, “Oh shoot. I don’t want to have to deal with this kind of stuff today. But I was like okay. We’ll go in and deal with conventional opinions and so we can figure out what’s going on with him. So we took him in.

Of course, I was the black sheep because I rejected right off the Motrin and the Tylenol. I had to do that multiple times, mind you, sending new people in all the time to see if they could convince this stubborn mother to sanity. Hey, just take it because we want to bring down his fever. I was like, “It’s okay. He’s all right. He’s going to be okay. I just want you to test him. See what’s going on.” So they tested him and found out that he had strep. For me, the light went on. I was like, “Oh yay. He’s got strep.”

Paola:  I can do that.

Gaylyn:  I can do that. So they probably thought that was kind of weird, too.

Paola:  That you smiled at them. Oh.

Gaylyn:  That you smiled and that you’re not afraid. You’re not any of that. But the light went on. I was like, “Oh, the strep run on a super-fast fever that didn’t cause the febrile seizure.” I was like, “Oh, now I can connect the dots.” To me, this was a relief because I knew exactly what to do for that. So those diagnosis, oh thank goodness we have those because I have the right remedy right there in my purse. I had brought my kit with me. As soon as they went out to go get my bill, I gave him a dose. $800 later, I had a diagnosis and I got to leave the ER followed by shaking heads and disapproving looks but me, fully confident in my wonderful friend, homeopathy. Really, one more dose that night and by morning, the fever was just a memory. He was back to his lively self by about 12 the next day.

Paola:  If you’re listening, Joette has a study group curriculum that is coming out. There is a large chunk in that. It’s in the first four weeks. I can’t remember which week. We ask you to read Dr. Mendelsohn’s chapter on fevers. He talks about febrile seizures and how they’re not dangerous but they are scary to witness.

Gaylyn:  Yeah, exactly.

Paola:  That knowledge is so empowering.

Gaylyn:  It really is. It really is. The thing that was so fun about this one is that the few times that the light went on, instead of feeling anxiety about the situation, I felt happiness. I felt exhilarated. I felt confident. So that is a huge gift right there.

Paola:  It is.

Gaylyn:  You can’t replace that.

Paola:  I tell people. Can you imagine what it feels like to generally speaking? I mean, maybe meningitis is going to really freak me out if someone has it. You know what I mean? That’s not common. But generally speaking, illness does not scare me. It’s opportunity.

Gaylyn:  It’s an opportunity for sure.

Paola:  Gaylyn, you are so cool. I want to move in next door to your -.

Gaylyn:  I know, right. Come on over.

Paola:  Oh, you’re awesome. I love these stories. Thank you so much for taking the time.

Gaylyn:  Oh thank you for having me. It’s been so much fun for me. Anytime that we get to talk about homeopathy and fun things like this, oh it’s certainly a pleasure.

Paola:  It’s a winning formula for success. Thank you so much.

Gaylyn:  Thank you.

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