Podcast 27 – Moms with Moxie – Escaping Life-Threatening Allergies

If you have allergies, remember that modern medicine has written you off. The CDC itself will tell you: “There is no cure for allergies.

Strict avoidance of the allergen is the only way to prevent a reaction.” I lived decades living in a bubble, dealing with my allergies. Things improved when I stopped taking prescription drugs and changed my diet, but I was not cured

So, I kept searching until I found the thing that changed my life forever: homeopathy. Want to learn the same homeopathic steps I took to clear myself of allergies?

Learn them today and use them tonight with my newest course: Allergic?!: and download a free infographic, and start learning what remedies could help uproot your allergies.

In this podcast, we cover:

01:30  The anaphylaxis reaction

07:15  Meeting with Joette and starting homeopathy

13:38  Elevated liver enzymes

16:58  Chelidonium 6 and Carduus marianus (milk thistle) for damaged liver

21:22  Food allergies and Apis

35:35  Joette’s courses

37:53  Sharing homeopathy with others

You are listening to a podcast from where nationally certified American homeopath, public speaker, and author, Joette Calabrese, shares her passion for helping families stay healthy through homeopathy and nutrient-dense nutrition.

Paola:  We have a great “Moms with Moxie” podcast. I’m here with the delightful, Tina Gill who has some wonderful experiences and stories to share with us. Hi, Tina.

Tina:  Hi.

Paola:  Alright, so here’s my first question. I like to ask all my Moms with Moxie, what do you love about homeopathy?

Tina:  Oh good God. What don’t I love is going to be easier to answer. What I love about homeopathy primarily is that it’s giving me my power back. I’ve always been a healthy and a productive, proactive woman and considered fit and healthy. All of a sudden, my body went haywire. I don’t know what to exactly point a finger at. It could have been menopause. But I experienced anaphylaxis that put me in the hospital three times in 90 days. It just threw me in a no man’s land where I thought I had lost my power. Through homeopathy, I’ve been given my power back, my health, and happiness, and joy, and hope.

Paola:  I remember you telling me that you were so scared because it felt like it came out of nowhere.

Tina:  Yes.

Paola:  I mean we know better. We know that everything we did leading up to it, the antibiotics or whatever was kind of setting the foundation for this to come. But you were waiting for death. You were so scared.

The anaphylaxis reaction

Tina:  Oh my goodness, yes, because I lived on almonds and was popping almonds in my mouth one morning like to the tune of 30 or 40 because it was going to hold me over to lunch. I was on a two-hour car ride to my daughter’s house. That was going to be my breakfast. All of a sudden, I started blowing up and itching and then having a hard time breathing. I looked in the mirror and realized I’m in anaphylaxis. The fear of dying alone in my car was overwhelming. So, I dialed 911. I get a gentleman that leads me to the nearest ambulance. I missed the road to the ambulance but I could see it on the other side of a cornfield and just drove my car through a cornfield to get to that ambulance. I jumped out of my car. I handed my keys and say, “I’m having an allergy reaction.” They just looked at me and said, “No kidding.”

Paola:  Oh my gosh.

Tina:  Yes, they threw me in the ambulance. They rushed me to the emergency room.

Paola:  Did they have like Epi stuff, whatever.

Tina:  Yes. Actually, I was really shocked. We had to have someone meet us halfway to the emergency room with Benadryl to shoot me to get me to the emergency room. It was that close and that scary.

Paola:  That’s crazy. 

Tina:  Yes.

Paola:  Don’t ambulance have like Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl? Isn’t that like standard?

Tina:  I guess not.

Paola:  Oh my gosh.

Tina:  Not in my situation, it wasn’t.

Paola:  Here’s the thing. I have always felt like before homeopathy, yes, I just have my 911. We live in this wonderful country of the United States. 911, I’m just one ambulance ride away and the ambulance will help us. But this goes to show that no, you need to be prepared and have an alternate plan at all times.

Tina:  That also leads me to my message. I want to convey that I used to live in fear to what if there was a natural, a national catastrophe. All of a sudden, you can’t get your medicine anymore because prior to homeopathy, I was living on synthetic drugs. I went through that path of two shots a week for three years, having to sit in the allergist’s office in case I had a reaction. I lived on Singulair and an inhaler and nose spray and Zyrtec and cortisone cream just to function, to be able to breathe. Before I got back on the care, I used to have to sit up and sleep because if I lay down, I couldn’t breathe. If I would laugh, I sounded like I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day. It was horrible and embarrassing. It affects the quality of your life. But now, I have homeopathy and I have my own pills. I don’t have to buy them from a doctor or wait on a prescription. I don’t have to live with an EpiPen or take Singulair and go to my doctor every three months to get my new prescriptions. It’s so freeing. It’s empowering. I want the world to know that you don’t have to accept what modern medicine is telling you that there is no cure for food allergies. That there is and understood there is a cure. It is correctable. Don’t settle for what modern medicine is telling you and being a prisoner to six medicines a day just to exist.

Paola:  Well, you bring up a good point. The reason we have to get those drugs from doctors is because they’re highly toxic. It’s like this domino effect. You got to go to the doctor because the drugs are toxic, if you do it wrong. I mean, if you overdose or whatever, you need to hand that prescription, those instructions. So, you have to go to the doctor because they’re toxic. You take them. It won’t cure you. Then you have to keep going back and you have this codependent relationship with something that is just making you worse and worse and worse. So you’re right. You said from the beginning, it gave you your power back. There it is. You’re free from that relationship.

Tina:  I have a husband who went to travel to exotic islands. I was living in fear because I was afraid to get on an airplane. What if I can send something in the airport before we left that I didn’t know I was allergic to. I was waiting to blow up and die in front of my husband. That’s how paralyzing my life became. From being the healthy one and the caretaker in the family to crying and weeping because I had no control over my body anymore and it was a matter of time before I die.

Paola:  Yes. You sound like a hypochondriac almost.

Tina:  I did, most definitely. Never in my life did I understand hypochondria until I went through this.

Paola:  Yes, fear of any illness kind of popping up. Also, I experienced similar things with my body where it started popping crazy things out of nowhere then you feel like well, what else is around the corner.

Tina:  Yes, definitely. If this got me by the throat, what else is around the corner, exactly?

Paola:  So, how long have you been doing homeopathy?

Meeting with Joette and starting homeopathy

Tina:  Well, I’m on about 14 months down the road. I’ll never forget the first time I met Joette. She said this might take a year for your body to react. I can remember thinking, “Yeah. I need help now.” So I’m just in awe that I’m 14 months or 13 months down the road and I’m everything she said I could be. It went so quickly. But you got to get started or it’s never going to happen for you.

Paola:  Right. At the beginning of the journey, it feels like a year is forever. But then when you’re on the other side of it, you’re like, “No. That was worth it. It’s fine. Here I am.”

Tina:  Well and I took synthetic drugs for two decades. I was living by my doctor. To be able to function and to stay alive, I had to listen to everything he said. I was so codependent. Now, I’m free again. So, it is so worth it. Two decades on synthetics, one year on homeopathy, it’s a no-brainer.

Paola:  Right. How long before you were able to-? Did you stop your medications cold turkey? How did that go?

Tina:  No, I was afraid. What I did was I took homeopathy faithfully. I mean like clockwork. I would say I was 99% true to whatever I had to do. It wasn’t easy at first. Any change is difficult. Primarily, you can’t eat 15 minutes before the remedy or 15 minutes after. If you’re taking multiples, that’s a big chunk of the day in the morning and again at night. But again, well worth it, small price to pay for your life. But after being on homeopathy for six months, what I started to do was to wean off my synthetic drugs. Instead of taking a whole Singulair everyday, I would cut it in half and take a half a Singulair for a month. Instead of two puffs of my inhaler, I would take one. Then the next month, instead of taking a half everyday, I took a half every other day. So, I weaned myself off gradually. I started one month doing it half doses. The second month, I did every other day, half doses. Then the third month, I didn’t take any just to see how I would feel. I didn’t have any of the symptoms that wanted me to go back to the synthetic drugs. I’ve been synthetic-free for seven months now.

Paola:  That’s amazing. Usually, Joette wants you to and you probably were working with your doctor to wean off of those medications safely.

Tina:  Well, he kept writing out prescriptions because sadly in our society, our doctors, it is such a conflict of interest. These doctors get a kickback for the meds that they’re writing. So, this man knows how many meds he’s writing to me every month and how much money he can expect from those meds. So, he’s writing me prescriptions left and right and I’m not filling them. He’s a personal friend of the family’s. He was at my 50th birthday party. He doesn’t go away nor do I want him to. But he has his eyes on me. I have tried to express to him homeopathy and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He won’t read it. He won’t discuss it with me. He won’t entertain it. So, I’m taking things into my own hands and doing things naturally because Paola, it got to the point where I would inhale my albuterol and it would hurt my lungs. I knew I didn’t want it in my body. It’s not the route I wanted to take. So, by getting rid of that and not having breathing problems, by taking my homeopathy, I thought I’m never going back to synthetic drugs unless I break an arm or get a car accident and it’s necessary.

Paola:  Lifesaving, heroic situations. So, how did your doctor feel about this?

Tina:  Well, he wouldn’t come right out and say he was upset with me. He decided to approach it like this. He said to me during one visit, normal doctor’s visit. Four times a year I go in. He said, “I got to tell you three reasons why doctors kick patients out of their practice.”

Paola:  Uh-oh.

Tina:  I’m thinking to myself, “Oh no, here it comes.”

Paola:  Right.

Tina:  Number one, they don’t take their prescriptions. Number two, they don’t do what the doctor tells them to do. Number three, they don’t attend their doctor’s appointments. I just flat out looked at him and said, “You know doctor, if you feel the need to kick me out of your practice, it’s okay.” He started backpedalling, “Oh no, no. I’m not talking about you.” So then we went on to another subject. Then he repeated it before I left. I assured him. If he felt the need to kick me out of his practice, the family would forgive him and it would be alright. He hasn’t done that yet but he is alluding to you’re not taking your meds. I know it. You know it. You need to start doing it.

Paola:  So, I have a question, Tina. Shouldn’t the conversation be like this? “Oh, I noticed you’re not taking your medications. Are you feeling better?” Shouldn’t that be how the conversation? I mean, I’ve gone to doctors, some really great doctors that I said, “I don’t want to take this or that anymore.” Actually, I can’t say that because I was never really on any chronic medications. I was able to diet or whatever was my crutch for a long time. But I have said to doctors, “If I can feel better, I don’t want to take this antibiotic or whatever.” They’re always like, “Great. Yes, if you can find -.” But that’s crazy.

Tina:  I know. You would think yes, because isn’t he there to heal me?

Paola:  Yes, yes.

Tina:  If I’m not taking almond, I’m still living and breathing and not hacking and wheezing, he would notice.

Paola:  Right, right, right.

Elevated liver enzymes

Tina:  We have proof. I have medical proof that this homeopathy has changed my health. I had elevated liver enzymes. I was always normal. He always considered me an athlete for two decades. He didn’t have anything to worry about with me. Now, all of a sudden, my liver enzymes are through the roof. He just hits the desk and says, “You can’t have any more alcohol.” I’m like, “Doctor, I rarely drink. What are you talking about?” He said, “Well, you can’t have any more.” I’m like, “Oh my goodness.” That can’t be the cause because I’m not a big consumer of any alcohol, never really have been, an occasional glass of wine, maybe two if I’m out at a wedding reception or something. He just said, “Zero sip.” So, I shared it with Joette. Joette gave me the protocol for healing my liver. So, I immediately went on that protocol. He then tested my liver and I was in the normal range. So, I go from, in September being elevated to rechecking it again in December and it’s through the roof. I consult with Joette. Now, we’re in April, three months later after homeopathy and now, I’m perfectly normal. You know what his response was? I told you, you can’t consume alcohol anymore. I never changed my alcohol consumption. I still have a periodic glass of wine here and there. The only thing I did change though was my commitment to this new protocol for homeopathy. I have blood work to show my levels, and those dates, and my protocol that came to me via email with Joette on the date that shows my activity and how it affected me.

Paola:  What happened. So, let’s talk about those liver symptoms too. I want to share the protocol that you were on as well. So, the liver enzymes were through the roof, right? Talk about the symptoms that you could see without labs.

Tina:  Okay. I had no clue that my liver enzymes were up. But I did know that I was having pain in my ribs, just underneath my breast. It was in the back, in my back, in the front. I didn’t realize at that time that’s where you’re liver is located. It’s a very large organ. So, I was having pain in my ribcage in my liver region. I was having unusually colored stool which is beige. So that always tells me something’s going on in my system. I pay attention to that because I know that it’s telling me things. So, when I expressed those symptoms to Joette, she confirmed. Yes, those are common for liver damage.

Paola:  Liver damage.

Tina:  Yes.

Paola:  Then before you started the homeopathy, is this correct? You said your blood tests, they were really high. Then three months later, they went even higher before the homeopathy?

Tina:  Yes. That was the liver blood enzymes.

Paola:  Okay. You said you were on the protocol for three months. Your levels went back to normal and your symptoms leveled out too?

Tina:  Correct.

Paola:  Okay, so would you mind sharing the protocol you’re on?

Chelidonium 6 and Carduus marianus (milk thistle) for damaged liver 

Tina:  I’m happy to. I want everybody to take constructive information to take home with them. So for the liver protocol, it was the Chelidonium 6, taking two a day and the milk thistle, 5 drops twice a day.

Paola:  Very good. Then for those of you who may not know. So milk thistle is the herbal tincture, right?

Tina:  Correct.

Paola:  Milk thistle is the common name for the herb but in homeopathy, we use the Latin name. Boy, I don’t even know if I’m going to pronounce this right. It’s Carduus marianus mother tincture is how we say it. So, if you ever need to buy a mother tincture, I just always Google the Latin name and I write common name then milk thistle pops up. Then you buy that and then do the protocol for it. So, it’s so funny about your doctor who says, “See, I told you.” He has to take credit no matter what.

Tina:  Yes, yes. I know, yes. I love him and respect him dearly. He used to be president Reagan’s doctor. The man has seven degrees. He’s 85 years old. He’s been practicing all his life, immense respect but it’s all about big pharma. It’s all synthetics.

Paola:  Right. I would be mad. Boy, if I went to medical school to heal people with all these altruistic, starry-eyed goals and then you realized that you have to get in bed with big pharma and there’s no way to divorce from that. Well, I’m sure there’s a way. There are plenty of doctors that find a way but it’s not easy. I’d be mad. I can understand he’s getting close probably to retiring. He’s set in his ways.

Tina:  Yes, he is. He said he’s not interested in learning anything new. In fact, when I addressed it with him, he said, “That’s a young man’s journey.”

Paola:  Right.

Tina:  We are 5% of the world’s population and we’re taking 80% of the world’s pharmaceuticals.

Paola:  Wow.

Tina:  That’s a big red flag. That’s not normal. That’s not healthy.

Paola:  Say that again.

Tina:  The American population is 5% of the world’s population, yet, the Americans take 80% of the world’s pharmaceuticals.

Paola:  Wow.

Tina:  Every other commercial one on TV is for synthetic drug.

Paola:  Well recently, they came out with the research that’s saying that we are not living as long as we used to.

Tina:  This is the first year ever that our lifespan is decreasing. I’m a firm believer it’s the quality or lack of quality of our food source and these vaccines. Many patients were living on all the side effects.

Paola:  I was thinking about your doctor, this old time doctor. Obviously, the reason he doesn’t want to change his ways is because it’s worked for him in his practice in all these years. But guess what? Generation after generation has been affected with this. The new doctors coming on the market, I don’t think they’re going to stick with this.

Tina:  No. When you know better, you do better.

Paola:  Right. When you see it not working over and over again and I think that’s why Joette’s mission is so important.

Tina:  This movement is a gift from God. It’s long overdue and it is critical because I help a lot with my grandchildren’s grade school. I go in and I do class with them for the seasons. I have to be very careful of what foods I bring in as treats because of all these food allergies. I used to find them to be annoying until I went through it. Now, I have the utmost respect for these food allergies. So, these kids are suffering. These moms and families are suffering. I believe that 80% of it can be corrected.

Paola:  I think you’re right.

Tina:  It’s maddening.

Paola:  It is. Well, speaking of food allergies, that’s your other big condition that you are just so ecstatic about. I’m so happy for you too. So, tell us about the food allergies. Now, that story about you driving to that cornfield, I mean that’s terrifying. I’m just glad you’re not allergic to corn as well.

Tina:  Yes, yes. Had I not found out the homeopathy, that would have been next.

Paola:  Oh, I bet you.

Food allergies and Apis

Tina:  Well, when I had the anaphylaxis to the almond, my doctor started a series of blood tests to see what else I was sensitive to. I am not kidding you. I became sensitive to everything to the point where my doctor said to me, “You’re going to have to live on air and water,” and laughed at me. I just started to weep because there were no answers for me. I was left to withdraw from society and just wait to die. During the blood testing, it shows that I am three times more sensitive to apples than I am to almonds. Almonds almost killed me three times.

Paola:  That’s interesting. I’ve seen that connection. People who can’t handle almonds can’t handle apples. You had this little test that you did with the apple. Tell us about that.

Tina:  I knew I was having a reaction to apples before I ever had the anaphylaxis to almonds because when I would go to put an apple to my lips to take a bite, my lips would automatically swell. It wasn’t normal. I didn’t like it. So, I put the apple down. About three weeks later, I tried it again and the same reaction.

Paola:  So just putting the skin of the apple to your lips caused it to swell up.

Tina:  Correct. I didn’t even have to bite into it or consume it, just coming in contact with it. So, when I got my blood results back that said I was three times more sensitive to apples than I ever was to the almonds, I wasn’t surprised. But then, he started testing me for tomatoes, to bananas, to everything that I was eating on a daily basis. I mean, when you can’t have tomatoes, you can’t have salsa, pizza, spaghetti, ketchup. I mean, it’s in everything in my diet anyway. So when I started homeopathy, I can’t even remember, it was three to four months down the road, he sent me in for a blood test. I asked if we could test the tomato and the apples again. He said yes. So, we did that. My results came down 2/3 on my sensitivity to the apples and cut in half to the sensitivity to tomatoes.

Paola:  So, you had been on homeopathy for three months and the sensitivity of the apples dropped by 2/3 and the tomatoes were cut in half. That’s amazing. 

Tina:  You know, he never even commented.

Paola:  Wow.

Tina:  He never even made notice that I was reversing it.

Paola:  Oh, I’d be so mad.

Tina:  But he told me he’s not interested. This is something I have to pursue with another professional.

Paola:  Yeah, that’s right.

Tina:  Thank God, it’s out there. Thank God for the internet. That’s how I found Joette. That’s how I’ve been able to pursue my education with homeopathy.

Paola:  Yes, absolutely. I agree. I Googled some term. I thank God to this day that the words came into my head and I typed it into my computer and out popped her Good Gut, Bad Gut class. I think I signed up for it like just a few days before it started. That was how it all started.

Tina:  I typed in food allergies. On the sidebar came

Paola:  Wow. That’s great.

Tina:  After reading, reading, reading in pages on the website, I didn’t like anything I was seeing or learning anything. It was all telling me that it was not understood and there was no cure for it. You just have to abstain. It wasn’t until I went to the right site and pursued Joette that I had hope again. I had fervor like no other.

Paola:  That’s amazing. So now, let’s talk about where you’re at right now, Tina. You’re 14 months into your homeopathy stuff. Tell us how you first initially cautiously tested your food allergies again.

Tina:  I was making a dish for my husband to take into the office for Christmas. I always put apples at this dish. It was a chicken salad. I took a cube of that apple. I stuck it underneath my lip, inside my lip and left it there for five minutes. Then I took it out and threw it away. I was extremely nervous and cautious in case my body had a reaction but how are you ever going to know if you never tested again. But my sense of confidence was so high that day. I had two EpiPens on the counter. I had my car keys with my full tank of gas in the garage. I live a couple of miles away from the emergency room. I was bold. I was healthy and alive and felt confident enough to try it and watched the clock for 20 minutes. I didn’t have any symptoms. I then got busy with something else. Before I knew it, it was an hour later and I’m standing, no symptoms. I don’t know that I’ll ever just go and get an apple and take a bite out of it again. But I know that if I accidentally eat apples, every now and then I will have a sip of a juice that has apple with it. I want to keep my body introduced to it, the same with bananas, all these highly sensitive foods that I was tested for.

But I have to tell you. I recently accidentally consumed almonds in a restaurant. I was with my in laws and my husband and another couple. I have proof that this happened to me and consumed these almonds and started taking Apis, 1M when I realized that I was consuming almonds. I even showed it to my mother in law. She ate it and looked at it and confirmed that it was almonds and didn’t have any symptoms. I was through the roof. I mean, the weight of the world just lifted from my shoulders. The fog had lifted. I was free again. It’s a miracle. I mean, for a week, I kept repeating myself to my husband. Can you believe I ate almonds? Can you believe I ate almonds? Well then, Paola, it happened again two weeks later. We’re at another restaurant. I ordered hot and spicy shrimp. Who would think that they would garnish it with almond slivers? I take a bite at the shrimp. I’m enjoying it. I looked down on the plate and I see almonds. I had swirled that shrimp all around that garnish. I wanted all that sweet and hot and spicy flavor. I’m looking at it and I realized, “Oh my gosh. Here I am again.” So, I consumed my Apis, 1M and no symptoms. So twice in the last 30 days, I consumed almonds and had no symptoms.

Paola:  So, you were taking the Apis 1M kind of prophylactically? You weren’t getting symptoms. You were just like, “Oh I need to be – maybe I need to take this.”

Tina:  Yes, as a proactive.

Paola:  That’s amazing.

Tina:  Yes, it is amazing.

Paola:  Whoa, listeners of Joette, Joette would caution you. She wants you to know that she’s not recommending, or Tina, or I aren’t recommending that you just test willy-nilly. Joette has said in her classes and in her podcasts that she’s been in situations where she’s been the hospital parking lot. Even clients of her when they have food allergies and they want to test it, they’ll sit in the emergency room parking lot with their remedy kit, a deck of cards. They’ll test or they’ll deal with what they’re dealing with if it was already happening and they had it and watched the homeopathy do its thing. If for whatever reason, you’re not selecting the right remedies or whatever, you’d have that fallback just in case.

Tina:  Right. We don’t ever want to live without our hospitals and our synthetic drugs to have in an emergency situation but it will never be my first choice. It is going to be my last resort.

Paola:  Right. That’s how it should be. That’s amazing. So, I want to know now. Now that you’ve done so much better, have you gone back and done any more labs on all your food allergies because you lit up like a Christmas tree, right?

Tina:  Yes, yes. That’s another infuriating aspect about today’s insurance involvement with the medical field. I have specifically asked my doctor if he would go through and do my blood test on all the foods that I am sensitive to. At last count, it was 22. He said no. I asked why. He said because the insurance company contacted him. He had to write up a complete report and send in all my paperwork to justify why I have cost them so much money in the last year. And that they would not spend any more money on me. So, he cannot order blood tests which infuriates me because he can order blood tests four times a year at a regular visit to check my triglycerides, my blood pressure, and everything else. But for me to specifically request for my food allergies, no, I’ve been denied.

Paola:  Well, that’s ridiculous because it’s almost like he could but he doesn’t want to do all the paperwork that comes with it. Personally, I have a great doctor who is – I mean, not that your doctor isn’t great. My doctor, if I tell him I need this and this and this and this is why. I’m not crazy. I have a logical reason. He says yes, I think you do need that. He goes and he does it. Thank you so much. That’s what I need you for.

Tina:  Yes.

Paola:  My friends have been telling me that there are these discounted labs that you can send in requisitions yourself,

Tina:  I need to write this down.

Paola:  Yes, and any labs, I think you can just Google any labs. This is in the US. I don’t know if you’re out of the country, what the situation is but these are labs that you don’t need a doctor to send them the requisition, that you can order the requisition and then go to a local lab.

Tina:  Thank you so much. I am dying to know. I mean I know I’m dying to get it in writing because I have proof. When he first took my blood results and my levels are in writing from a lab dated. Then three months later, when we took it after the homeopathy and they had dropped by 2/3 and a half on just 2 of the 22 foods, I want to further this and to see where my almonds are now.

Paola:  Right. Yes, because clearly you’re not reacting to them. Now, I don’t know if these labs actually do all labs or if they do only some of them but it would be worth investigating to see if they do your allergies. That would be cool.

Also, there is one more thing I just thought you should know and Joette’s listeners should know is about alternative healthcare companies. It’s not exactly a healthcare company. They’re called health sharing. So, it’s basically finding a way to pay for your medical bills, should you need them. So, you’re sharing among other members the cost. It’s a totally different model. It exempts you from Obamacare if you signed up for them. There’s a big one called Good Samaritan Ministries, I think. But there are some that are kind of Christian related and there are some that are not so much. It’s just an interesting thing to look into especially if some people don’t even have health insurance. Anyway, I think it’s great for families who like us, who have means to address common illnesses and they’re not rushing to the doctor for every little thing. It’s just a really great backup.

Then also, sometimes I kind of fibbed to my doctor when I need to get some labs done that I’m worried that he or she may not want to do. This is before I have the doctor that I have now. But I remember when I had strep throat and I got really sick from it. Obviously, the first time the strep throat came back positive and it was my big experience with homeopathy. I wanted to know if the strep was really gone or if it was just asymptomatic. Like if my symptoms were better but the strep is still there. So, I went to my doctor. I knew. I knew that the doctor at that time would not do the labs for me. I said, “Oh, I’m having really painful sore throat,” which wasn’t true. “I had strep recently. Could you swab again?” Kind of a fib but it’s okay, right?

Tina:  Isn’t it terrible that they paint you in their corner that you have to do that?

Paola:  You got to do what you got to do.

Tina:  I know.

Paola:  I know, so it’s no fun. So tell us Tina, which courses have you taken of Joette’s?

Joette’s Courses

Tina:  Well, the Good Gut, Bad Gut course, Feminopathy, I’ve taken those courses. I buy absolutely every book and any journal or anything she recommends. But those are the two courses that I’ve taken so far.

Paola:  I called the Good Gut, Bad Gut course, Joette’s flagship course. It’s really a great introduction to chronic health issues in general. But you have not taken Allergic then.

Tina:  No, because sadly, it was in October, right? I have a daughter that has two toddlers who needed a knee replacement. I was caring for the kids and then the holidays and we were travelling. I wanted to so badly because there’s nothing like going through the course. It’s wonderful to have backup information or to be able to get online and read about it and engage in it later. But to do the one on one, you get so much more out of it. I missed that.

Paola:  Right. You mean the live one?

Tina:  Yes, the live one, yes. Anytime you get an opportunity to sit live with Joette Calabrese, drop everything and do it.

Paola:  You’re right. I couldn’t agree with you more. She knows.

Tina:  She’s a wealth of knowledge. What she had done to dedicate the last three decades or more into homeopathy and to be travelling to the other side of the world to educate herself further to bring back to us is immeasurable. I had incredible respect and I’m so proud of her.

Paola:  Yes, I agree. We are very lucky. What she has done for just America and the people that have access to her thing. So the internet, I agree, has been such a blessing. It changed a lot of lives for sure.

Tina:  Yes.

Paola:  So, we don’t have a lot of time left but I did want to ask you if you’ve had any success helping other people because that’s really what Moms with Moxie is about too is blessing the lives of those around you. Anyone who you mother or who you have access to nurturing and helping. So tell us about that.

Sharing homeopathy with others

Tina:  Well, I have a large family and a large group of friends. People are hearing me. I was in the hospital three times in three months and inquiring and asking questions. So now, all of a sudden, I have the attention of those around me that have medical issues. I have a grandson who’s nine years old that has been diagnosed with ADHD. The teachers are telling my daughter he needs to go on Ritalin or something to help him focus. My daughter desperately did not want him on Ritalin because she’s heard so many horror stories about these kids that lose their personalities and they’re like not engaged anymore. She just didn’t want that for her son. So, she asked what we could with homeopathy. Fortunately, we were able to get him in with Joette.

It was a really critical timing for him because he was in third grade at that time. You have to pass three state tests throughout the year to be able to go on to the fourth grade. He had flunked the first two and he was getting ready to take the third. So, all of a sudden, it’s very important for him to pass. We put him on the remedy for ADHD for focusing. He took the state exam. He passed that state exam. He was in the slow reading group in third grade. He passes the state exam. He goes on to fourth grade. He has a B in reading now.

Paola:  Wow. That’s amazing.

Tina:  His personality has blossomed. The teachers adore him. They say that he’s the sweetest thing, that he helps all the other students, that he’s not a zombie like those that are taking synthetic drugs. Now, they’re inquiring about it. What did you put this kid on? I have teachers that are saying, “My mom has this condition. My sister has that condition. What can you do for my family?” So now, they’re inquiring with me about this home study course.

Paola:  The study group class, good.

Tina:  I have a granddaughter who was three month’s old. My daughter called me crying out of control one night because she had labored breathing. She took her into the doctor’s office. The doctor said there’s nothing they can do for her. Go home. She’ll be fine. It got worse throughout the evening. So, with consulting with Joette, we found a breathing treatment for her. Within three months’ time, her conditions are all settled. She appears to be a normal, healthy baby again.

Paola:  So, you did a homeopathic protocol for her and no more late night calls from your daughter crying, freaking out because your granddaughter can’t breathe?

Tina:  Exactly.

Paola:  That’s amazing. Kids tend to respond a little bit, not always but they tend to respond a little quicker than adults. For your grandson with the ADHD, what was that situation like? How long?

Tina:  Immediate. I mean Joette nailed it. It was an immediate reaction. The child just became calmer and more focused within a week’s time.

Paola:  That’s amazing. That’s not always what happens but it happens.

Tina:  Yes, but it happens. She has said to me before that sometimes the most severe symptoms have the quickest correction.

Paola:  That’s true.

Tina:  If you nailed that remedy the first time. With him, we did. Now, he’s playing basketball. He’s into karate. It’s just he’s a different boy. He’s happy. He’s settled. It makes me want to cry.

Paola:  I know.

Tina:  To know that I had a positive impact in his DNA.

Paola:  Right, right.

Tina:  And the rest of his life.

Paola:  That is the legacy that we, moms with moxie, are hoping to have, that kind of a legacy for our family instead of being remembered for oh your grandma had really bad allergies. That’s where you get it from.

Tina:  Yes, and you just settle for it. I will say, it’s very frustrating at times because not everybody buys into it in the family. Some people think it’s a placebo. They just, “How can this little white pill have such a massive impact in such a short period of time.” So that can be quite frustrating sometimes.

Paola:  Yes, that is frustrating. You can’t blame them to some degree because sometimes it comes too easily to them, the struggle that you went through, the stress, the anxiety, the sorrow with your health. Joette has said, you need to get through the eye of the needle, basically gone through hell and back to figure out what you figured out. Now, you value it. Sometimes if it comes too easily, you just sometimes don’t appreciate it.

Tina:  Yes, you forget how serious it was when it’s corrected so easily. All I can tell people is I know what I’ve been through. I know that I used to be a healthy professional. I used to average six fights a week. I mean I was out in the world and I was making things happen. Now, all of a sudden, I’m shriveled up and I’m out of control and I’m waiting to die to being alive and healthy and in control again. That’s all I can tell you. I will never doubt for a moment that homeopathy did not correct, I don’t know if it’s correcting the flora in my gut. That’s what I suspect.

Paola:  Right. It’s very possible.

Tina:  It’s enabled me.

Paola:  We don’t know exactly but whatever it is.

Tina:  Yes.

Paola:  Then tell us about your granddaughter real quick. She had chronic illness all the time and had the breathing struggle. How long before she really turned around?

Tina:  She was just a baby. We didn’t know how much was a normal from her big sister brining home coughs and things from preschool. But within a three month period of time, she was not having the labored breathing issues that kept my daughter up at night calling me, crying, running her to the doctor, pleading for help. She hasn’t had that in well over a year now. Those days are gone, right about three months.

Paola:  Three months, very good, three months, very good, wonderful.

Tina:  My husband -.

Paola:  Yes, tell us about him.

Tina:  He has terrible food issues or had terrible food issues. We would have to come home directly after a meal in a restaurant because his stomach was so upset. Now, he knows immediately Nux vomica.

Paola:  Done.

Tina:  If he gets a headache, Belladonna; or if he gets the cracked skin in the winter months that are so painful and bleed on his fingernails, he knows Petroleum. When he gets poison ivy gardening out in the yard, he is a mentor to inner city kids. He does a lot of it through gardening and basketball. This is how he engages them. He teaches them work ethics and teamwork and commitment and dedication. We had a young guy that was working in the yard with my husband. He had terrible allergies to everything out in the yard. He came in the house and was covered in poison ivy, all up and down his forearms. I immediately gave him the Anacardium. He took that immediately and within 20 minutes, it was gone. I got to tell you. I used to get poison ivy so badly. I’d have it for eight weeks and it would literally drip from my arm. It was so bad. It was embarrassing. You couldn’t cover it up. You couldn’t go out in public. You couldn’t itch it. I mean it was horrible. This boy was relieved within 20 minutes of taking it. My husband, same thing. I’ll never know because I don’t get it anymore.

Paola:  That’s amazing.

Tina:  My homeopathy has eradicated that for me.

Paola:  Wow. Some people are sensitive to poison ivy and some people can touch it and they don’t get sick, a rash or whatever.

Tina:  Yes. Well, I’m here to tell you that this will take care of it within 20 minutes. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. So this boy’s mom is now calling me. What do you have for this thing? What do you have for that?

Paola:  I love it.

Tina:  Yes.

Paola:  That’s amazing. That’s what Joette says. You want people to know about this. You want to share it.

Tina:  Hey, I read articles in the newspaper. I read how these lovely people are out helping others, yet they can’t do it anymore because of these health issues. I want to get their name and their phone number and call them and say, “All you have to do is do this.” It’s really hard not to reach out to strangers and say, “You don’t have to be suffering. I’ve walked down that road. This is what improved my life.” I want to just yell it to the world.

Paola:  I know. I joke all the time. It’s like being a homeopathy missionary.

Tina:  Yes, definitely. I want that to be my legacy. I have bought every kit that Joette has offered and bought it for my children and left some to my grandkids.

Paola:  Oh my gosh.

Tina:  That’s really how – because I believe, I know that back in the 1940s, homeopathy was a normal practice in the United States. Big pharma had the funding stopped for homeopathy. That’s when it died in the United States. It is widely used around the world. The queen of England takes it. The pope takes it. I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to beat big pharma. So I’m just trying to scarf up as much of it as I can for those around me that are in desperate need.

Paola:  Yes, to be prepared. I own four kits, going on five and lots and lots of single remedies. You’re right.

Tina:  It doesn’t go bad. You can’t go wrong. You never know what life you’re going to be able to change with it. It’s all good.

Paola:  Exactly. So, in closing, I know you wanted me to ask you this question. How do you feel about Joette? What do you think of Joette?

Tina:  She’s an angel on earth. I recommend to any listener that any opportunity you get to listen to Joette Calabrese, you just stop what you’re doing and you pay attention. Anything that she posts on her website, any email that you’re fortunate enough to get from her staff, you print it out. You keep it. You share it. Be grateful and treat it with respect because she has a movement that is going across this nation that is going to free us from big pharma and solve these health issues that are life threatening, that we are told by mainstream that there is no cure. That’s not the truth. I’m living proof of it. I just hope to God that she continues to get the blessing of the internet so that we can get the word out. We can learn from one another under her umbrella and take it seriously. She really is a gift from God and the movement is real.

Paola:  That is a wonderful testimony. I don’t think Joette could get it from a better person. So you do, you make it sound like, you know what it is, so great. It’s like the emancipation of health, really. Well, thank you so much for being with us, Tina. You’re delightful. I love to hear your stories and your experiences. I’m so glad you found homeopathy and Joette.

Tina:  Well, I did. I couldn’t be more grateful. I couldn’t have more respect. I am delighted to share my story. I hope it helps.

Paola:  Thank you.

Tina:  Thank you.

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