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Prenatal Preparation with Homeopathy: The Best Gift You Could Give!

Lisa Rosario 21

At this joyous time of year, I’m reminded of some of the best gifts we are given in life: our children.  Did you know that there is a homeopathic protocol that can be followed during pregnancy to give the gift of robust health to your unborn child?

The best part?  This prenatal plan uses homeopathic cell salts that you can simply dissolve in water and take with you anywhere.  Plus, they’re inexpensive and give your body the easily assimilated minerals it needs at this crucial time without resorting to the artificial nutrients found in commercial prenatal vitamins.

The following schedule should be adhered to for the duration of the pregnancy and the protocol for the last month continued for as long as the baby nurses.

Recommended Monthly Program:

Month 1: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Ferr phos 6x

Month 2: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x Ferr phos 6x

Month 3: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Nat mur 6x

Month 4: Calc fluor 6x, Nat mur 6x, Silica 6x

Month 5: Calc fluor 6x, Ferr phos 6x, Silica 6x

Month 6: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Ferr phos 6x

Month 7: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Nat mur 6x

Month 8: Calc fluor 6x, Nat mur 6x, Silica 6x

Month 9: Calc fluor 6x, Ferr phos 6x, Silica 6x

Take three to four pills of each remedy assigned for the month three times each day.  Alternatively, you can dissolve the pellets in four ounces of water and take a sip of this preparation three times a day.

Just like higher potency homeopathic remedies, cell salts (sometimes called tissue salts or Biochemic homeopathy) are prepared in highly diluted dosages. This gives them a greater ability to work. Cell salts are readily available in most health food and some grocery stores and are very inexpensive.

Having considered the above, it needs mention that no amount of cell salts will substitute for a diet of wholesome and nutrient-dense foods. So, I recommend that nutrients be obtained from “Super Foods,” those that have been eaten throughout the ages in preparation for and during pregnancy. They are full-fat cheese, full-fat yogurt, and loads of butter on all vegetables, and unprocessed meats, especially liver and other organ meats.  Eggs from pastured chickens are a valuable source of the omega 3 fatty acids  your baby needs for brain development.

This is the most crucial time in your baby’s life. It is also the best time for constitutional homeopathic care, as both mother and child are treated as one. Homeopathy has no side effects and will not interfere with any other meds, although meds are an especially unwise choice at this time. Homeopathy and high-end nutrition is fully safe for mother and child from the time of conception up to and including the birth.


To learn more about homeopathy and pregnancy, check out my Feminopathy course and read the testimonials of other women who have been helped by my Practical Homeopathy methods, click here.

Who Else Loved the Weston Price Conference in Santa Clara?

Here's a note about my recent speaking engagement at the Weston A. Price conference written by my wonderful husband Perry:

Five hundred plus cheering attendees joined Joette’s presentation at the Santa Clara conference (standing room only!). The enthusiasm for her message of treating your family yourself was contagious.


The more than 1700 in attendance and the food remained pure and true to Dr. Price’s ideals.


Our booth was frequently three people deep, with loads of questions on how to get started.  Our two sons, staff member Aimee,  Joette and I were busy answering questions on homeopathy from the moment the doors opened until the closing ceremonies.


We've come away with new friends, lots of names submitted for the Hyland’s Household Kit raffle and orders for CDs and kits to be shipped all over the world. It was a blast!


If you've been following our Facebook page and Twitter feeds, you've seen our photographs and followed the memes.


Clearly we touched a subject that has an ardent following.


Let’s stay in touch. As I write this, Joette and her staff are authoring new courses and ways to make learning homeopathy easier.


A standing room only attendance to hear Joette


Joette tells the story of her own recovery.


 Hey, Mom, isn’t that the remedy that got rid of my ear infection?


Joette sizzling between 2 strips of crispy bacon!

Homeopathy for Home Dental Care

Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH,RSHom
Published in Wise Traditions, Winter 2011, “Homeopathy for Home Dental Care”

wtw2011Margo is a delicate ten-year-old girl with a history of dental problems. However, it’s not Margo who suffers the most from this troubling legacy; it’s her mom. Even though Margo has been the dental patient, it is her mother who bears the painful realization that she has made unfortunate decisions in Margo’s dental health care. Mrs. Winski endures the ongoing pain of disillusionment in modern medicine.

It felt like a defeat on the battlefront to Mrs. Winski ever since she finally understood that she had chosen the wrong dentist and permitted her daughter to be subjected to what she now calls “archaic” medical measures. Amalgam fillings, antibiotics for a repeated gum boil, general anesthesia because of Margo’s overwhelming anxiety, and powerful painkillers were all used without much thought of their consequences. Yet the heaviest burden of guilt that Mrs. Winski bore was the fact that Margo’s dental problems took years to resolve, plus she developed food sensitivities as well as additional cavities after the last dental visit two years ago. Not unlike other mothers, she’s hard on herself.


Advancing her mothering homework, however, which she now takes more seriously, Mrs. Winski learned that not only might homeopathy have helped heal her daughter's dental infections, but likely could have allayed Margo’s fears and anxiety, and perhaps even helped to prevent future dental caries.

The silver lining in this story (pun intended) is that now Margo’s mom has become shrewd at finding the proper remedies for her child. First she bought a few homeopathy books, then attended a seminar and also met on the phone with a homeopath, but much of what she’s learned has been a direct result of her tenacious search for answers. Once Mrs. Winski decided on a plan of action, her strategies were rewarded with Margo’s improved dental health. Margo's teeth no longer readily showed decay, abscesses healed and never resurfaced, and her child became calm during dental visits. Here is the protocol Margo’s mom implemented:

• The first choice she made was to incorporate Calc phos 6x and Calc fluor 12x. These remedies are part of a special category of homeopathy called cell salts or tissue salts. They have a reputation for building bones and teeth. The family initiated a program of dissolving four pills of each in four ounces of water. Margo learned that she was to take a sip (about one teaspoon) three times every day. Of course, she also initiated dietary improvements, taking her daily bone broth and raw milk kefir. • Now that Margo only visits a holistic dentist she will no longer receive amalgam fillings, and ifthe dentist must drill, Margo often doesn’t even need a local anesthetic. The potential pain is lessened by her mom’s strategy of using Hypericum just before entering the dental chair. • Margo’s anxiety no longer appears to show itself thanks to the remedy Aconitum. Her mom gives her a dose the night before the dental visit, the morning of the visit, and finally just before entering the office. • Mrs. Winski learned that Nux vomica 30, administered twice daily for one week helped with Margo’s ensuing gastrointestinal problems. Mrs. Winski believes the problems were brought on by the use of antibiotics. Nux vomica abolished stomach pains, newly acquired food intolerances and sleeplessness, and was crucial to Margo’s well being because it allowed her body to heal from the destruction of gut microorganisms.

It’s been two years since the new dental approach has been implemented in the Winski household. After years of caries, Margo has not had another since the time the family instituted their program. The abscesses never returned despite the previous antibiotic mistakes and Margo can even have wheat on occasion without regrets. But it’s that terrible anxiety and fear that she used to feel—now barely a memory—that makes this story end with a holistic smile.

Medicine ought to be our work horse, not oblige us to suffer through side effects and suppression of symptoms, only to have illness return once the body yields to the drug. Homeopathy is a medicine that belongs in the hands of mothers and others. It will not take the place of highly skilled holistic dentistry, but is a vital adjunct and may even save trips to the dentist’s office.


It goes without saying that homeopathic remedies are unique in that they carry a big punch but are what I like to call “the polite medicine” as they carry no side effects. How great is that? Medicine that works and is also safe! It is crucial, however, that the correct remedy, potency and frequency be administered, otherwise the result may be less than desirable. I have included as much as I can so that you may proceed at home with some confidence, but when I don’t mention the potency, (the number and letter after the remedy name) it is because a more thorough understanding of this science is required in relation to the person receiving the dose. In that case I urge you to contact a homeopath or make a point of studying posology (the study of dosages) in greater detail.

If you decide to learn only two remedies to begin your homeopathy dental journey, here are the most important:


This remedy is often the first studied by students of homeopathy and is the exemplary go-to choice for trauma. If used in a low potency, such as 30C, it can help the sufferer in a rather modest way; however it becomes a powerhouse when used in a higher potency, such as 200 and above. As I caution my students, however, if you intend to use higher potencies, you need to strictly adhere to the rules of homeopathy and gain some sound experience with this medicine or contact your homeopath. The practice of using Arnica 200C is now so common in dentists' and surgeons' offices in the U.S. that local newspapers are reporting the phenomenon. This is the protocol I teach my students. Offer the remedy morning and night on the day before surgery. Then repeat the morning of and just before entering the chair. Arnica is used to prevent infection, minimize shock to the system, reduce swelling, suppress hemorrhage, and often calm the patient. This protocol is repeated as soon as possible after surgery and administered every 2-3 hours from that time, then repeated as often as required to eliminate pain. If pain is persistent, dose more frequently, perhaps every hour or two.


I’m reminded of the time when a tooth filled over thirty years ago finally gave way and cracked. The fracture had disturbed the integrity of the structure and the tooth had to be extracted. While in the chair, the dentist also discovered a small abscess on the bone. He removed the ligament and scraped the bone so that the infection wouldn’t spread. No problem. No pain. . . well, until the local anesthetic wore off. Then the pain was beyond anything I had ever endured. I went, no, danced about in pain, to my homeopathy chest and sought out Hypericum 200. I knew a 30 potency would do nothing because of the severity of discomfort. In fact I should have begun with an even higher potency, but I wasn’t thinking very well at the time. Pain can cloud acumen. I won’t tell you what potency I used because it was so high that it is necessary to have quite a good deal of expertise in using it. I will share, however, that as long as I used that high potency of Hypericum every few minutes or so, the pain was gone within an hour! When it returned, I repeated the dosage. Within the first twenty-four hours, I took a dose every fifteen minutes. After that, I was able to reduce the time to every one to two hours. By the second day, the need was only occasional. I was able to conquer the pain from this surgery without anything but a reliance on my bottle of Hypericum.

Hypericum is for extreme pain, particularly when a nerve is injured. The more extreme the nerve pain, the more specific Hypericum becomes. Hypericum also helps deter infection and calm the nerves. No antibiotics, no pain relievers and no Valium. The cost of my bottle was twenty-two dollars, and I still have enough should someone else in my family experience severe nerve pain.

Maniac Mom

Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH,RSHom
Published in Wise Traditions, Spring 2011, “Maniac Mom”

wtsp2011“Mom! Mom! Stop driving so fast. You’re scaring us!” The van was bobbing and weaving in the late afternoon traffic. Colleen, the driver, was on the verge of cutting off the Jeep ahead because he just wouldn’t yield. She hollered out the window, “I’ve got a roast in the oven that will soon be nothing but char, an orthodontist appointment at seven, and those insipid cookies to bake for tomorrow’s meeting. What the #!%#* are you doing ahead of me?”

One hand grasped the wheel; the other clutched her fourth latte of the day.

“Mom, I know you’re overwhelmed, but you’re going to get us all killed,” breathed the voice of reason from the back seat. It was Colleen’s fourteen-year-old who always saw things clearly. “Overwhelmed?!! Overwhelmed?!! That’s an understatement!”

Ever since Colleen had returned to her old decorative painting business, she found herself forever in a rush, bad tempered and argumentative. With four kids, how did she think she was going to run a business too? But that wasn’t all. She awoke every night at 3:00 a.m. to plaguing thoughts that were like a virus scan on a computer, going over every detail of the herculean list of tasks the following day. “This is maddening. I can’t even get a good night’s sleep! What’s the point of staying in bed?” She’d lug herself up and do some bookkeeping or laundry done.

And so was the life of Colleen Ewens. She knew her fits of anger were inexcusable for her kids to witness, particularly because she sensed her cursing had become a second language. But it seemed her increasingly toxic, even derisive thoughts were beyond her control. Finally, after some persuasion from her business partner, Colleen sought the help of a homeopath. Her friend had probably noticed the impolite tone of Colleen’s voice when she spoke to someone at the bank, to clients, and to her own children. Her combative approach was relentless.

Colleen’s homeopathy appointment was scheduled on Skype, but not without Colleen cussing at her computer to get the connection set up just prior to her appointment. As usual, she was late and annoyed. Unfortunately, or perhaps providentially, the homeopath was already on the line and witnessed Colleen’s mini, self-indulgent tantrum.

“Hi, Colleen” said the homeopath. She actually sounded empathetic. But Colleen’s reply was barbed. “How irritating. Did you just witness my behavior? Well, that puts it all on the table, now doesn’t it? Here’s the rest of my list: I eat too much, get nauseated with cramping in my right abdomen regularly, I’m exhausted every day, can’t sleep, work too hard, and take antibiotics like candy for my urinary tract infections. Oh, and add this in, too: I don’t believe for one bloody minute that you can do a thing about any of this. But what have I got to lose?”

The homeopath was nonplussed. Her first inquiry was to ask Colleen about her work. “Certainly, I paint with toxic stuff. It’s the only way to achieve the look I’m known for. In addition to oil-based paints for durability, I also use gold and silver leaf, and then shellac to give an aged look. I see where you’re going here. Don’t for a moment suggest that I give this all up because of toxins. I can handle it.”

The body has only so many reserves, is the way the homeopath explained it. It wasn’t only the paints and related products, but also the antibiotics, not to mention the years of birth control pills. “How many toxins can the liver and other organs of elimination take in without showing signs of breakdown?” she asked rhetorically. Further, when the liver is stressed by these unnatural substances, what we often see is an inability to handle life, resulting in irritability, fatigue, insomnia and more. In fact, three a.m. is the most common time for the liver to process all of this stress, so it’s not unusual to wake up at that time when the liver is so active.

The homeopath explained that in the medicine of homeopathy, we don’t use a remedy for each of these symptoms, but rather for the summation of all of them. Colleen’s symptoms were likely a representation of the toxicity of her liver, particularly because of the tenderness in the right quadrant. The remedy she chose was Nux vomica, which is known for its ability to soothe a stressed liver and all signs that accompany that condition. Colleen found this explanation annoying because she was confident that nothing was going to change. But she took the “stupid little pills” anyway, just to prove the homeopath wrong.

But it was Colleen who was proved wrong. Yet after having taken Nux vomica for several weeks, it didn’t even make her angry to admit that she was wrong. This was a lesson in humility. She even smiled on the Skype screen when she reported the changes to the homeopath two months later. Her flagship sarcasm was appreciably missing.

Perhaps she felt better because she was no longer waking at three a.m. and was therefore sleeping better; perhaps because she had lost a few pounds since her appetite had normalized. But whatever the reason, she felt lighter and happier. She even made an acquiescing and smart decision to work only with milk paints on her jobs. Oddly enough, her clients had been complaining about the chemical odors anyway, but she hadn’t cared enough to make the change in the past, delighting in showing them who was boss. Now, with this new approach, she was willing to accommodate other points of view.

Even the constipation she’d forgotten to mention to the homeopath during her first consultation had vanished. And so far, no urinary tract issues had returned.

“What happened to the abdominal pains I used to get? Do you think my liver might have been inflamed?” The homeopath answered that the liver certainly was taxed, but once the symptoms are no longer present—not because they’ve been masked, but because the pathology has been addressed—we can assume that what was wrong has been righted. Symptoms that are unencumbered by drugs never lie. If you feel well, you probably are. Even so-called “silent killer” maladies manifest symptoms that can be discerned by an expert in such details. And that’s what homeopathy is known to accomplish: by rooting out the most detailed symptoms so as to disclose all that must be considered, the homeopath can match them to the corresponding homeopathic remedy.

The most striking aspect of Colleen’s recovery manifested in her attitude towards her kids. She barely reacted to the bickering and the messy bedrooms that would have sent her into a rage previously. One day her fourteen-year-old felt safe enough to speak out, “Hey, Mom, remember the time you whacked the car ahead and then the one behind, back and forth to get out of that parking spot, cursing the whole time? You were Maniac Mom.”

Colleen muttered, “I was a maniac.” And that’s when she knew how venomous she had felt before, compared to how different her life was now, only three months later. Small homeopathic pills had stimulated and then transformed Colleen, the Manic Mom, and had painted a new mother in a softer hue. Now she colored herself Colleen, mom and artist. Her combative days were washed away like milk paint from a fine, mink brush.


Homeopathy treats the entire person, not just the liver, not just the brain. That’s why it’s always paramount that the chosen remedy represent the person’s unique personality. And Colleen’s certainly was one to be reckoned with! The remedy also needs to address the chief complaints, which in Colleen’s case were insomnia, fatigue and repeated urinary tract infections. Peripheral symptoms such as abdominal tenderness and nausea needed consideration, as well as the keynote of most cases of liver toxicity, the psychological symptoms. These, of course, included Colleen’s compulsion to profanity plus her angry outbursts and impetuosity. The liver is one of four major organs that eliminate toxins from the body. The other three are the kidneys, intestinal tract, and skin. The liver detoxifies harmful substances whether they come from internal sources or from external sources—such as medications, synthetic hormones, chemicals, and so on. Colleen had been poisoned on three levels. First was the use of antibiotics that tinkered with, but never resolved, her infections, as well as the strong hormones in her birth control pills. Her second level of chemical exposure came from the paint products used in her work, and the third was in her overuse of stimulants in the form of copious amounts of coffee. Colleen’s life was one of constant compensation for inadequacies in one way or another, and it is no wonder her liver was overworked and toxic.

Nux vomica was an excellent remedy choice for Colleen. Since its scientific proving from the early 1800s it has been shown to uproot the problems that occur from poisoning. In fact, many homeopaths find that since we live in such a toxic world, particularly in relation to the amount of medications we’ve been subjected to, Nux vomica is a good choice with which to “open” many a case. Indeed, the interpretation could be that the liver is taxed. Nux vomica is a leading remedy in hepatitis, either infectious or alcoholic conditions, as well as for chemical sensitivities. Yet Nux vomica is also of great aid in poisonings of other sorts, such as from spoiled food, MSG, street drugs, and alcohol. The trick is how and when to administer the remedy and to be certain that the symptoms the person is suffering match the remedy to a tee.

According to Dr. Roger Morrison, “Nux vomica is useful for liver disease with fatigue and mental strain.” Franz Vermeulen says, “When ‘all medicines’ disagree, Nux vomica will often cure the morbid sensitiveness and other troubles with it.” These are the kind of results that some have come to only hope for in today’s world. Yet homeopathy has been shown consistently to uproot liver ailments, regardless of cause as long as the symptoms address those in the remedy picture.

As a mother of teenage sons, I’ve warned my boys that if we ever learn that they drink alcohol illegally I will not give them the remedy that will save them from a hangover. It’s a mother’s way of making sure that their livers remind them of the dangers, rather than depending upon relief through a kindly remedy. That’s how powerful a remedy I know Nux vomica to be. I know that withholding Nux vomica from a teen exhibiting reckless behavior will teach him a timely lesson, and when used for liver toxicity truly beyond his control it will act like an answered prayer. Whether to assist an overwrought mother who has mistakenly accepted a drug-for-every-ill mentality, or for inadvertent toxicity, Nux vomica can offer a welcome second chance to clear the liver. Is there any other medicine that can offer such an opportunity?

SOURCES: Concordant Materia Medica, Vermeulen, Phatak, Boger, Pille, Allen, Pulford, Cowperthwaite, Kent, Clarke Vermeulen: Merlijin Publishers, Haarlem, the Netherlands, 1994, page 716; Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology, Morrison, Roger, M.D. Hahnemann

Clinic Publishing: Nevada City, California, 1998, page 261.

Psychiatric Skin

Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH,RSHom
Published in Wise Traditions, Fall 2010, “Psychiatric Skin”

wtf2010Marley MacAfee has doe eyes and a temperament to be reckoned with. Some might politely say she’s spirited. But may I be frank? Marley has been known to have violent tantrums and can be a destructive drama queen. We’re not talking about little anger fits, we’re referring to slash-and-burn behavior—the kind of rage that would be grounds for neighbors to call the police. And Marley’s only twelve!

But as her parents hasten to say, she wasn’t always this way. Her mom can’t help but turn this over and over in her mind as to what happened to her little girl. Indeed, she always had a temper, but the rage had lately become pathological. And, as if that weren’t enough, Marley began experiencing despair during which she would hole up in her room for days.

Let’s examine the timeline in Marley’s life that led to her emotional illness. One clue is that around the time Marley became ardently aware of her appearance, things shifted in her conduct. She was embarrassed by her skin because she had always been plagued with eczema. Her mom thought that perhaps Marley was the target of ridicule at school because of her often disfigured skin. Yet, even that hypothesis didn’t fit snugly because Marley seemed to have a lot of friends… up until she started her enraged hysterics. No one seemed safe from Marley’s venomous temper.

And so because of all this, in spite of Mrs. MacAfee’s natural health standards, she took Marley to a dermatologist. Predictably, he prescribed steroid cream. The MacAfees had avoided such resorts because they knew of the reputed long term effects. But within short order after consenting to the cream, Marley’s skin was clear for the first time in her short life. A temporary sense of relief visited the MacAfee household.

However, instead of being satisfied with this improvement, shortly after the skin fix Marley began to exhibit fierce fits of anger. Her parents chalked it up to her burgeoning hormones yet it didn’t matter what time of the month it was. . . Marley was increasingly more demanding, fractious and recalcitrant.

One afternoon Marley’s aunt witnessed a disturbing incident at school. There to take her niece shopping for new shoes, she found Marley screaming at the top of her lungs while biting, kicking and spitting at a small group of younger children. She hated to report what she saw but knew it was important for Marley’s mom to know. And then she hung her head and sadly added, “She’s not right; she ought to see a psychiatrist.” Humiliated and troubled, Marley’s mom had to agree with the assessment but hesitated, since, “All they do is hand out more drugs.”

So, it was only out of desperation and her persevering temperament that Mrs. MacAfee beganto read the medical books that her grandfather, a homeopathic physician from England, had left in his library. The revered old books presented a kind of reasoning that no one else offered. One elegant, leather-bound tome contained a chapter on behavior in which two sentences rang like heralding bells of truth. The first read: “Removal of local symptoms results in a heightening of the whole disease.” The second: “Almost all mental and emotional diseases are one-sided diseases in which the somatic symptoms have diminished and the mental and emotional symptoms have heightened.”

What?! She scrutinized the passages again and again, pulling each word apart. The dermatologist had said Marley’s skin was cured; in other words, the skin appeared improved, but according to this medical text, the illness was driven to a deeper state. Were Marley’s skin eruptions removed only to be replaced by a deepening of this vile conduct? Could that be the reason for the behavioral problems? Mrs. MacAfee’s next thought was, “My God! What have we done?”

She had known that all drugs carry side effects, but to think that this could happen to her daughter and, as Dr. Hahnemann stated in his books, that it was predictable, was an astounding epiphany. If indeed the drug had driven the illness to a deeper state, then it would make sense to halt its use immediately. As she read on, Hahnemann elaborated, “Homeopathic treatments can produce rapid and striking results in cases of mental and emotional disease.” “That’s it!” she declared, “I’m going to contact that homeopath mom uses on the East Coast.”

The phone appointment went just as Marley’s mom had hoped. Since Marley was already off the steroids by this time, they had a clean slate to work with. The homeopath reiterated what Dr. Hahnemann had written in his ground-breaking treatise on homeopathic medicine and quoted another statement that also rang true. “Violent allopathic means produce other maladies.” Violent? The homeopath explained that anything that forces pathology to change direction by tinkering with the symptoms is considered violent because, “All medicines alter the mental and emotional state, each in a different way.”

The homeopath assured Mrs. MacAfee that if the remedy she chose specifically for Marley was indeed well selected, she could expect changes within a few weeks, but the eczema would likely return. That would be cause for celebration, for as the eruptions returned, the behavior would subside and the old Marley would resurface. Then, and only then, could homeopathy offer the correct stimulus that would allow the skin eruptions to disband.

The first remedy the homeopath chose was Nux vomica. She explained that another remedy would need to follow it within a few weeks to continue the work after Nux vomica’s action was complete.

Just as expected, Marley’s skin did indeed worsen. In fact, it become more prominent than ever, with pustules that enveloped her jaw line. It wasn’t easy to witness this development, but Mrs. MacAfee held steadfast, even with Marley’s protests. Yet the child seemed to comprehend the importance of this crucial step. In the scheme of things it was certainly better than emotional illness. And as much as they wanted to put soothing emollients on Marley’s skin, the old bookand homeopath concurred: “Put nothing on it and allow it to liberate the pathology.”

In the meantime Marley’s complaints became mere whispers in comparison to her earlier outrages. It took about five weeks before her former behavior moderated.

On one occasion only, after the family had returned home from church, Marley threw a spitting fit on the front lawn that was quite embarrassing. Her father took her firmly to her room while her mother made feeble apologies to the neighbors. But this outburst was the last time Marley MacAfee acted like an out-of-control, frenzied, inept child.

After the second consultation with their homeopath, Causticum was chosen. A month later, the last vestiges of Marley’s eczema disappeared. Like a choreographed pas de deux of the intellect and the corporeal, the human body displayed its harmonious response to intelligent prescribing.

Now Marley is free of skin ailments, liberated from the burdens of emotional illness, and her family is able to proudly attend any event.

And too, Mrs. MacAfee is a more learned mom. She recognizes firsthand that it’s not the side effects of drugs that are the scoundrels, but the fact that the drugs drive illness to a deepened state, and this is the seed of chronic physical and even mental illness. Marley and her family are more convinced than ever that they will remain drug free.


When we remove the signs of illness, such as skin eruptions, we will be obliged to suffer a more serious illness. The word “symptom” in Latin means “sign.” Hence symptoms are merely the outward manifestations of a more deeply seated imbalance. Had Marley’s mom used homeopathy to uproot her eczema from the outset, or given her high-density nutrition to support it, the eczematous skin might well have only been a brief, vague memory. It’s the tampering of symptoms of a lesser illness that brings pathology to a thunderous and more serious state. Isn’t the logic of nature flawless?

The treatise of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann—the Father of Homeopathy—is still taught in homeopathic medical schools throughout the world, and is the reference in which Marley’s mom made her discovery. The Organon of the Medical Art stands as a beacon of light directing great medical minds towards an understanding of genuine human health. This book and its previous editions were written in German nearly two hundred years ago, so I reference an annotated edition by Wendy Brewster O’Reilly, PhD. The numbers after each statement indicate the interpreted aphorisms. Here are some of the aphorisms Marley’s mom studied:

  • “Removal of local symptoms results in a heightening of the whole disease”(202).
  • “Removal of local symptoms is a common practice of the old school [modern medicine]
    because their internal medicines do not cure” (203).
  • “All medicines alter the mental and emotional state, each in a different way” (212).
  • “Violent allopathic means [drugs] produce other maladies” (38).
  • “Find out about the patient’s somatic disease before it degenerates into a mental and
    emotional disease” (218).
  • “Homeopathic treatments can produce rapid and striking results in cases of mental and
    emotional disease” (230).

It is noteworthy to observe that Hahnemann’s work is not mere theory but reflects proven laws of human health. These truths have been proven in hospitals, university research, clinics and private practices around the globe. Homeopathy is honored by history, science and a proud standing in the world community of medicine.

Magic Metal; Mercury Poisoning and Homeopathy

Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH,RSHom
Published in Wise Traditions, Summer 2008, “Toxic Metals”

WTsu2008We formed a circle on the kindergarten floor awaiting our teacher's attention. Miss Miller's “show and tells” were the best. She explained that we were to learn about a special liquid metal called mercury. The small silver balls were passed around for us to play with on the linoleum floor. At five years old everything is magical.

The innocence of the 1950's still plagues us. Today, hard science warns us of the dangers of mercury. Presently, given our contemporary climate, if a teacher were to expose children to mercury, she might be subject to the wrath of parents and school board and sited by the DEC. Hardly magical any more.

What of those of us who had been exposed to mercury half a century ago? And those who have suffered its mishchief on a day to day basis via dental amalgams? Consider a medical method that has a world wide reputation with a proven record: homeopathy. Homeopathy has dealt with mercury poisoning and the likes for the last 200 years.

Homeopathy is an intelligent form of medicine that treats the person as an individual. Unlike modern medicine that treats symptoms, homeopathy focuses on the individual and how he is physically and mentally experiencing the illness. This is expressed through the body's innate intelligence via symptoms. Homeopaths don't want to erase symptoms. Instead the goal is to use these symptoms to determine which homeopathic remedy best suits the individual. Once the symptoms are carefully noted, the homeopath looks for a match to a homeopathic remedy that has been shown to address the sufferings. This will uproot the illness.

Although many confuse homeopathy with the term holistic, it is a specific medical discipline that was widely used in the US until half a century ago. It never lost favor in lieu of drugs in England, India, France and Germany where over 40% of the doctors are homeopaths. It is indeed a medical discipline in a unique category. Homeopathy uses minute amounts of plant, animal and minerals that, when properly utilized, stimulate the person's ability to bring itself to its best economy. This means homeopathy believes that we have the ability to resolve health issues when given the correct stimulus.

Once homeopathy has been employed and the suffering diminished, a blood test to determine the amount of mercury remaining will confirm the changes. This often takes months, but the reward for waiting is worthwhile.

Each person with mercury poisoning will present in his own way. One, for example, will have ataxia (a type of paralysis), another may have excessive perspiration, a swollen tongue and profuse saliva, while another may have memory loss and foggy thinking. Choosing the correct remedy is best left to a homeopath with solid credentials and experience. However, for the sake of interest, let us examine the possibilities.

The most common remedy that has historically addressed poisoning, even low levels, is Natrum muriaticum6x, (Nat mur). The picture that Nat mur 6x covers is one of oversensitivity. For someone who suffers from being around perfumes, cigarette smoke and chemicals, particularly if mercury is associated with their illness, Nat mur should be strongly considered. It may take time and patience, but Nat mur 6x can address the associated issues. This is one of the few remedies that could be recommended for most people who have been exposed to mercury with reasonable accuracy. It could be taken daily for weeks.

If the pathology is paralysis, one of the most valuable remedies is Hepar sulph. Given in proper dosage and timing, it can be most beneficial for those who also are hyper-sensitive. This can include sensitivity to weather changes, sensitivity to pain and to the odors of chemicals as well as to food and even animals. The need for Hepar sulph may also present with painful and swollen lymph glands. Once it is determined thatHepar sulph is the best match, it is usually taken monthly for a specific amount of time depending on the needs of the sufferer.

Metal poisoning can also cause psychological pathology. Nitricum acidum is a powerful remedy that aids someone who has had a disturbance of the central nervous system as a result of mercury poisoning. Its need is determined by behavior associated with strong and persistent fears of death. It is also considered for someone who worries immensely about their health, often expressed in panic attacks. Nitricum acidum is a mainstay of homeopathic literature that is timeless and enduring. Homeopathic Sulphur should be considered if the issue after mercury poisoning is associated with heat. For example, the person may experience heat in an uncomfortable way. He may find that perspiration is excessive and that his odors are of an offensive or metallic nature. This is a remedy that has been shown clinically to provide immeasurable relief for children who have had reactions to vaccines laced with mercury. It can be of value even years after the time of the inoculation.

Consider the case of Robert. On Thursday, this healthy newborn, at six weeks old, was inoculated with polio. By Saturday he was too weak and limp to nurse and presented with a temperature of 105 degrees. His parents linked the reaction to the vaccine since nothing else in his short life could be associated. After three days of suffering, Robert was given two doses of Sulphur 200c. The fever and listlessness were aborted within hours and Robert resumed nursing happily with no residual illness. What is most remarkable, is that there were no side effects. Homeopathy has a sterling reputation for results such as this. Each of the above remedies is only a small sample of the choices to reinstate health in someone suffering from the ill effects of mercury. Even mercury is not to be feared in light of homeopathy's reputation. Nonetheless, if our guileless Miss Miller had known about the dangers of this metal, she might have sought elsewhere for a source of magic to dazzle us.

Own a First Aid Kit

Joette Calabrese,HMC,CCH,RSHom
Published in Wise Traditions, Fall 2008, “Making it Practical”

WTf2008“Sticks and stones will break my bones” taunt children. How often we have heard this and hoped it would never come to fruition! However, should an injury occur, there's nothing more comforting than the homeopathic first aid kit. First aid is the arena in which most people are introduced to homeopathy. Every household, school, ambulance, summer camp and dorm room should be equipped with a homeopathy kit so as to prevent a simple emergency from becoming a serious casualty. What is homeopathy? It is a unique form of medicine that uses minute amounts of pharmaceutically prepared substances from plants, animals and minerals. It is based on strict adherence to the Law of Similars discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, MD in the late 1700's. Dr. Hahnemann noted in his scholarly efforts that when a toxic substance is diluted to an infinitesimal level, the toxic characteristics are antidoted leaving only the curative qualities. For example, most people have heard of Ipecac for use in inducing vomiting. This substance, when diluted in the homeopathic method, will address an illness of relentless vomiting. Twenty five hundred years before Hahnemann, Hippocrates also noted the parallel action existing between the power of a toxic substance and its therapeutic ability. This pharmaceutical process allows the pathology to be resolved rather than covered up as a result of the body's ability to adjust to the trigger. Dr. Hahnemann's theory was scientifically reproducible and continues to be so today, hence his hypothesis is not theoretical but a biological law of nature. Yet, homeopathy has no side effects, is safe, gentle and oddly enough, quite inexpensive. The only downside is that it takes some educating of oneself in order to treat emergencies with assuredness. After teaching this method of medicine, I'm confident anyone can master simple first aid.

Let's begin with a remedy that is often thought of first, particularly when the pathology has a quick and abrupt start: Aconitum napellus. When it comes to the pain, swelling and shock of a sprained ankle and most sports injuries, this is a rewarding first choice. It should be administered orally as soon as possible and from every few minutes for more severe injuries to once daily for minor ones, say the homeopathic physicians. This method is the rule of thumb for the administration of homeopathic remedies in general.

The second most frequently used remedy for trauma is Arnica montana, particularly when it comes to injuries to the head such as in concussions. Should the injury be of a serious nature, it has been shown to be of great value when administered on the way to the hospital every few minutes. It can be taken up after the initial need for Aconitum has passed. Homeopathy is compatible with conventional medicine, so one can feel confident using it simultaneously, It has a history of bringing needed calm, pain relief and healing. In fact it has been shown in homeopathic hospitals throughout Europe and India that Arnica montana has relieved pain from injuries more effectively than morphine when used in high enough potency! And there are no side effects or addictions associated with homeopathic medicines.

Arnica montana can also be used for dental work. It is powerful in its ability to address potential infection, anxiety and soften the shock and discomfort of surgery. Indeed, it can even reduce fear of dental work. Dr. Dorothy Shepherd, British homeopathic doctor and researcher, states in her book, A Physician's Posy, “It is advisable to take Arnica before going to the dentist to prevent shock and pain after an extraction. Hemorrhage is frequently much lessened by such preventative measures.”

Ledum is the remedy of choice for most insect stings. Think of it also for accidents from punctures, stabs, injury from an imbedded nail, as well as bites from cats, rats, dogs and horses. Meanwhile, be sure to get traditional medical care, as well, since this is not a substitute for professional care when the injury is serious. Having Ledum on hand, however, is an opportunity to augment the body's ability to begin healing, reduce swelling, minimize potential infection and bring about calm. Hypericum is also used for injuries, particularly if the pain is nerve type pain, as when the pain is severe. Hypericum is a capital choice for tooth pain that originated in an inflamed nerve or after an extraction.

When considering gastric issues, there are remedies of equal value to Ipecac, but Ipecac is the remedy you want on hand when vomiting is relentless and affords no relief after the episode.

All homeopathic remedies must be chosen specifically for their symptoms and etiology. For example, Nux vomica is the premiere remedy for overdoing a good thing: the New Years day hangover, the child who stays up late at a friend's house after eating pizza and soda and overindulgence from Halloween. Usually the sufferer is cold and feels if he could only vomit, he'd feel better. There may be irritability and bloating or diarrhea alternating with constipation. Food poisoning, regardless of the pathogen is often aided by Nux vomica, but the ultimate remedy for this malady is Arsenicum album. This is particularly valuable for diarrhea that is exhausting accompanied by cold, restlessness and burning pains in the stomach or rectum.

What about that wretched poison ivy that causes so much summer distress? Pack Croton tiglium in your backpack for when a poison ivy outbreak is blistering a great deal with inflammation and itching. It is particularly useful for when the outbreak is located on the scalp, near the eyes or on the genitals. If the eruption is of a burning nature that causes severe itching and aggravated by the warmth of a bed, the night and by scratching, consider Rhus tox. This powerful remedy is particularly interesting in that it is made from poison ivy. For those with a propensity for these itchy outbreaks yearly, it can be used as a prophylactic before the season begins with a few doses each day for two days.

On planning your homeopathy kit, it is best to buy it already organized in a neat box from a reputable pharmacy. The price is substantially less per bottle and the pharmacy's expertise aids in choosing the top most used remedies. There are several sizes available. Purchase the most extensive kit you can afford. Since the remedies, if handled properly, will last indefinitely, the kit becomes an investment of long term benefits. www.Hylands.com carries a kit that is well organized and economical. Consider taking a teleseminar in first aid homeopathy and purchasing a how-to book or CD. The more fleshed out your understanding of this vital discipline, the more able you'll be to depend on its effectiveness. So, the next time you hear children chant, smile and think: “I'm ready for an emergency. I have my homeopathy kit.”

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