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Not Just Any Warts; Molluscum Contagiosum

Warts,Molluscum Contagiosum


**Update: Lately, I've been hearing from students and clients from North America and Europe that Molluscum Contagiosum is going around many communities. Molluscum Contagiosum is a viral infection that often affects children, resulting in numerous wart-like bumps.  (more…)

Scratch, Scratch, Itch, Itch: Homeopathy Relieves Dandruff

Dollarphotoclub Dandruff Small1 

Violet was facing a dilemma.

She had dandruff.

Not much of a problem, you say?

Well, in her case it was. Violet has owned a beauty salon for 20 years. She fashioned herself an expert on every skin and hair product on the market.

The anti-aging creams, acne gels, hair lighteners, hair dyes, dandruff shampoos: she had tried and applied them all.

Yet over the years, her skin grew dry, and she had an increasingly itchy scalp, complete with embarrassing white flakes. (more…)

Hold It! Don’t Use That Stuff on the Baby’s Skin!

Baby Michael


The Connors' third child, Michael, is chubby, robust and with clear skin except for one little problem. He has a history of convulsions nearly every time he falls asleep. No one on either side of the family had neurological issues or seizure disorders. The parents were understandably distraught.

Mother Caroline was doing everything she could to be a good mother. She provided nutrient-dense meals including raw milk and homemade fermented vegetables. She had been studying homeopathy and using it wherever she could since her first baby was born. For the Connors family, it was a no-brainer to integrate the best of both modalities. But this problem was beyond her abilities.

So, Caroline set up an appointment with the family homeopath, and their first step was to compile a timeline to reconstruct what had happened in Michael’s short life, including procedures and drugs that might have been used. (more…)

The Perils of Summer: Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Poison ivy and poison oak can turn a happy summer excursion into a nightmare. Itching, blisters, redness and swelling … all from touching a harmless-looking plant.

Conventional medicine treats poison ivy and poison oak, as it does most rashes, with oral or topical steroids. This provides a short-term solution by blocking the body’s immune response to remove the rash. However, the principles of homeopathy tell us that when symptoms are suppressed, they are not resolved but rather driven deeper into the body to reappear at a different time and perhaps in a more serious form.

With this in mind, I urge moms to treat their family’s itchy summer rash themselves without harmful steroids. (more…)

Sunburn and Dehydration? Homeopathy Offers the Cure


We love the warmth and sun of summer. But too much sun and heat can cause problems. Before you set out for a sunny excursion, be sure your remedy kit is stocked and ready!

One of the most common problems of overexposure to the sun, sunburn can be helped with one of the following remedies. Administer one dose every three hours until improvement is seen or less frequently depending on the severity of the burn. (more…)


I posted this blog in 2013, after the story broke of a church congregation in Texas that had a high concentration of measles among its unvaccinated members. I have never seen a follow-up. Has anyone?

“A measles outbreak in Ohio has reached 68 cases, giving the state the dubious distinction of having the most cases reported in any state since 1996, health officials say.” USAToday.com, May 13, 2014.

Stories of outbreaks and epidemics always strike fear in the public, and that is when the walls begin to rise between the vaccinated and unvaccinated camps.


Little boy with measles

Yes, there are rare situations in which children die from complications from diseases such as measles, and of course, no one wants to see their children suffer with illness.

But isn’t it possible that we have traded what was once a normal childhood disease for chronic conditions that, until this vaccinated generation, were never seen in children?

You know … illnesses such as cancer, autism, Asperger’s and such.

I had measles. So did all my friends and relatives. We survived. And so did our mothers.

They weren’t scared out of their wits by those who declared it a dangerous disease. Everyone just simply got it and got over it. (more…)

Let the Skin Be Our Guide

Coconut Oil


When faced with skin problems, such as acne, a rash or eczema, our first thought is to make it go away as quickly as possible.

But don’t.

Skin problems are simply a symptom of something more. Indeed, it may be the last step in the body’s attempt to drive something from the inside (vital organs) to the outside (skin).

If we interfere with that process, we will likely drive the problem back inside, leading to future, more serious problems. (more…)

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