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Royal Pains

Prince Harry

Prince Harry's vitality may be the direct result of the medical decisions his family has made for generations.


Prince Charles made news in the UK in early May because of his support of homeopathy. The prince had a private meeting with UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to lobby for National Health Service funding for alternative medicines, including homeopathy.

Opponents of alternative medicine had urged the prince to stay out of the debate and were aggravated by his continual attempts to influence Hunt, who shares the prince’s appreciation for alternative medicines.

But the prince has strong opinions on the subject. Both he and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, are strong proponents of homeopathy and have attributed their good health to its use. In fact, the queen is patron of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. (Yes, they still have homeopathic hospitals in England!) (more…)

A Salute to Ignatia Real Medicine for Post-Traumatic Stress and More

Salute to SUN

This Memorial Day, in honor of our veterans, active-duty service members, the families of those who serve and of those we have lost to battle; I want to highlight one of the most useful weapons in our arsenal of homeopathic remedies … Ignatia amara, the ultimate post-traumatic stress medicine.

(I’m using the “weapons” parallel not only because of today’s military theme but also because the handy red box, below, that holds our 100 remedies kit, was originally designed for storing bullets … I like to think of each little vial of pills as ammo against ill health!) (more…)

7 Undeniable Reasons for Moms to Know How to Cure the Family Themselves

Last Sunday when my family came over for our usual Sunday dinner, something occurred to me that I’d like to share with you.

My father, who’s in his late 80s complained that he was coming down with a doozy of a cold. He was chilled and achy.

I gave him Hepar sulphuris calcareum 200C and Sanguinaria canadensis 200C
mixed together in a little water.

Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes

This is one of my favorite homeopathic combinations that I learned from the Banerjis for onset of a cold with these symptoms.  I wrapped a blanket around him and merrily got on to preparing the roast potatoes in lard without another thought of it. (more…)

Deadly Nightshade … a Medicine?


Belladonna. It means “Beautiful Woman” in that most poetic of languages, Italian. Our history tells us that the herb was made into eye drops to cause the pupils to dilate, thus making the eyes look more seductive. A ruse perhaps once employed by the Venetian courtesans? In any case, that falls under the category of “Don’t try this at home!”

Belladonna in gross form is very poisonous and ingestion of even a small amount can cause death. Not for no reason did my mother call it “deadly nightshade!” When I was a child, she made the plant known to me, and I steered clear — by no means tempted to sample the wares of the Grim Reaper. (more…)

4 Strategies for a Perfect Grin



1.) Bones, Fat and Cream:

Build and maintain healthy teeth by keeping a plentiful amount of calcium-rich and high-fat foods in your daily diet. For robust bones, drink raw milk daily. High-quality cheese is another good source; go for raw cheeses whenever you can. Yogurt and kefir are two superb dairy foods, and they’re even more digestible thanks to their live enzymes and probiotics. Skip the reduced-fat version, and if you’re ambitious, make your own.


Foods cooked, baked and fried (yes, I said fried) in coconut oil, butter, tallow or lard provide high fats, as does the skin of chickens, nitrate-free ham and bacon. Don’t forget to include marrow bones in this equation too.

I teach my students and clients that it’s always best to get your nutrients from foods … or superfoods … not vitamin pills. Not only are nutrients in their original food source easier for the body to access and absorb, but they are also found in conjunction with other vitamins, minerals and fats that help the body utilize the food to its fullest potential.

In short, don’t short-change yourself with pricey supplements; they’re frequently made of questionable ingredients, such as soy, and can lead to an excess of a given nutrient. That can lead to vitamin toxicity, which is highly unlikely if you eat your nutrients instead of taking them. (more…)

Hold Back Your Child’s Development: Give ’em a Pill

Misc family photos

Have you ever noticed that when your child can’t get on a bike and ride it, he’s upset and frustrated? And soon after, he gets sick with a cold or fever or chickenpox? Have you ever noticed that when your daughter just can’t get a handle on her math tables no matter how hard she tries, soon after, she comes down with a stomach bug?

Well, I have.

And if you know what to look for in holistic health, it can be an exquisite thing to behold. Childhood illness often appears right at the pinnacle of a developmental shift.

After the illness, comes the fruit. He can get on his bike and ride like the wind within a few days of the illness — something he couldn't achieve for weeks. Now, she can memorize her times' tables with aplomb.

It begs the question that if we take away the signs of illness via artificial means, are we depriving our children of natural and significant events in their lives?

If I’m wrong, then I’ll stand corrected. If I’m right though, then normal childhood illnesses are gifts: gifts of immunity and of development. Think about it … perhaps
it’s better to grow the way Mother Nature intended than with concocted serums or chemical stews that hold back forward movement.

As we start the New Year, our focus is on progress and where the future might take us. I know that for my family and many other families like mine who have chosen to
take charge of their health care, real progress only came when we chose to give up our reliance on second-rate medical care that only suppressed symptoms and didn't
offer real cure.

Choose this year to embrace true wellness with homeopathy.


Is getting healthy a priority for you this New Year's? Why not contact our office to see how homeopathy could help.


Prenatal Preparation with Homeopathy: The Best Gift You Could Give!

Lisa Rosario 21

At this joyous time of year, I’m reminded of some of the best gifts we are given in life: our children.  Did you know that there is a homeopathic protocol that can be followed during pregnancy to give the gift of robust health to your unborn child?

The best part?  This prenatal plan uses homeopathic cell salts that you can simply dissolve in water and take with you anywhere.  Plus, they’re inexpensive and give your body the easily assimilated minerals it needs at this crucial time without resorting to the artificial nutrients found in commercial prenatal vitamins.

The following schedule should be adhered to for the duration of the pregnancy and the protocol for the last month continued for as long as the baby nurses.

Recommended Monthly Program:

Month 1: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Ferr phos 6x

Month 2: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x Ferr phos 6x

Month 3: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Nat mur 6x

Month 4: Calc fluor 6x, Nat mur 6x, Silica 6x

Month 5: Calc fluor 6x, Ferr phos 6x, Silica 6x

Month 6: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Ferr phos 6x

Month 7: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Nat mur 6x

Month 8: Calc fluor 6x, Nat mur 6x, Silica 6x

Month 9: Calc fluor 6x, Ferr phos 6x, Silica 6x

Take three to four pills of each remedy assigned for the month three times each day.  Alternatively, you can dissolve the pellets in four ounces of water and take a sip of this preparation three times a day.

Just like higher potency homeopathic remedies, cell salts (sometimes called tissue salts or Biochemic homeopathy) are prepared in highly diluted dosages. This gives them a greater ability to work. Cell salts are readily available in most health food and some grocery stores and are very inexpensive.

Having considered the above, it needs mention that no amount of cell salts will substitute for a diet of wholesome and nutrient-dense foods. So, I recommend that nutrients be obtained from “Super Foods,” those that have been eaten throughout the ages in preparation for and during pregnancy. They are full-fat cheese, full-fat yogurt, and loads of butter on all vegetables, and unprocessed meats, especially liver and other organ meats.  Eggs from pastured chickens are a valuable source of the omega 3 fatty acids  your baby needs for brain development.

This is the most crucial time in your baby’s life. It is also the best time for constitutional homeopathic care, as both mother and child are treated as one. Homeopathy has no side effects and will not interfere with any other meds, although meds are an especially unwise choice at this time. Homeopathy and high-end nutrition is fully safe for mother and child from the time of conception up to and including the birth.


To learn more about homeopathy and pregnancy, check out my Feminopathy course and read the testimonials of other women who have been helped by my Practical Homeopathy methods, click here.

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