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Is the FDA Stepping on Our Toes?


In late April 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a two-day public hearing to gather information about the consumer use of homeopathic products.

I already know what you're thinking …

“Uh-oh. What does this mean for us?”

But before you let worry set in, let me tell you that I see this as an opportunity to provide the FDA with our own feedback based on our personal successes with homeopathy.

The best way to bring someone around to a new way of thinking is through respect and rationality.

The hearing in April focused solely on FDA regulations and labeling requirements for over-the-counter homeopathic medicines.

It did NOT, however, include any discussion regarding the efficacy of homeopathy, the ability of individuals to practice homeopathy, or the removal of homeopathic remedies from the retail market. (more…)

Natural Treatment of Burns with Homeopathy

Homeopathy can be of good aid when burns are at hand.  The best way is to have a homeopathy kit on hand so that instant assistance can be achieved. External sprays, gels or drips, as well as internal methods, will be useful and will all work in tandem. Take the oral remedy every 2-4 hours and stop whenever there is improvement. External application should be reapplied as needed to keep the area moist and protected.

On a nutritional note, the daily intake of cod liver oil that supports the skin with vitamins A, D and E is very helpful.  Instead of buying synthetic forms of these vitamins, it is more valuable and economical to take this time-tested supplement.  Begin taking cod liver oil internally after any burn and continue as a daily fare.

For first-degree burns, including sunburn, Calendula salve or lotion will be useful in reducing pain and swelling.  For this kind of burn, Urtica urens 30, taken internally, will aid in the pain and aid in the overall countenance of the sufferer. Take it every 3-4 hours or until relief is obtained, then stop.

Second-degree burns should be met with the same as above, but if there is not enough relief, then consider taking Cantharis 30.  It, too, should be taken every few hours and stopped when relief ensues.

Third-degree burns should not be addressed with anything topical until after the healing process has been well underway for some time.   It would be prudent to leave the sprays and ointments until after your healthcare provider has given the OK.  Internally, the best choice for pain and the “shocky” feeling is Cantharis 30.  It should be used every three hours or so or until relief is at hand.  If there is no improvement, consider working with a homeopathic consultant. Meanwhile, medical care is paramount.

Electrical burns can be greatly aided by the use of Phosphorus 30 taken internally in the same fashion as above.

All homeopathic remedies are gentle and have been regulated by the FDA since its inception in the 1940s.  Unlike modern drugs, never has a homeopathic medication been removed from the market by the FDA. What methods of medicine can boast such a record? Homeopathy has the ability to grant us more personal empowerment and responsibility via an elegantly simple method of healthcare.  It has been practiced for nearly two centuries and has withstood the relentless test of time and the vicissitudes of many attacks because it works.  There is a timeless quality to real truths.

Homeopathy is the medicine for busy lives. There is nothing like the ability to take care of ourselves and our family with confidence and information that we can rely on. Homeopathy delivers that. It is inexpensive, gentle and most importantly, it works. Make it the mainstay of your first aid kit.

“Health is not random,” says homeopath, author and mother, Joette Calabrese HMC, CCH. Her book Cure Yourself and Family With Homeopathy and her CDs “Perform in the Storm, a Homeopathy First Aid” and “Secret Spoonfuls; How to get Healthy Foods into Kids Without Getting Caught” are collections of experiences as a skilled homeopathic consultant and mother. Her lively, entertaining examples and solutions of what to use for the most common ailments a homeopath is confronted with, have graced national journals such as Homeopathy Today and Wise Traditions. The author, practitioner, and mother splits her time between working with clients throughout the U.S. and abroad and speaking in arenas such as Chautauqua Institute, national radio shows and college campuses. Join her at  www.homeopathyworks.net for events, forums and consultations.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice.  The reader is encouraged to make independent inquiries and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

Injuries and Accidents

There is no better way to treat the physical and emotional shock of accidents and injuries than with homeopathy. Whether for a mild injury or one that requires medical treatment, homeopathy can absorb the shock, minimize and often remove bleeding, reduce fear, anxiety, pain and put the sufferer in a better state. If the emergency room seems to be the only way to care for the injury, give the
best remedy you know on the way to the hospital. This is reason enough to keep a small emergency kit in your purse. Even after a trip to the emergency room, a well-chosen homeopathic remedy will often hasten recovery and reduce pain. Pain medications can even be omitted with the correct usage of a remedy. Swelling and healing will often be hastened by 1/2 the time.

Cuts & Abrasions
Arnica montana

Arnica Montana

Puncture Wounds
Arnica montana

Kali bichromium

Heat Prostration

Insect & Animal Bites
Arnica montana

Muscle and Bone Injuries

Over exertion and deep injuries
Ruta graveolens
Rhus tox
Bellis perennis

Arnica Montana

Fractures & breaks
Arnica montana
Calc phos
Bellis perennis

Dislocated Joints
Ruta graveolens
Rhus tox
Arnica montana

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