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Get Your Kids High: Fever Is Good


I chose this photo because everyone equates a thermometer in the mouth to a fever. But, I say, "ditch it!"

I chose this photo because everyone equates a thermometer in the mouth to a fever. But, I say, “ditch it!”

Put down the Tylenol.

Don’t touch that antibiotic.

You can do this on your own!

Fever is not a bad word. It is your friend.

In fact, it’s the mechanism that the body has intuitively designed to cook off illnesses such as the flu, colds, ear infections and the like, and it serves an important purpose because it is the body’s way of curing the illness.

Mom, I’m Really Sick!


I write this while my husband is driving on our way back from spending the night at our son's home. My son had phoned me asking me to help him because he had a raging fever, severe head and back pain and weak breathing. He’s not often sick, so when he does this, I know he means business.

I love that he called me. Not a doctor. Not a hospital. Not even a free clinic on campus.

He called his mom.

Perhaps some might not appreciate an interruption in the night, but I thrive on it. And most importantly, I have the confidence that I’ll know what to do.

My guess is that if you’re reading this, you are the same kind of mother. (more…)

Travis, the Teenager, Loves Homeopathy

“Sweet!” crowed Travis, the 16-year-old, as he rose up with renewed strength.

Travis the teenager loves homeopathyJust hours ago, Travis had been suffering from a 103-degree fever, pounding headache and relentless nausea. After three doses of Belladonna 30C and a much-needed nap, this pale, emotional child was made whole.

Since it was Saturday night, this meant he would be able to go to his school dance.

His parents had no reservations. (more…)

Handle Fevers with Homeopathy, Not Drugs


As a parent, is there anything more frightening than a young child with a high fever? Even those of us who have decided to raise our children without the use of drugs could find our resolve weakening without proper preparation in the face of a thermometer reading north of 103⁰. Before you grab the Tylenol, take the time to memorize these three fever remedies.


This is the whole point of my recently introduced system How to Raise a Drug Free Family. We owe it to our families to learn this stuff now, before the fever hits or the flu appears.


Here’s my easy to remember ABC guide to treating fevers with homeopathy:


A) Aconitum 30: This remedy is useful for a fever with quick onset. In contrast to an illness that develops over several days, fevers that can be helped with Aconitum are suddenly high. However, if you don’t catch the fever within the first 12 hours of illness, don’t bother with this remedy. It won’t be the correct choice at that point.


B) Belladonna 30: If the fever is very high, think Belladonna. The child’s face might be flushed bright red from the heat and his eyes may be glassy with dilated pupils. He may even appear delirious.


C) Chamomilla 30: Chamomilla is an extremely useful remedy for fevers accompanying teething. The child who needs Chamomilla is fractious, unable to be comforted, and irritable. He may beg to be picked up, but then demand to be put down again. If you see a child arching his back in frustration while being held, this is a good indication that Chamomilla is the remedy required.


Give a dose of your chosen remedy every 3 hours up to 4 doses and stop as soon as there’s improvement. If your child falls asleep, that’s a great sign that you’ve probably selected the proper remedy. If the fever has returned when he awakens, then continue using that same remedy.


If you’ve selected correctly, you’ll witness a thing of beauty.  Remember, we’re really not treating a fever; we’re just using the characteristics of it to help us determine the remedy that needs to be used to treat the child as a whole.


The fever will inadvertently melt away, but more importantly, the child will be well—most noticeably in his demeanor.  If you don’t see this occur, then you've chosen incorrectly or not used the correct procedure because homeopathy ALWAYS works when the remedy is right on.  There you have it!  Now you’re a fever expert.



Just a gentle reminder that if you find this kind of information useful , then consider studying with a select group of mothers and others in my year long system;  How to Raise a Drug Free Family. I promise you’ll love what you and your family will get out of this. 

Can You Raise Your Family Without Drugs?


Photo courtesy of www.wopular.com

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without homeopathy. It has changed my life, and the lives of my entire family, too.

Years ago, I thought antibiotics were appropriate simply because my doctor said they were. I fell for immunotherapy and my allergies were driven to a deeper, more entrenched state. I firmly believed the falsehood that drugs, meds and medicaments were irrefutably valuable.

To think of the poor choices I made all of those years irritates me to this day.  But, instead of getting caught up with my mistakes, let me share with you how I overcame them.

(By the way, if you’ve made similar blunders, you can overcome them, too!)

Instead of using drugs, my foremost medicines have long been homeopathy and nutrient dense foods. Thanks to this bold resolution, my family and I took a colossal leap into robust health.  And we’ve never turned back.

I never doled out a single drug to my family; not a Tylenol capsule, not a spoonful of Benadryl and no antibiotics.

Zip, nada, zilch!

Does this sound impossible?

Well, it would be impossible without the correct tools, knowledge and motivation.

That’s why I have organized a FREE webinar called The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health.

Over the years, my clients and students have shared with me their mistakes and I’ve noted what the most popular errors have been. Many of them are made repeatedly by both parents and grandparents alike.

Some of these 5 blunders are grave, but others are minor.

Recognizing our mistakes is one thing – correcting them is another.

How did I correct my blunders?  By using intelligent methods coupled with pig-headed determination.

And that’s what you can use, too. A knowledgeable mom can aptly deal with much of what faces her family’s health. There are methods you can employ today that will help you safely uproot illness instead of just covering it up with drugs. It takes perseverance and persistence, but really, what is more important than the health of our families?

I know you have the motivation already, so let me provide you with the correct tools and knowledge that took me decades to “get”.

I’ll get you started with my Free Webinar, The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health this Tuesday, April 10 at 8PM EST.

Let’s right the wrongs together.

I hope to see you there!

Note:  If you can’t make my webinar, sign up anyway and you’ll receive instructions on how to hear/view the webinar later.

Moms, Are You Making These 5 Mistakes?

There’s no time like the present and now is the time to take control of your family’s health and well-being.  Let me get you started mp900442523with my free webinar called “The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health.”

We’ve all made mistakes without realizing it, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep making those same mistakes over and over again, does it?

Truth is, many of us have goofed up when it comes to helping our children through an illness. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In my upcoming webinar, I’m not just going to fill you in on those five infamous mistakes; I’m going to share a tried-and-true method that’s both safe and effective to correct those mistakes.

Millions of parents are already using this model to either reduce their visits to doctors’ offices or to take 100% control of their family’s health altogether.

I’d like to show you 5 ways to fever-proof your kids and how homeopathy is the sure way to address sickness in your own home.

In fact, homeopathy is the safest and most reliable health system in the world today.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom with a large family or a professional mom who just needs those easy, go-to tips to keep your children healthy, join me and I’ll show you how to be prepared for anything and everything!

Plus, wouldn’t you like a chance to win a scholarship for my new system that’s starting up soon?

I hope you’ll join me. I know you’ll learn so much! Sign up HERE.

Get Your PhD in Mothering

Recently I heard a mom declare, “I wish I had taken my job as a mother more seriously.  My kids might not have the chronic illnessesmp900422297 they suffer from today.”


Preparation for motherhood ought not to be random or casual.  It needs to be faced with the same kind of intent and commitment as getting your PhD.

Understanding how to prepare nutritious meals is key, setting them on the right moral path is paramount and treating their illnesses without detrimental drugs, downright fundamental.

Only a century ago, that’s just what mothers did.  They learned how to treat fever, coughs, injuries, colic and such without bowing to a modern medical paradigm of a synthetic pill for every ill.

Why?  Well, mostly because moms didn’t trust modern medicine.

Do you?

If you embrace medicine of commerce and seek frequent medical procedures, then the information I’m about to present is not for you.

But if you’re like mothers of old or even modern ones, who celebrate their knowledge of intelligent natural health, then read on.

An important place to begin is in knowing how to treat fever. Here’s the rule of thumb when treating a fever….


No aspirin, no Tylenol, no antibiotics.  Why?  Because fever is not an illness, it’s a symptom.  Treating symptoms is what drugs do. And we don’t like that paradigm because drugs don’t get to the root of the problem.  They only eliminate the signs of illness.

“She was convulsing. I was scared and so I had to give her something.”

Even febrile convulsions are nothing to fear in a normal child. In fact, if your child has them and you rush to the hospital, by the time you get there, they’ll have passed. There’s no conventional treatment anyway.  Further, a convulsion is a normal regulatory response which indicates a fast paced fever, not a high one.

“But the fever was already at 105.  I can’t do nothing.”

Brain damage occurs at 107.6 and it is rare indeed when a fever in a child goes beyond 106.  In fact, the higher the fever up to that point, the more capable of self cure.

“But he could barely sleep and it’s hard to watch him suffer.”

Why, certainly fever’s uncomfortable!  So?

Would you suppress vomiting if he had eaten bad chicken?

These are responses required for genuine health.

It is an understood truth of human pathology that fever cures.  In fact, a fever is often employed in uprooting chronic illness.   One of the foundational principles in homeopathy is that chronic illness is often the result of acute illness that has been stifled.

No tinkering with meds.  Just stand back and watch the miracle of the human body find its way to restoration on its own.

In the process, keep your child hydrated. Dehydration is the only true threat accompanying fever. So insist on quality liquids and maintain bed rest.

There are many methods that as a mom, you need to have in your bag of tricks. The most important is how to interpret illness; when to act and when not.

Join me and millions of educated moms who have found that genuine health begins with the comprehension of genuine health principles.

Get your PhD on how to care for your children as though  it is your only assignment in life.

Because it is.

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