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My Solution for Colds and Coughs: Homeopathically, of Course!


I’m traveling this week and am having a hard time getting to writing as I usually do, so I’m going to make this week’s article short but super useful. Perhaps you’ll even use it this week. (more…)

I’m Getting a Cold. Grab the Aconite!


When you open most homeopathic remedy kits,  the very first remedy in the box is usually Aconitum Napellus 200C, or Aconite for short.

It is such an easy remedy to learn that those who know very little about homeopathic remedies will at least know their Aconite.

I wasn't surprised when a student told me about how her husband — who devotes little to no time to learning remedies — knows how and when to use Aconite.

“I think I'm coming down with something,” he suddenly announced after feeling great during an otherwise uneventful day,

“… so get Aconite, right?”

Yes, he's probably right. The remedy probably is Aconite.

Let me tell you why …


No Cure for the Common Cold? Hogwash!

Runny None

“Sniff, sniff … I hab a code!!”  Our office is starting to get the calls and emails, the perennial sign of the season: “What remedy does Joette teach for the common cold?”

I will tell you what I recommend, folks: a lovely bowl of bone stock, herbal tea, a few oranges … and bed! A cold is your body’s way of telling you to slow down and prepare to hibernate, if you will. Drink some yummy broth and eat oranges. Allow yourself to be deliciously sick. Watch a funny movie and nod off on the couch with the purring cat.

We live in a high-pressure society. Americans have a developed sense of obligation and ethic. A double-edged sword, I suppose. It’s what makes America productive, as well as bringing us to our knees … or our couch.


Travis, the Teenager, Loves Homeopathy

“Sweet!” crowed Travis, the 16-year-old, as he rose up with renewed strength.

Travis the teenager loves homeopathyJust hours ago, Travis had been suffering from a 103-degree fever, pounding headache and relentless nausea. After three doses of Belladonna 30C and a much-needed nap, this pale, emotional child was made whole.

Since it was Saturday night, this meant he would be able to go to his school dance.

His parents had no reservations. (more…)

Kiss, Kiss


If you've read my blog posts in the past, you’ll remember that I’m no lover of flu shots. Indeed, I've seen the damage they can do, but Rite Aid’s slogan promoting flu shots did resonate with me: “Don’t hide from the flu.”

The good news is that you don’t have to hide from the flu, and the process doesn't involve injecting yourself with questionable viral concoctions. Have no fear of getting close enough to hug and kiss your loved ones, even greeting friends, regardless of the germs, with my easy-to-use remedy flowchart.

I’m all about making this as easy as possible to use at home.

The only problem is that you need to move quickly in order to take advantage of this flu protocol. If you note that your child appears to have contracted the flu, and you act on it within the first 12 -24 hours, you may be able to abort it or at least lessen it to a great degree without going to the next step.

Below are the remedies to have on hand.  Use either c or x potency.

1) Ammonium carbonicum 30

2) Aconitum 6

3) Nux vomica 6

4) Mercurius sol 6

5) Arsenicum album 6

*Stop administering at any juncture when there is measurable improvement, and resume where you left off if the symptoms recur a few days later.


What happens if you didn't get to the remedies in time or you chose incorrectly and the cold lingers and lingers?

One of the best little tricks I know is to use Sulphur 30 every 3-4 hours for 1-2 days. If at any time the cold seems to be much improved, then stop the remedy. If it returns a few days later, then resume using the remedy. However, don’t continue with the treatment for more than 5 days. It’s important to mention here that a lingering cold or flu is one that lasts more than 2 weeks or so.

Another beneficial tidbit to remember is that if the flu is rampant in your school or neighborhood, and your children are particularly susceptible to it, consider using a prophylactic against it. One of the best is Influenzinum 30, four times in one day, every week for one month, then every month until the end of flu season. Be sure to stop when the threat is over.

With this chart, your remedy kit (call or email us and we’ll send you one) and a few additional remedies, have no fear of getting close to others even during cold and flu season.  Then, kiss to your heart’s content!

P.S. ~Would you would like to learn more about how to be prepared for epidemics and other crises, as well as all types of first aid situations and sourcing these remedies? Then you need my upcoming course The Survivalist Guide to Homeopathy. Learn more about how homeopathy is THE medicine for when the SHTF. For more information on how YOU can Think Outside of the Box, click here >> https://homeopathyworks.iljmp.com/3/toanu.



Don't stop with only my flu protocol!  Many free, educational materials are available on my website.  To get started, check out this handy first-aid chart.  There's nothing like being prepared.

Pinworms and Colds; Who Needs Them? Protect Yourself, Teachers!

Can you think of anything worse than the thought of pinworms?  Because pinworms are a common childhood infection, regrettably, they're prevalent  in schools, too.

Consider this your first lesson in homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a method of medicine that has the gentle and powerful ability to deal with easily spread infections, such as pin worms and colds.

Let’s look at two homeopathic remedies that have a reputation of protecting teachers (and students) who’ve been exposed to these common childhood sicknesses.

When the classroom epidemic is pinworms, there is a great little remedy that is reputed to be just as powerful, not only to eliminate them, but which can be used as a prophylactic.

(Remember, the alternative is not a pleasant one. Conventional medicine will suggest a medicine that is a vermicide.  The suffix “cide” means to kill.  This means that the active ingredient is a pesticide of sorts, which kills the worms. We want to get rid of the worms, but not at the expense of harming the body with a vermicide.)

Instead, the remedy Cina creates an unfriendly environment so that the worms will expel themselves.  Cina tincture can be used by taking 6 drops in water, then sipping the water throughout the day for 15 days in a row.  It should be repeated one month later in the same manner. This is the advice of practicing homeopaths of India where this kind of infestations is even more prevalent than in the U.S.

Homeopathy has helped many teachers from getting contaminated with this insidious infection even when nearly the entire class is affected.

For colds, my favorite remedy for our family is Oscillococcinum.  In France, it is the top selling, over-the-counter medicine of any kind.  They use it as the premiere remedy to abort a cold or flu before it comes on or before it comes on in full force.  The French take it as a preventative as soon as the first student begins to sniffle and then one day each week for a month, then one day each month until the cold season is over.

Plenty of other Europeans and Americans use it too.

That’s because the protection it offers can be significant, as long as it’s taken before the symptoms get a foothold.  Oscillococcinum is reputed to be particularly valuable when the colds and flu’s come about during the wet and cold seasons, such as autumn and spring.  Some say it’s infallible.

All of these remedies are available at health food stores and many pharmacies and will cost no more than $15.  Additionally, homeopathy will not interfere with any meds you may already be taking.

If you find that your health is too often plagued by the latest illness in school, give homeopathy a try.  It may even become the discovery you innovate in your next science class.

Pinworms and Colds; Who Needs Them? Protect Yourself, Teachers is solely intended to provide a format in assisting the student in learning the principles of Homeopathy.   It is in no way to be considered a substitute for a consultation with a health professional.

Mother’s Intuition meets Homeopathy

It is powerful, usually right on the mark and if we deny its existence, we're always sorry later. Yes, mother's intuition is real.

Today, many have lost the confidence our strong ancestors had built into them. Drugs are handed out like candy. In fact, if refused, we are often met with angry words and condescension. There is a better way that many mothers instinctively understand; a way that is safer, non invasive and yields stronger and often better adjusted children. It is the way of nature, of homeopathy, of intelligent mothering.

There was a time when mother's instincts were accepted and respected as the norm. My Sicilian grandmothers birthed their babies at home, treated colds and infectious diseases with a good dose of sweat, sleep and garlic and nursed their big families through many ills without the aid of doctors, clinics and hospitals. Were they better off? I believe they were, for their offspring were free of the scourge of modern society such as allergies, autism, depression, ADD, sterility and a host of modern illness that only this generation is plagued with.

Homeopaths and other natural health care providers regard the use of drugs to be not only detrimental to our children's health, but also the cause of many, if not most, of the ills of today's society. Each of the above illness can be attributed to the use of drugs and their kin.

Yet, we can hold on to the old ways. The ways of knowing deeply how to care for our children and to trust our children's bodies to be able to do what is intended. That is, to grow up without a medicament for every little ill.

Women throughout history have relied on homeopathy for everything from ear infections to head injuries. I urge families to own a few choice homeopathy books and a homeopathy kit. Once this little system is in place, everything a family needs is readily available.

It can be difficult to resist the temptation to give our children drugs. After all, we only want what is best for them. And we certainly don't want them to suffer the pain of an ear infection or a sore throat. But, if we understand that the medications of commerce will often cause further suffering in the future, the choice becomes an easy one.

Homeopathy forces us to really know and observe our children to make the correct remedy choice and keeps us focused on what matters…our family. In a world that encourages moms to leave the home early in lieu of careerism, homeopathy, instead, celebrates the home, the cuddle and the right dose of discipline. Instead of dragging our children from specialist to specialist, moms can treat children in the kitchen while making an old fashioned meal. Isn't that what we were meant to do?

We need to trust our innate ability to treat our children without interference. To make choices that are based on what is best for our family as a whole. Homeopathy is rational medicine that supports mother's intuition and family to the fullest. Time honored traditions, time honored care. It just feels right.

‘WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR WEB SITE? Feel free, as long as you include this entire blurb with it: “Classical homeopathic practitioner and mother, Joette Calabrese, CCH,RSHom teaches women around the world how to take care of their families’ health  so that the business of wellness is in their hands. Get her FREE monthly articles and advice at Homeopathyworks.net and click on “Newsletter”.

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