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Stop It! How to Antidote a Bad Drug Reaction



So often, my clients report that they have taken a drug and subsequently experienced mild, to even serious, side effects that linger beyond their expectations. (more…)

Hepar sulph: The Homeopathic Antibiotic?




I’m often asked if I had to choose the most important remedies to have on hand at all times, what they would be.

This is not difficult to determine, because the medicines that are most frequently used would fall into this category; the ones that are so effective, they cover numerous ailments. (more…)

Pollution, Sinus Infections, Acne and Homeopathy

pollution,acne,ezcemaPollution is a problem. Foods contain pesticides. GMOs are everywhere. Formaldehyde is coated on our clothing and flame retardants on our mattresses. And then there are the oil spills.

We’re doomed. Right?

Yet consider a different take on pollution, one that may be much more important than external pollution. It might be the most vicious, most long-lasting, devastating pollution.

One that takes a more evident toll on health than GMOs and pesticides.

Interestingly, we not only willingly accept this kind of pollution, we even agree to it. (more…)

Good Gut, Bad Gut: Most Common Questions

Joette passing the torch

Good Gut, Bad Gut: FAQ

“Read the Science. Raise Your Hand. Ask Your Questions. Learn the Facts”

Many of you have asked very good questions, so I know you are learning the facts.



1) I can’t see my insides … how do I know if my gut is good or bad?

 he relationship between digestion and overall health is much more far-reaching than simply experiencing frank gastrointestinal symptoms. Various mental and physical ailments, such as ADD and autoimmune diseases, have been observed to have their origins in poor digestive health. The way you might know if an illness is related to the gut is if there are chronic problems that began after a gastrointestinal event, even years previous. Also,  if foods seem to be bothersome, even if the symptoms present in remote areas such as on the skin, the respiratory tract or neurologically, it can potentially mean the gut is disturbed and is worth investigation. (more…)

The Gut Garden


I used to be an anti-pesticide activist. That meant I’d get together with town council members to educate them about the dangers of herbicides and insecticides and propose alternatives. I also met with every hospital in Western New York in 1988 and convinced them to halt their lawn spray programs.


The efforts of our small, dedicated group made the national press as Buffalo became the first city in the country to stop using dangerous chemicals in public spaces. Those were proud and satisfying years.


But now I have another task at hand. Not unlike protesting the use of dangerous chemicals in our schools, I have a mission to abort the use of pesticides, chemicals and superfluous substances in our bodies. This assault now comes in the form of drugs, over the counter and, worse yet, prescribed medications.


My message may seem a bit dramatic or reactionary, but the analogy between pesticides and drugs is powerful and very real.


Whereas I used to be concerned about pollution sprayed on the lawns on which our children romped, it has become increasingly clear that the worst pollutants of all are the ones we willingly place directly into our mouths and the mouths of our children. Wait a minute! Aren’t medicines supposed to be carefully crafted substances that aid us when we’re sick? Well, I say a resounding NO.


Think of your garden. You wouldn’t be caught dead spraying pesticides on it, would you?  Instead you carefully collect your table scraps and garden waste, add manure and allow the mixture to cultivate and breed lovely, enzyme-producing matter called compost. Then you till your treasured compost into your soil to make sure your plants are adequately nourished with health-boosting natural nutrients.


If you see a pest, do you react with a pesticide? Of course not! To do so would weaken your plants, make them less hardy and might ultimately compromise their good health.


Then, why would we give our child an antibiotic? It acts precisely like a pesticide in the body. It not only kills the bad bugs but wipes out any beneficial microorganisms that keep the child thriving.


Next time you’re pressured by a well-meaning practitioner to give your child a medication that your intuition tells you is harmful, remember my garden analogy. Our guts, like the soil of a healthy garden, are filled with a plethora of microorganisms that live in a delicate balance.


How arrogant of us to assume that we know the lasting consequences of introducing a powerful, microbe-killing agent into this environment. Instead, let’s strengthen our gut garden with probiotic-rich foods like raw milk and overall sound nutrition and let’s learn about and use alternatives to antibiotics.


Join me. Learn how to treat your family through homeopathy.


One of the best investments you can make in your family's health is the purchase of a homeopathy kit.  With a little education, you'll have what you need at your fingertips to treat whatever illnesses come up.  Contact our office to find out more.

Can You Raise Your Family Without Drugs?


Photo courtesy of www.wopular.com

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without homeopathy. It has changed my life, and the lives of my entire family, too.

Years ago, I thought antibiotics were appropriate simply because my doctor said they were. I fell for immunotherapy and my allergies were driven to a deeper, more entrenched state. I firmly believed the falsehood that drugs, meds and medicaments were irrefutably valuable.

To think of the poor choices I made all of those years irritates me to this day.  But, instead of getting caught up with my mistakes, let me share with you how I overcame them.

(By the way, if you’ve made similar blunders, you can overcome them, too!)

Instead of using drugs, my foremost medicines have long been homeopathy and nutrient dense foods. Thanks to this bold resolution, my family and I took a colossal leap into robust health.  And we’ve never turned back.

I never doled out a single drug to my family; not a Tylenol capsule, not a spoonful of Benadryl and no antibiotics.

Zip, nada, zilch!

Does this sound impossible?

Well, it would be impossible without the correct tools, knowledge and motivation.

That’s why I have organized a FREE webinar called The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health.

Over the years, my clients and students have shared with me their mistakes and I’ve noted what the most popular errors have been. Many of them are made repeatedly by both parents and grandparents alike.

Some of these 5 blunders are grave, but others are minor.

Recognizing our mistakes is one thing – correcting them is another.

How did I correct my blunders?  By using intelligent methods coupled with pig-headed determination.

And that’s what you can use, too. A knowledgeable mom can aptly deal with much of what faces her family’s health. There are methods you can employ today that will help you safely uproot illness instead of just covering it up with drugs. It takes perseverance and persistence, but really, what is more important than the health of our families?

I know you have the motivation already, so let me provide you with the correct tools and knowledge that took me decades to “get”.

I’ll get you started with my Free Webinar, The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health this Tuesday, April 10 at 8PM EST.

Let’s right the wrongs together.

I hope to see you there!

Note:  If you can’t make my webinar, sign up anyway and you’ll receive instructions on how to hear/view the webinar later.

Calling all Smart, Frugal, Tenacious moms!

Do you clamor for simple, inexpensive, cartel-free medicine?  …….Medicine of the values of old?  mp900308950

I did.  But it wasn’t until after suffering from chronic fatigue, debilitating allergies and anxiety attacks, that I found this genuine medicine. How unlike my ancestors, I was!

My Sicilian grandmothers believed you went to the hospital to die.  They birthed their babies at home, treated colds and flu’s with a good dose of sweat, sleep and garlic and nursed their big families through many ills without the aid of doctors, clinics, hospitals and drugs.

As for me, after relying too long on modern day McMedicine, I finally grasped that drugs dole out detrimental side effects that made me sick.

The reason for this is that they suppress our body’s ability to address the problem and drive the disease to a deeper level.

What hypocrites!

Yes, conventional drugs cause illness instead of removing it.

So, how could I re-gain robust health and confidently treat my family, while avoiding the dangers of drugs?

The answer was simple.

I learned homeopathy.

I came to this by way of my illness and I finally realized that the only person looking out for my family and me is Me!

The human body is a miraculous machine.  It’s capable of great resilience and healing ability, often in spite of our abuses. Once I experienced the gentle, yet powerful curative action of homeopathy, I was hooked.

At first, I learned enough to treat my family with homeopathy and then I committed to going to school to become a homeopath.

Now I’ve been helping others for over 16 years, I’ve been able to bring robust health to my family and teach others how to do the same.

We’re a drug-free family.  No, I don’t mean we sometimes use them, I mean that my family of 5 has never ever used an antibiotic, analgesics or any other allopathic drug in over 24 years!

Bronchitis? No problem: Antimonium tart.

Knee injury?  Why, it’s just Arnica montana.

Flu? Oscillococcinum.

It’s often that easy.

I want all moms to be hooked!  Because whoever you are, you too, can cure your family with homeopathy.

And you will not be alone. Homeopathy is used throughout the world by millions: doctors, hospitals, monasteries, moms at home and all those are who tired of medications that only and most certainly cause further ailments.

So what is homeopathy? It’s a well-established form of medicine, dating back to an 18th century.   It’s based on the principle called the “Law of Similars”, that “like heals like”.

It’s simple. If a substance, poison ivy, for example, causes a certain type of rash for a healthy person, then homeopathic poison ivy, Rhus tox (which is a highly diluted and concussed version), can bring about a cure for a sick person who is experiencing a similar rash. So, it’s a perfect choice for similar illnesses such as chicken pox or an eczematous rash.

Like heals like.

The compelling premise behind homeopathy is that there is a mechanism in each of us which is capable of coming to balance if given the correct stimulus. This is achieved by using a homeopathic remedy that is chosen not for the disease, but rather the person who is experiencing the disease.

Homeopathy treats the individual and not the pathology.

Symptoms are the outward expression on the inner disease; hence, symptoms are of value in determining the remedy.  And once the symptoms are gathered, a remedy is chosen using the symptoms as indicators.   You don’t treat the symptoms.  You don’t manage illness, you resolve it.

Another way to put it?  You cure the person. You uproot the propensity for the  return of the illness.

Moreover, it’s inexpensive medicine.

So, if you pride yourself in being frugal, tenacious and autonomous, if you love being in control of taking care of your family’s well being, if you get a thrill out of learning a skill that will serve you and your family for generations, then this medicine, called homeopathy,  is the method of care  for you.

I have too much information to keep to myself.

Stay close by and I’ll teach as much as I can about what I’ve learned.

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