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Meds and Chemicals Make for a Maniac Mom: Homeopathy Antidotes Poisonous Effects

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH

December 28th, 2014  |  30 Comments

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Mindful HomeopathyA mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child.

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maniac mom3

“Mom! Mom! Stop driving so fast. You’re scaring us!” The van was bobbing and weaving in the late afternoon traffic. Colleen was on the verge of cutting off the Jeep ahead because he just wouldn’t yield. She hollered out the window, “I’ve got a roast in the oven that will soon be glorified char, an orthodontist appointment at seven, and those insipid cookies to bake for tomorrow’s meeting. What the #!%#* are you doing ahead of me?”

One hand grasped the wheel; the other clutched her fourth latte of the day.

“Mom, you’re overwhelmed. You’re going to get us all killed,” breathed the voice of reason from the back seat. It was Colleen’s fourteen-year-old who always saw things clearly. “Overwhelmed?!! Overwhelmed?!!”

Ever since Colleen had returned to her old decorative painting business, she found herself forever in a rush, fractious and aggressive. With four kids, how did she think she was going to run a business too?

But that wasn’t all. She stirred every night at 3:00 a.m. to plaguing thoughts that were like a virus scan on a computer, going over every detail of the herculean list of tasks the following day.

And so was the life of Colleen. She knew her fits of anger were inexcusable for her kids to witness, particularly because she acknowledged her cursing had become a second language.

Yet it seemed her increasingly toxic, even derisive thoughts were beyond her control. Finally, after persistent persuasion from her business partner, Colleen sought the help of a homeopath.

Colleen’s homeopathy appointment was scheduled on Skype, but not without Colleen cussing at her computer to get the connection set up prior to her appointment.

As usual, she was late and annoyed. Unfortunately, or perhaps providentially, the homeopath was already on the line and witnessed Colleen’s self-indulgent tantrum.

“Hi, Colleen,” said the homeopath. But Colleen’s reply was barbed. “How irritating. Did you just witness my behavior? Well, that puts it all on the table, now doesn’t it?

Here’s the rest of my list: I eat too much, get nauseated with cramping in my right abdomen regularly, I’m exhausted every day, can’t sleep, work too hard, and take antibiotics like candy for my urinary tract infections.

Oh, and add this in, too: I don’t believe for one bloody minute that you can do a thing about any of this.”

The homeopath was nonplussed. Her first inquiry was to ask Colleen about her work. “Certainly, I paint with toxic stuff. It’s the only way to achieve the look I’m known for. In addition to oil-based paints for durability, I also use gold and silver leaf, and then shellac to give an aged look. I see where you’re going here. Don’t for a moment suggest that I give this all up because of toxins. I can handle it.”

The body has only so many reserves, is the way the homeopath explained it. It wasn’t only the paints and related products, but also the antibiotics, not to mention the years of birth control pills.

In fact, 3 a.m. is the most common time for the liver to process all of this stress, so it’s not unusual to wake up at that time when the liver is so active. And that’s just what Colleen suffered nightly.

The remedy the homeopath chose was Nux vomica 200, one dose every three days for a period of about six weeks.

Nux vomica is known for its ability to soothe a stressed liver and all signs that accompany that condition. Colleen found this explanation annoying because she was confident that nothing was going to change.

But she took the “stupid little pills” anyway, just to prove the homeopath wrong.

But it was Colleen who was proved wrong. Yet after having taken Nux vomica 200 for several weeks, it didn’t even make her angry to admit that she was mistaken!

When she reported the changes to her homeopath two months later, her flagship sarcasm was appreciably omitted.

Perhaps she felt better because she no longer woke at 3 a.m. Perhaps because she had lost a few pounds since her appetite had normalized.

Whatever the reason, she felt lighter and happier. She even made an acquiescing decision to work only with milk paints on her jobs. Some of her clients had been complaining about the chemical odors anyway, but she hadn’t cared enough to make the change in the past, having delighted in showing them who was boss.

Now, with this new approach, Colleen was willing to accommodate other points of view.

Even the constipation she’d forgotten to mention had vanished.

The most striking aspect of Colleen’s recovery manifested in her attitude towards her kids. She barely reacted to the bickering and the messy bedrooms that would have sent her into a rage.

One day her son felt safe enough to speak out, “Hey, Mom, remember the time you whacked the car ahead and then the one behind, back and forth to get out of that parking spot, cursing the whole time?”

He hazarded, “You were a maniac mom.”

“Yeah, I was, wasn’t I?”

Liver Toxicity and Nux Vomica

The liver is one of four major organs that eliminate toxins from the body.

Colleen had been “poisoned” on three levels. First was likely the use of antibiotics that tinkered with, but never resolved her infections as well as the strong hormones in her birth control pills.

Her second level of chemical exposure may have come from the paint products used in her work, and the third was in her overuse of stimulants in the form of copious amounts of coffee.

Since its scientific proving from the early 1800s, it has been shown to uproot the problems that occur from poisoning, particularly when manifested in anger, road rage, impatience and insomnia.

In fact, many homeopaths find that since we live in a toxic world of med after med, Nux vomica is a good choice with which to “open” many a case. Indeed, the interpretation could be that the liver is taxed.

Nux vomica is also a leading remedy in hepatitis as well as for chemical sensitivities. Yet it is also of great aid in poisonings of other sorts, such as from spoiled food, MSG, street drugs, even sufferings from too many stimulants as found in coffee and chocolate.

Thus Nux vomica 200 was an excellent remedy choice for Colleen.

Small homeopathic pills had stimulated and then transformed her and had painted a new mother in a softer hue.

Now she colored herself Colleen, mom and artist. Her combative days were washed away like milk paint applied from a fine, mink brush.

I have been where you are now. I’ve dieted, taken supplements, bio-identical hormones, essential oils, herbs – but nothing, nothing has ever come close to the reproducible, safe, and effective results I and my clients have achieved with homeopathy. To see the full syllabus for my Feminopathy course and read the testimonials of other women who have been helped by my Practical Homeopathy methods, click here.


I am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom. I'm also a teacher and most importantly, a mom who raised my now-adult children depending on homeopathy over the last 31 years. I lived decades of my life with food intolerances, allergies, and chemical sensitivities until I was cured with homeopathy, so I understand pain, anxiety, and suffering. You may feel that your issues are more severe or different than anyone else’s, but I have seen it all in my practice and in my work in India. My opinion is that nothing has come close to the reproducible, safe and effective results that my clients, students and I have achieved with homeopathy.

Call today and learn how homeopathy might just be the missing piece in your health strategy.

Joette is not a physician and the relationship between Joette and her clients is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client. It is fully the client's choice whether or not to take advantage of the information Joette presents. Homeopathy doesn't "treat" an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one. Joette believes that the advice and diagnosis of a physician is often in order.

We've provided links for your convenience but we do not receive any remuneration nor affiliation in payment from your purchase.

The Author disclaims all liability for any loss or risk, personal or otherwise incurred as a consequence of use of any material in this article. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


30 thoughts on “Meds and Chemicals Make for a Maniac Mom: Homeopathy Antidotes Poisonous Effects”

  1. Meredith says:

    Hi Joette, I really enjoyed this piece. It tells so much about the times we live in and a simple path to begin to undo our knots, as it were.

    FYI: The email I received for this is missing the link to the article.

    Merry 12 Days of Christmas

  2. Joy says:

    Yes, the link is missing from the email. I looked this up on my own, because I love reading your blogs. Thank you for all the information you provide.

  3. Katherine says:

    I went hunting from the blog page to your main page to find this article. It was definitely worth the hunt.

  4. Becca says:

    Hi Joette,

    Thank you for this article! Fascinating stuff! After taking your “Good Gut Bad Gut” course I thought the best remedy for the overwhelmed mom was Sepia. Could you maybe clarify what differentiates the use of Sepia vs. Nux Vomica for the overwhelmed mom? Thanks!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Well, actually I also like Ignatia 200 for overwhelmed moms. But Colleen’s main issue was not hormonal, but substance issues. Further, she didn’t yell at her children and despise her husband in the privacy of her home. Instead, it was aimed at the outside world at large. That is where we draw the line in the sand. SHe was interested in showing the world who was boss. And her problems were not headaches and menses, but gut and sleep related. These are some of the differentials between Nux vomica and Sepia.

      1. Cindy Hair says:

        Thank you! My notes now say: overwhelmed and outwardly angry at the world with troubles at 3:am, effects of stimulants and other drugs, closed, intolerant and always right – nux vomica. Overwhelmed and despondent – Sepia. Did I miss anything?

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

          Sepia is: Over-whelmed and despondent MOTHERS. Mother must be in there if you’re using the psychology of the remedy as your benchmark.

          1. Andrea says:

            I see myself as both this Mother (minus the cussing and extreme road rage) and Sepia Mother. Which homeopathic remedy would you start with first? I know the liver processes everything. I’m very overweight (with difficulty shedding lbs), my face is covered with acne since the beginning of this year after a parasite cleanse (worst in my life), adrenals crashing, having my amalgams removed and emotional trauma. I’ve tried supplements, essential oils and an essential oil that has natural progesterone in it. It seems things may be working a bit, but not how I had hoped. I have a past history of lots of antibiotic use plus birth control pills. Thankfully I haven’t used antibiotics for over 2 years and BC for over 6 yrs. I’ve used homeopathy for other things such as ear infections, colds, croup, etc. for my family and am impressed with how well it works! I appreciate you and the info you share in these blog posts because it has helped guide me and empower me with my family’s health. I read articles from you as well at WAPF 🙂

  5. Keri says:

    I think my liver is certainly taxed. Can Nux vomica be taken while nursing? (I know homeopathy is different than taking a drug, but I worry about “my body” eliminating toxins while I am nursing.)

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I know of no evidence that indicates that the liver detoxes and throws the toxins out of the body or into the milk while using Nux vomica… Only that the illness/condition resolves after its use. Detoxing is a naturapathic way of thinking, not homeopathic.

      Having said this, do not choose this remedy because you think that your liver is toxic. The symptoms must line up. The conditions or illness must be consistent with the remedy picture in order to gain benefit.


  6. Kathryn says:

    Joette, I appreciate this website a lot. I just learned about homeopathy in the last few months and am very intrigued. I have been trying to get off of psychiatric medications after possibly being misdiagnosed with Bipolar. One of my main symptoms is spontaneous outburst of anger. I grew up in India where I had many tummy bugs, tape worms,and Hep A. I have been diagnosed since college with CFS, FMS, IBS and other such diagnoses. From reading the above article I am curious would Nux Vomica be a viable option for one attempting to heal both physically and mentally from the exposures I had as a child and the toxicity of two years of meds? Also what would be the best way you would recommend someone to learn more about homeopathy? I would like to understand the science behind it more.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Nux vomica is certainly a remedy that is useful for gut conditions, but without taking your case, I would not feel comfortable offering a specific remedy. I find that emotions are closley tied to gut dysbiosis and other gastro-intestinal conditions. To learn more, feel free to contact my office and ask for Jill. She is our Education Consultant and will help you find the right fit for your budget and needs. Meanwhile, start with my free blog with lots of practical methods of using homeopathy for everyday conditions.

  7. Donna E Rust says:

    Joette, I am 69, and raised my 4 children with Homeopathy.. I loved being able to care for my family in a drug free way. When they were all in school, I started a wallpaper business, which evolved into a faux painting business, and now an interior painting business. This spring was especially busy and I over did it. I have been dealing with lower back pain for about 2 months. A friend pointed me to your sight, and I am thrilled to find a new approach to Homeopathy! But more than that, I am so appreicative of your willingness to share your knowledge, cost free, on your blog!! What a tremendous benifit to those who are seeking help. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed! And my back is improving!!!

  8. Amy G. says:

    Joette – Do you think there is any difference between letting homeo remedies dissolve under the tongue and just swallowing them whole in terms of effectiveness? My husband is a “non-believer” yet he needs nux vomica 200 and it would be easier for me to tell him to just swallow them with some supplements I give him than to let them dissolve. Ha.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I’ve been surprised at how effective homeopathics work regardless of how they are administered. But to certain, if they could be sucked on or even chewed, the under the tongue method can be disregarded.

      1. Amy G. says:

        As always, thank you.

  9. Loretta A. Lopez says:

    Can Nux Vomica 200 be used to help with fatty liver? Some of the above symptoms- although more towards family members, are present as well.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      Nux vomica is used for many liver conditions including fatty liver but it’s not the only one we consider. You might want to read a materia medica on it. Mine is available on this site but you may read Dr. James Tyler Kent online at no cost.

      1. Loretta Lopez says:

        Thank you!

  10. Manisha says:

    Will Nux vomica help with Malabsorption and Resulting Vitamins Minerals deficiency ,coz IBS totally disrupts Digestion Absorption and Is so debilitating…

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      It can indeed do that but the symptoms must match.

  11. Kelley says:

    My daughter, a workaholic, very irritable, over-does EVERYTHING in excess, with terrible GI issues has been taking Nux Vomica 200c every three days for about 3 weeks and saw a huge improvement, however the irritability/anger has returned. Should she stop taking the remedy now, and how can she get back to a better place.

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      When a homeopathic stops acting over a period of weeks, its indeed time to halt its use. But without taking her case I can’t say how this should be followed.

      1. kelley says:

        Thank you. I’m working on her to open up to the idea. Thank you for your recommendation. Your articles are very helpful.

  12. Sonia says:

    is it ok to take NuxVom 30 2D AND Lycopodium 200 2D as part of the same protocol? (not together) where Lyco is for the severbloating/gas and the Nux Vom is for the nightly waking at 3am and long standing use of tea, junk, prescription meds and lots of antibiotics use that caused gut problems….. or, is it better to use one or the other?

  13. Sonja says:

    the frequency of nux vomica 200 here is every third day. I remember in some other blog or FB live session that the frequency was twice daily. Would it be more helpful if taken twice daily, or should one stick with every third day in the above case?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      It’s not so much that it would be more effective but rather the frequency is often determined by the severity of the condition and how specific the medicine is to the overall case.

  14. Maya Sager says:

    Due to yearslong multiple chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue syndrom I am going to start with NUX VOMICA 200C, one dose every third day. I also take Ignatia 200C and
    Do Ignatia and Magnesium antidote Nux Vomica or is ist possible to take it this way?

  15. Nadia says:

    Amazing post! What if all mentioned symptoms are present but the anger goes out to the world but not on public and there is no constipation, is it still a good idea to try the Nux Vomica?

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

      I urge you to read up on NV in a materia medica so that you have a good understanding of the scope of its action. Not e. symptom listed must match you in order for it to be a generally good match.

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