Terror in the Night



The very words send chills down my spine!

Only one of our children suffered from this frightening condition, and that was enough.

Night terrors terrorize not just the child but the entire family.

Consider Helen’s story.

It was around the beginning of cold and flu season, and along with a cold came the first night of terrorizing, earsplitting screams.

Those 30 minutes felt like 30 hours.

Helen's mother Melissa did everything she could to wake her. She comforted her, held her, shook her arms and legs. But nothing worked; Helen remained unconscious and screaming.

The next night, Helen developed a runny nose and a slight cough.

For the next few nights, Helen coughed, screamed and thrashed about her bed. Finally, around 3 a.m., Helen settled down.

Melissa endured a week of her daughter's coughing and night terrors before showing up at her pediatrician’s office.

She was a wreck. She hadn’t slept. Her husband hadn’t slept.

And now, Helen’s screaming was waking her 18-month-old sister.

The pediatrician examined Helen, finding nothing but a common cold.

“The screaming is probably just night terrors,” he said. “There’s nothing you can do. She’ll grow out of it eventually.”

“Nothing to be done?!” Melissa cried to herself.

Helen recovered from her cold.

But the night terrors continued.

Then one day while at the library, Melissa ran into Lee, an old grad school friend. Lee shared that she had been using homeopathy instead of running to doctors at every turn.

“Hmm,” thought Melissa. “I didn’t know we had a choice!”

Lee told her about a course she had been taking on how to do this and offered to look up in her notes what the remedy choices were for night terrors.

That night, Lee emailed Melissa the name, potencies and directions for the top three homeopathics used to treat the condition. She also included online purchasing sites.

Melissa purchased all three, just in case.

A few days later, after more nights of agonizing night terrors, the package arrived, and Melissa set to work, eventually settling on the remedy she wanted to try.

Calcarea carbonica 200C is especially useful for a child who is prone to infections or has allergies. If he/she seems to suffer from colds, flu, ear infections, sore throats or allergies often, consider one dose of Calc carb 200 every 3 days for a few months.

Stramonium 6X or C is useful when the child acts out with violence. This intense behavior can be displayed during the night terror, or even during waking hours demonstrated in play, or if he or she gets too angry. It is best given twice daily for a week until the night terrors subside.

Ignatia amara 200C is my favorite remedy for any nightmare, whether terrorizing or not. Ignatia is usually given twice daily for about a week or so.

Melissa gave Helen Calc carb 200 every three days. She chose it because Helen tended to catch colds more frequently than her sisters.

Melissa noticed improvement in the length of the night terrors after two doses, and by the end of about a week, the night terrors were gone.

Today, a year later, Melissa looks back at those trying nights as a distant dream.

By the way, Helen has not had the usual colds and coughs that she used to and seems even more resistant than her sisters and other children around her.

Melissa and Lee have found a common interest: employing homeopathy instead of waiting it out and treating colds with synthetic drugs. It wasn’t long before Melissa joined an online class as well.

Please note that sometimes it’s not as easy as using a remedy specific to the condition. I have noted that neurological — and seemingly psychological — conditions are often related to allergies and food intolerances. That’s when we consider uprooting that problem with homeopathy. This is what I specialize in. More on this subject in the near future.


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