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Other Remedies to Consider When Treating Colds and Influenza

Joette Calabrese, HMC, PHom M

October 9th, 2008  |  12 Comments

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1.) Allium cepa

  • Clear, burning nasal discharge
  • Eye tearing
  • Red, burning eyes
  • Worse in warm rooms in evening, better in open air
  • Tickling throat that leads to dry cough that is painful
  • Very thirsty
  • Even temperament

2.) Drosera

  • Dry, croupy coughs
  • Barking, ringing sound in cough
  • Sore throat
  • Cough may be in chest
  • Coughing may lead to heaving or vomiting
  • Needs to support chest during coughing to relieve pain
  • Worse while lying down
  • Eating and drinking aggravate
  • Sometimes may be some mucous

3.) Euphrasia

  • Non-irritating discharge from nose worse in open air or when lying down
  • Tears that burn on skin
  • Loose cough but not too deep
  • Lots of mucous
  • Cough is worse in day, better at night

4.) Ferrum phos

  • Those with predisposition to colds
  • First stage of inflammatory illness
  • Croup
  • Short, painful, tickling cough
  • Hard, dry cough with sore chest
  • Hoarseness
  • Cough better at night

5.) Kali bichromium

  • Consider in later stages of cold
  • Thick, yellow discharge that is stringy
  • So thick that it is hard to blow form nose
  • Crusty discharges in nose
  • Thick, post-nasal drip
  • Sinus headaches and infections in general

6.) Natrum mur

  • Few unique symptoms
  • Use when symptom is lots of clear, white mucous
  • Thick and sticky discharge that can collect in throat
  • Sneezing spells
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Accompanied by small blisters around the mouth and nose
  • Dry, cracked lips
  • Weepy, sad temperament that rejects attention

7.) Phosphorus

  • Good for a variety of coughs
  • Dry, croupy cough … or loose and deep
  • Accompanied by all kinds and colors of phlegm
  • May have chest pain that is worse with motion
  • Chest pain worse when lying on left side
  • May have tightness in chest
  • Cold air and lying down worsen the cough
  • Triggered during time of falling asleep
  • Liquids aggravate the cough
  • Good for laryngitis and hoarseness
  • Chilly and crave ice-cold drinks
  • Nervous when alone or in the dark; likes company and reassurance

8.) Pulsatilla

  • Accompanied by thick yellow or green mucous
  • Runny nose may alternate with congestion
  • Nose is running in open air and stuffy in warm room
  • Good for dry and loose coughs
  • Cough is dry at night but loose in day
  • Lots of coughing may end in gagging
  • Look for “Pulsatilla” temperament when choosing

9.) Spongia

  • Best for croupy, harsh cough
  • Cough sounds like a saw
  • Cough awakens from sleep
  • Has constriction in throat
  • Drinking warm fluids and eating may relieve

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12 thoughts on “Other Remedies to Consider When Treating Colds and Influenza”

  1. Jennifer says:

    My 1 year old twins developed a cold after a play date. They have a cough and thick yellow mucous. I was giving them Kali 30 for several days, 4 times a day but the mucous and cough are still ensuing. We are almost at 7 days. I am not sure what else to try. The cough is much worse at night.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi, my 3 year old son has been suffering from a clogged, stuffed up nose that starts up once he falls asleep. It gets so bad that his body can’t get a full breath through his nostrils, and once it’s tried as hard as it can, his mouth airway opens up and gasps for the rest of the full breath. But once he exhales, his body goes back to trying nasal inhalation, and the laborious process starts all over again. During the day, he appears almost completely fine–no coughing, no sneezing, no runny nose, no mucus discharge, and his energy levels are great. I forget he’s even sick…until he’s asleep. What do you do about this? It’s been over a week now. I’ve tried Children’s Herbal Chest Rub | Wild Carrot Herbals and a humidifier at night, and they help a little, but the majority of this breaths are still labored (as described). I’ve tried elevating his head and neck, sleeping on either side, as well as on his stomach, but to no avail. I’ve also tried different homeopathies – but I actually can’t find ANY that say to use for “stuffy or stuffed up noses” or “nasal congestion”. They all seem to say “Cold or Cough.” But he doesn’t have a cough, and there are so many for cold–and I’ve tried most of the cold ones–but only a few doses here and there because they don’t seem to work and then I switch 🙁 What do I do? Thanks!

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      You’re right; rhinitis is more complex to address. It would require the expertise of a seasoned homeopath. Food intolerances, and other such allergies would need to be discovered. In my experience, Homeopathy can uproot these kinds of conditions.

      1. Steve says:

        Thank you, Joette. Looking at rhinitis (hay fever?) symptoms, it sounds like a pretty good match with what he has…and me, too, actually. I had him breathe through the nose for me during the day – and sure enough, it’s stuffy! So he’s just breathing through his mouth and not complaining (so much to learn/notice as a parent…). His eyes also have dark bags under them – I think they’re swollen. My eyes are itchy, too, with crusties in my nose when I wake up, so I probably have this, too. Been like that for weeks – coinciding with prime allergy season. The last 2 nights we did try something that had a pretty significant positive impact (though temporarily): saline drops in the nose. He hated getting them, but man did they help!! By morning, he was sounding more stuffy again, but they sure did provide excellent relief for a few hours/most of the night. I also saw that Allium Cepa is listed for addressing hayfever symptoms, so I’m going to try that one more on a regimented basis until we can get to an expert homeopath to determine if rhinitis is the root cause, and if so, how best to uproot. Thanks so much!

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

          This is how we learn how to do this. Keep up the good work.

      2. donna Duncan says:

        I have lots to sinus(mucus) drainage which drains into throat and now have laringitis. no fever or chest congestion. at night OK PUT HOT WATER ON UPPER CHEST AND FINE UNTIL GET UP IN THE MORNING. WILL TICKLE IN THROAT SO HAVE TO GET RID OF. Taking sinusalia with belladonna, sanguinaria,spigelia anthelmia and makes my nose run and coughing up mucus. looking at the above looks like I should take pulsatilla. This happens for about hour. than stops. Please advise.

        1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH says:

          I don’t offer personal or case-specific advice on this forum but if you poke around on my blog, you’ll find information on what to consider for colds, etc.

  3. Steve says:

    My son (now almost 5) has been dealing with colds for almost 4 weeks now (including 2 rounds of low fevers, one up to 100.3F and the other 101.6F) and missed 2 weeks of school. He switches back and forth between being tired in the mornings or just his regular self, but has had either a cough, nasal discharge, or both continuously. Just when he seems to be getting better, he gets sick again–each time a little different. I think he’s had 3 different illnesses back to back to back. It is his first time in school–and perhaps his immune system getting overwhelmed. We’ve been giving a lot of combination homeopaths (from Hylands – which I notice the dilutions are low like 3x and 6x…so maybe not strong enough?), Gaia immune boosters, Camu Camu powder for Vitamin C, probiotics, cod liver oil, multi-vitamins, Vitamin D, cutting out most sugar, and we are GF. What do we do now?

  4. Steve says:

    Also, is using combination formulas recommended (e.g., Cold & Cough, Cold & Mucus, Chestal Honey)–or is that just muddying the waters b/c you don’t know what’s working…or not working? Do you recommend just sticking with using specific homeopathic remedies – as you’ve detailed above? If just specific remedies, how do I determine if I’m giving the right dilution? 6X vs 30C vs 200C? Like, maybe it’s the right remedy, but the wrong dose. Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

  5. komal says:

    Pls suggest something for my 4 month old as he is having running nose and congestion

    1. Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) says:

      I don’t make personal suggestions on this site. Instead, if you were interested in meeting with me, feel free to fill out the contact form. Having said this, this is certainly not something you’d need a consultation for.

  6. Cara Snover says:

    Hi Joette, we are in our second week of a cold with my 18mo old, I have tried so many remedies and I am discouraged. She has profuse nasal cathar alternating from clear to milky white, yellow, sometimes greenish in the morning. She has a little cough in the morning but can clear it fine. she is more thirsty, still nursing. her nose was completely stuffed where nursing was so difficult. It is better but still has to come off the nipple to breathe sometimes. I have been using abc homeopathy, my friends and still at a loss. I also want to note that our daughter has down syndrome so our her nasal passage ways are smaller which is why I think this is taking extra long. Thanks for any guidance, Cara

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