Homeopathy Hints from Holstein

joette Calabrese

Hi. I’m Holstein.

What? You were expecting a cow? Well, that’s speciesism right there. Do I look like a cow?

Nope, I’m a Fox Terrier, and Joette told me I’m cute as a button. So there.

(Harumph. Cow, indeed.)

Well, anyway … I heard that a very smart dog named Buster used to write blog posts about homeopathy. We all miss Buster very much. But between you and me, I say, anything poodles can do, I can do better. So, let me tell you a little story about how homeopathy saved my life.

I mean, don’t get me wrong … I wasn’t dying of a disease or anything. I was just annoying my owner so much that I was worried he might give me away to a local farmer, which all of us pets know is human-speak for something else entirely. (At least, we think so; we’ve never seen anyone come back from the farm.)

Look, it all started with a ball. Oh my gosh. Have you ever played with a ball? It’s AMAZING! You can run and fetch it, bring it back to your human, and, by sheer force of will, you can make them throw it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Okay, maybe I took it too far. Joette’s son (whom I live with) said I was “neurotic.” At first, I thought that meant adorable and fun to play with, but I’m pretty sure I got that wrong.

Turns out, he thought I was out-of-my-mind nuts. Yep, I overheard a very hurtful phone call between him and his mom, Joette, where I learned that apparently, dogs are supposed to stop playing with the ball eventually … or at least take a break. I guess we’re not supposed to keep asking our humans to “throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball.”

I say, if you didn’t want us to enjoy playing with the ball, then why did you throw it in the first place? Humans. I’ll never understand them.

Sure, if I was alone, I could rest. But if there was a human nearby, I’d get so excited. I’d want to play! Like, a LOT. Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball. Throw the ball, already!

At any rate, Joette recommended a homeopathic medicine that would make me less of this “neurotic” thing. So, her son put some delicious little pellets of Coffea cruda 200 in my mouth, and he rubbed my little face and throat (which was quite enjoyable) until the pellets melted.

No kidding. Within 10 minutes, I was calm. I didn’t feel that weird compulsion to play with the ball. I just kind of took a break and lay beside my people. It was nice. Joette’s son put his hand on me and said, “Hey, Holstein isn’t vibrating!”

I guess I just had a problem relaxing. I had been a little, well … wound up. When my human would try to hold me (to keep me from annoying our houseguests), I would just scream to get back down. I couldn’t be still. They couldn’t lock me in my room because I’d create such a fuss that they’d worry I was going to tear the room apart. The back of the door now resembles a Jackson Pollock.

All I really wanted was to get back to my ball. Geez. You’d think they’d understand that.

But that Coffea 200 sure calmed me down. I overheard that it also helps humans with their nervousness and overactive thoughts. I think Joette wrote about it once in her blog post, Anxiety: When the Elevator Flies to the Top.

Look, I still like playing with the ball. But now, I can also be a little more in control of myself. I’ve heard them say I’m more fun to be around. (Weird … because I thought throwing the ball to me all day, every day would have been fun for them. But I guess not.)

I just wanted to let you know about this clever Coffea cruda 200 stuff. Maybe you have a four-legged friend who could use a little of it? Or heck, maybe you know a two-legged friend who needs it, too.

Either way, I highly recommend it. (And the face-rubbing part. Don’t forget the face-rubbing part.)

That’s it for me. I think I’ll go lie down a bit and maybe take a nap. This new, calmer life I’m leading definitely has its perks!




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4-21-24 Homeopathy Hints from Holstein


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