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Secret Spoonfuls; Confessions of a Sneaky Mom™ Is the 1st and only Step-By-Simple-Step Guide to Nutrition on the Internet written for Moms...
By a mom, teacher and homeopath

Ok, so you know that high density nutrition is important.
You also know that probiotics are key to the health of the gut and that junk foods are anti-nutrients…..
Well if you’ve been following the works of Dr. Weston A. Price (or even if you haven’t) then you understand how complex the subject of nutrition can be. It can be perplexing, frustrating and downright overwhelming.....
From the Desk of Joette Calabrese, HMC,CCH,RSHom(Na)
Monday 10:15 am
What's a mother to do?
Well, I’ve been there. Searching for answers for my family and clients and this recording is the culmination of years of probing, inquiring and penetrating the world of nutrition.
And I’m happy to report that I found answers. I used these techniques first for my family and then for my clients…and now you!
Here’s my story: (If you’re not interested in reading it, then skip down to the yellow highlight and I’ll tell you how this audio will impact your family.)
Years ago, when I suffered from chronic ill-health, it was mandatory that I find solutions. It certainly wasn’t coming from the flurry of conventional doctors I visited. I gave up after realizing that the only way to find true health is to take the matter into my own hands.
First I sought out vegetarian principles mostly because that’s the first place most health food stores landed and then stopped. The severity of my ill health dictated the degree of my commitment to any disciple I took on. Hence on studying vegetarianism, I followed the most strict and narrow….veganism. This is when I was in the worst health state. I undoubtedly thought at the time as I read the best among the available books (the internet didn’t exist then) that I was aiding myself and family. After years of this, I made a conscious note that instead of enjoying improved health, my mental health was actually failing me. I became anxious, nervous and sometimes depressed. One thing I never lost however was my tenacity. Thank goodness… However, when I finally abandoned veganism, I jumped from the pot into the fire and began following macrobiotics. Another mistake. This too I forced upon my willing but innocent family. To this day, I don’t know how my husband withstood the nights of tofu and kale with sesame seeds. It wasn’t until my only son at the time who was about 6 developed 3 noteworthy cavities in his baby teeth that I was shaken into researching nutrition deeper.
I’ll never forget that day. On visiting the dentist he insisted that although the appointment was scheduled as a check-up, he informed me that several teeth needed to be extracted from my little boy’s mouth. Shocked and very troubled, I agreed to the removal of two and a third would have been pulled that morning had I not called a halt to it. My little 6 year old was quite traumatized by the experience.
Since my husband has never had a cavity in any of his adult or baby teeth and my teeth were also quite sound, I knew it had to be our diet that caused this problem in our son. Yet, I had followed all of the principles of macrobiotics and previously, veganism. So how could this be? Our son never had sugar in his diet. All the food he ate was organic and home made. I mean, I ground my own wheat berries to make bread. I even grew my own wheat grass! What had I done wrong?
The answer reveals itself:
On the drive home from the dentist’s office, as I peered into the rear view mirror at my beautiful son with a swollen face from the teeth extractions, tears came to my eyes, knowing I had done this to him. As a mother, I’m sure you can relate to the kind of guilt and heavy heartedness I experienced. All I could think of was something I had read years before upon embarking on this nutritional journey. It was a pamphlet I had read regarding a dentist named Weston A. Price. It emphasized the importance of raw milk in the formation and integrity of children’s teeth. But I had by-passed this in favor of more “current”studies by the vegetarians. Now my mind was awhirl.
I vaguely recalled some of Dr. Price’s statutes:
Raw milk is unlike pasteurized. It is wholesome, pure and essential for the growth of children.
Bone stocks are imperative for bone and teeth development.
Animal and tropical fats are key to the advancement of the brain.
Traditionally raised animals provide meat that’s nutrient dense and critical for health, particularly children’s growth.
That very same day after tending to my son with the appropriate homeopathic remedies for his pain and swelling, I bolted to the phone and called everyone I knew who would know where I could find raw goat milk. (I was still not convinced that cow milk was unhealthy.) By the next day, I picked up 2 gallons of the most delectable goat milk from a friendly local Amish farmer.
The third tooth that the well-intended dentist wanted to extract that day remained in my son’s mouth. And although it indeed had a cavity in it, it had enough integrity to last until the time it fell out naturally. In fact, when we returned to the dentist several months after instating the raw milk diet, the dentist remarked that the tooth looked better than it did last time! So he conceded that it could be left alone since it would soon fall out of its own accord. He mentioned that he had read that teeth could be restored via quality nutrition, but never really believed it possible. My son was living proof.
That was 1992 and I’ve never looked back. At this writing our son is 23, living on his own but still drinking raw milk. He has a beautiful smile with strong healthy teeth and never a cavity since. The rest of our family goes through 4-5 gallons of fresh raw milk weekly. We enjoy bone stocks made into mouth-watering soups most every night. We eat butter in great abundance and benefit from coconut oil, homemade salad dressings, fermented vegetables and in short follow the most satisfying gourmet and nutritional principles on this earth.
Food preparation is still an important part of my day, but as a busy homeopath, columnist (“The Homeopathy Corner” ) in Wise Traditions, author and mother, I must devote only moments here and there to our meals. So I’ve fine-tuned and polished my efforts. My shortcuts, tips and tricks have taken me decades to refine and perfect. This Information is the culmination of my efforts.
Let me share this knowledge with you
I’ve coached moms at schools, taught these techniques at colleges, monasteries, libraries, in my office facility and to my clients….and now you.

“Joette Calabrese is one of those rare practitioners who combines profound expertise in her field – the practice of homeopathy – with profound understanding of the laws of good nutrition.” Sally Fallon, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation, Washington, D.C.

This is what you’ll learn:
    How to make the fastest, most delicious and more importantly, the most nutrient-dense breakfasts ever!

    How to boost and then maintain optimum health with simple foods, instead of vitamin pills.

    What to pack the kids for lunches that will boost their stamina and IQ.

    How to keep it simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


I bought Joette’s "Confessions of a Sneaky Mom; How to get Healthy Foods into Your Kids Without Getting Caught" at a Weston A. Price Foundation convention this last November. I just listened to it a couple of days ago. WOW!! I absolutely loved it! Great Work!
Lyn Evens, Great Falls, MT

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Don’t delay.
The first time you listen, just let it wash over you. Don’t write anything down. The next time you listen, jot down only two ideas that you can incorporate into your daily routine without causing any hassles. You want to integrate these techniques with the idea of making your life easier, not more burdened. …I know…you have a full plate already…I’m in the same boat. That’s why I devised this system! I was tired of working till very late hours. As mothers, we all need a break.
Here’s Your Break.
Join me. My voice and passion will accompany every meal you prepare, every snack you delight in. Let me show you the way of conscientious mothering, based on intelligent nutritional information and fun.

Secret Spoonfuls is a download or CD that is a must for anyone interested in raising their families IQ and physical stamina!

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