Baby Grande

From the Desk of Joette Calabrese, HMC,CCH,RSHom(Na)
Monday 10:15 am

She was feminine and formidable. One of those women you admired because she was genuine. And now that she was pregnant, she had everything.
Her personal style was not only well-designed, so was her pregnancy. Even her birth decisions seemed to have flare, intelligence and elegance. In Paris where she had been raised, her family had used a homeopath for their ills and especially pregnancies.
In Paris they know such things.
She planned her pregnancy with the same polish as Coco Chanel would have designed a hand stitched blazer. Her sophistication was timeless.
As is homeopathy.
Can a medical method be considered elegant?
Well, consider this: Homeopathy has no side effects, it is perfectly safe for your baby, it works on the most well-designed principles and most importantly and simply put; it works.
In fact it's what the royalty of Europe have used for centuries. And she seemed to know this...even embody it.
Now you can too.
If your baby is on the way or you're arranging for the future, this CD download is for you.
It's about pregnancy and birth in a special way...the homeopathy way...the approach of the educated in Europe... the way of gently nudging the body rather than drugging it to have a baby. The way of a dignified birth, without side effects or heavy brutish drugs.
These remedies allow the mother dignity, grace and oh-so-effective a feminine touch.
European women have known for centuries that the way to have a natural, easy and healthy birth is to begin with intelligent information...this kind of information.
More importantly, these women embodied the knowledge.

I want to thank you for your help with my pregnancy. Before homeopathy my 5 previous labors lasted days (usually 2-3) and I still had to be induced because I could never get passed 3cm on my own. This last pregnancy, I went to a "routine" appointment on my 36th week. My midwife said "your having your baby today" I was 4cm, 80% effaced and had had no contractions. I had no contractions until my water broke. My labor lasted 2 hours. It was the easiest delivery ever. I ended up with the perfect baby. Thank you for all of your information, guidance and commitment Joette.

Jen Weber Vail, Colorado

Discover what you need to know to ensure a safe, gentile pregnancy and birth. You can remain noble all the way through because even the pain can be greatly minimized with this powerful approach.
This CD or digital download "Baby Grande" will guide you into a world of gentle remedies that will never do harm to neither you nor your legacy. It will keep the ugliness of commercial birth to a whisper. Homeopathy has a reputation for keeping stretch marks away; nausea can be set aside and even tame hemorrhoids. All the unlady-like effects of pregnancy are whisked by using this information. Meanwhile and more importantly, you will be making the baby’s bones strong and gird him for his forthcoming royal arrival.
In this powerful CD or Digital Download you'll learn how to:
1 Halt nausea and indigestion
2 Curtail hemorrhoids and stretch marks
3 Protect and build a robust baby
4 Lessen pain at the birth (the most talked-about aspect of this program)
5 Keep the birth simple and pure; not medicalized
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Joette Calabrese is a highly qualified tutor on staff at the British Institute of Homeopathy. In my association with her as a colleague and as director, I find her to be a committed, experienced and enthusiastic homeopath worthy of distinction. The British Institute is honored to be associated with Joette.

Maria T. Bohle, CCH, RSHom (NA), ACACN, DHM, DCN Director British Institute of Homeopathy

No doctor will ever give you his information. No midwife will either.

"Competence and integrity--these are words that best describe Joette Calabrese as a classical homeopathic practitioner/educator"

Dr.A.U.Ramakrishnan, India
Hony. Homeopathic Physician to the President of India

That's because they are unaware of these homeopathic and nutritional techniques.

Only a certified classical homeopath with years of experience as a mother as well, knows this.

These are the very remedies that I employed in my own pregnancies births.

And I am willing to share my secrets with you.

So now you can know this too.

To any mom serious about having an easy, safe and empowered birth, this is the program for YOU!
Some of the Topics Covered Include:

  • HOW (and why) homeopathy and nutrition when coupled, become your dynamic duet
  • WHAT are the "go-to" strategies that Joette uses repeatedly (because they work)?
  • HOW can you make this the easiest and most pain-free birth ever? (It's not as difficult as you may think.)

And Much MORE!

And now you can get this right here.


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I'm Dedicated to Making Your Pregnancy and Birth the Best of All.

Well-designed, Comfortable and Educated....even if it's not in Paris.

"Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond all doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science"

Mahatma Gandhi

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