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Volume 2 Issue 7 ~ ISSN: 2152-4890
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Our office is atop one of the Boston Hills of New York where we overlook a lovely pond. Clients are invited to sit a moment. We often take breaks there too. But this summer, our duck Christine is not enjoying the water and sunshine as much. Instead, she has chosen to spend time in the coop on her eggs. Ducklings should be arriving soon…..we'll keep you posted.
Enjoy the warmth and sunshine,


Quote from Joette

"Our health should be as honest as an open diary. No hidden illness suppressed by a drug today only to show up in the future to stalk us."
Joette Calabrese, CCH, RSHom(Na)

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Watch for Joette in her column The Homeopathy Journal in Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation in Washington, D.C.
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See Joette this fall: Joette will be speaking at the 11th annual conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation at Valley Forge Convention Plaza, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in an all day session called "Cell Salts; the Easy Homeopathy"
  • Monday, November 15th, 2010
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Ouch! Don't touch!

Sunburns, like chicken wings can be mild, medium or hot! Keep the following handy as the summer progresses to keep the heat down. First and foremost, never leave for a long weekend or vacation without your homeopathy kit. If you don't own one, contact us (above)…we have a selection to fit all budgets.

My remedy of choice is to always consider Cantharis first. It's useful for all sorts of burns including scalds and chemical burns, so sunburns usually respond well. Use a potency that matches the severity of the burn. This means; the more severe the burn, the higher the potency. For mild sunburn a 6c, 12c or 30c is likely to do the trick. For a more alarming incident; that is, one with severe pain, chills, blistering, etc. and only if you have knowledge of homeopathic medicine use a 200c.

Generally speaking in acute situations, the more severe the pathology, the more frequently the remedy needs to be repeated. So if the sunburn is moderate, very red but without blistering, and you're using a 30c potency, you might offer it every 30-60 minutes to keep the pain from ensuing. In fact, use pain as your indicator as to repetition.

If after giving Cantharis, there is no improvement, consider two other remedies. Urtica urens is the remedy of choice if the pain has a prickly, stingy or itchy sensation. In fact, if the sensation is of this nature from the beginning, then start with this remedy and don't bother with Cantharis. For a deep, severe burn use Causticum. The more severe the burn, the more likely that Causticum is the correct remedy. Causticum is also handy for old burns that have taken a long time to heal. You should see a change in intensity of symptoms within 30-40 minutes of taking the correct remedy.

cantharis I also like to use cell salts as an intercurrent with higher potency remedies. So, for instance, once it's established whether Cantharis or Urtica urens is the correct remedy; then offer Kali mur 6x every 30 minutes or so to bring down the discomfort and pain. As always, when improved, stop administering. Topical ointments or tinctures can also be soothing. Try coconut oil, aloe vera gel or Calendula tincture. But to be honest, you'll likely find the homeopathic remedy to be enough. The entire picture is resolve with the remedies, pain is just the indicator. Peeling may still ensue but not as severely. A sunburn isn't a day at the beach. But don't worry, homeopathy, as always, has the solution.

Want to learn more? Joette's book Cure Yourself and Family with Homeopathy is your #1 guide by going to: www.homeopathyworks.net/products.html.
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Aloe has been used since ancient times, and has recently enjoyed a rediscovery and subsequent popularity explosion.

The gel remains thick when the leaf is first cut, but after a few minutes, an enzymatic reaction causes it to become liquid and freely run out. This makes it easily to apply to sun burns and minor injuries. Aloe plants are easily grown in a sunny window, and Aloe gel is commercially available making it portable and suitable for your first aid kit. Great for sunburn and many other skin issues, but also for parasites!...but that's a topic for an other issue.


Sunscreen? Toss is it out! If you wouldn't or couldn't eat what you put on your skin, it shouldn't be there. Read the ingredients. If they don't read like a list of ingredients in your recipe book then they're too foreign to the liver. And the liver is the organ that will need to work overtime to get rid of it once applied to the skin.

What's the solution? Be prudent. Cover up with a sun hat, t-shirts in the pool and stay away from scorching sun times unless in the shade. My husband is blonde, blonde, blonde, an avid sailor and hasn't worn sunscreen in 30 years. He's just judicious in his coverage. So my rule is, if you can't eat it; don't wear it!

About Joette Calabrese HMC, CCH, RSHom (NA)

Joette Calabrese teaches and instructs folks how to add, obtain and maintain authentic, vigorous health via homeopathy and sound nutrition by offering time-tested and scientific principles. She has become a trusted voice that is decidedly educated, experience and committed and has a following of discerning clients throughout the United States and abroad.

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