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Mosquitoes, Ticks & Spiders,
Oh My!
Homeopathy for Insect Stings

Dear Friend,

Oh, ow, scratch, scratch, itch, itch!!

Insect bites leave your skin a mess. They can be hard to “just ignore”, but they worsen if you cover them with creams or douse yourself in bug sprays.

Feel free to venture out this season, without covering yourself in harsh chemicals. Read on for ways to deal with these pesky bugs with Homeopathy.



Gino’s family loves to camp, but oh, the bugs! No matter how well planned and timed their nature vacations, they always seem to sustain injuries from pesky, little creatures.

Years ago, Gino’s mom learned the dangers of commercial bug sprays. So, now when she packs their gear, it is never without their homeopathy kit.   A homeopathy kit is a small box organized with the top 50 most commonly needed homeopathic first aid remedies.  It takes only a short seminar and a good “how- to” homeopathy book or CD to have the ability to take care of any insect-related suffering. (CD’s, tele-seminars, kits and other related products and information are available at www.homeopathyworks.net.)   

Why use homeopathy for insect attacks?  Simply stated, homeopathy works. Have you ever noticed how often a drug causes not only short term side effects, but sets up a series of illnesses that perpetuate further drugging and procedures? Homeopathic remedies are not suppressive and they’re not jam packed with side pathologies like antihistamines and other conventional medications are.

Contrary to what many people assume, homeopathy doesn’t mean home remedies, and it doesn’t mean herbs or vitamins either. It is a specific medical discipline that is practiced throughout the world by MDs and in hospitals.  

Unfortunately, it is only within the U.S. and Canada, where homeopathy went out of favor in the 1940’s, in lieu of the antibiotic craze. However, it is reappearing on the natural health scene because it is safe, has no side effects, and has no synergistic effects that will interfere with other medications.
First, let us look at the most broad of all insect bite remedies, Ledum pall. It covers the reactions from the stings and bites of all bees, mosquitoes and ticks, as well as unidentified crawly creatures.  

It eliminates pain and the nasty swelling, as well as remote swelling from allergic reactions. Ledum has been shown to reduce the reaction even in an allergic person.  In fact, in the compendium of homeopathic medical literature, it has been credited for having reversed anaphylaxis responses.   

Consider seven year old Gino, who was stung on the wrist by a yellow jacket.  His face and lips swelled to the point of non-recognition. I don’t mean he didn’t look like himself, he didn’t resemble a human!  

Upon immediately administering Apis 30c, another well used remedy for insect bites, there was no change in the pain and swelling, even after several doses.  It became clear that Apis was not the correct remedy, so Ledum pall 30 was administered.

Within a minute or so of the third dose of Ledum pall 30c, the pain diminished and the swelling reduced slightly. Gino’s demeanor also changed. Instead of being frightened and tense, he relaxed into his father’s arms comfortably.

This was an indication that the remedy had begun to act. Ledum pal 30c was administered every five minutes and the magic of homeopathy unfolded.  Within 30 minutes the swelling reduced further and it was certain that he was out of the woods.  

In this case, it wasn’t until the following day that Gino’s face took on its true character. Meanwhile, improvement was clear because his behavior indicated a movement towards health.  

But, as if this wasn’t powerful enough, homeopathic remedies also carry the ability to reduce the reaction to future stings, as well.  In other words, it stimulates a person’s ability to strengthen their immunity against such a response in the future.

This was dramatically demonstrated when Gino sustained another yellow jacket sting two months later. Of course, this time there was no hesitation as to which remedy was best suited to his constitution, so Ledum pal 30 was immediately administered.  

With this injury, the swelling remained localized to the site of the sting.  The pain was again reduced within minutes, the swelling dropped to a small lump within an hour and the pain was eliminated. He was given the remedy every 30 minutes until he felt well enough to go back outside to play; then the remedy was given three more times over the course of 12 hours for good measure.  

The story doesn’t end here.  The following summer, Gino stepped on a nest of yellow jackets and was stung thrice on his leg.  Again Ledum pal was administered, but only for the pain, since there was no swelling at the sites or anywhere else.  Despite the severity of the injury, he no longer had an allergic reaction. It was removed by the previous use of the correct remedy. This is the work of real medicine.   

However, not all reactions to stings are alike. Occasionally, the site of the sting is hot and puffy with a watery-filled swelling. This would be a call for the remedy Apis mell instead of Ledum.

Generally, Apis mell is the second choice, but if the site looks as though the area is holding water, Apis is the better remedy to begin with.  As demonstrated with Gino’s story, after choosing a remedy that appears to insufficiently address the problem, give the next best remedy. Do this after at least 3 doses have been tried.

There are no side effects in the world of homeopathy and remedies are not addictive.  Additionally, homeopathic remedies rarely cost more than $15 for a bottle that will last decades.  Yes, decades, because, only a few pills are needed for each administration and homeopathic remedies are notorious for their longevity.

Homeopathy addresses the illnesses that people experience and brings the underlying pathology to a resolution. What more can we ask for from medicine?

Gino and his family are protected. After years of using homeopathics, his family is confident in its ability to address any ill that comes their way. Make homeopathy your family’s choice of health care and creepy, crawly creatures will no longer threaten the fun of camping. Ouch! Darned horseflies!

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

Joette Calabrese

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