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Self Sufficiency, Natural Health & Homeopathy

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Who doesn't want more control over their personal lives and families? Don't let society dictate how you should aid the sick in your home... take the time to read everything. And make your own educated opinion! Homeopathy can help make you self-sufficient in your home.



In some parts of the world, people believe that the best medicine is to use no medicine at all. My Sicilian grandmothers believed you went to the hospital to die.  They birthed their babies at home, treated colds and flus with a good dose of sweat, sleep and garlic and nursed their big families through many ills without the aid of doctors, clinics, hospitals and drugs.

Today we've lost the confidence our ancestors inherently had. We no longer trust our ability to heal naturally and we've lost the skills developed over centuries. Drugs are handed out like candy.

Each medication has detrimental side effects and they are listed in the fine print. Whenever we see fine print we should pick up our reading glasses because it is the area in which the most valuable information is held.

Years ago I worked at an NBC affiliated TV station where we wrote copy for auto commercials. Because the auto industry is highly regulated by the government, all the financing details had to be disclosed. So we'd print additional fees and costs across the bottom of the television screen.

The print we used was small and nearly illegible by the viewer and appeared for only 2-3 seconds. Sometimes these add-ons totaled as much as an additional 50% on top of the monthly cost! Yet we were complying with the governmental regulations.     

Today it is the same for "the little purple pill." It sounds and looks good but the fine print tells all. It describes the pathologies associated with the use of this drug and more often than not the user can expect to experience at least one of these side effects.

There is only one person looking out for you and your family: You!

The human body is a miraculous machine.  It is capable of great resilience and healing ability often in spite of all our abuses. However, over-the-counter and prescription medications suppress these strengths. This is why one illness follows another shortly after the use of drugs to "control" the symptoms of the first illness.  

But how can we gain the confidence to treat ourselves and family for simple first aid, common illnesses such as colds and flu, ear infections, conjunctivitis and many other ills? The answer is simple.  

Learn homeopathy.  

If empowering yourself with tools that have worked for centuries excites you, homeopathy is your ticket to this end.  Homeopathy is used throughout the world by doctors, hospitals, monasteries, moms at home and those who are tired of medications that cause additional ailments.  

Homeopathic remedies, like medications, are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. But unlike medications, homeopathics do not have side effects.  This is why you will not find small print warning of side effects on the labels of homeopathic remedies like you do on all other medications. Additionally, though there are thousands of homeopathic remedies on the market, not a single one has ever been removed by the FDA!  

This speaks loudly for homeopathy's safety, particularly since these remedies have been regulated by the government since the FDA's inception in the 1940s.  Alternately, simply observe commercials for drugs or follow the news and it is easy to see why governing bodies require warnings for conventional drugs.

The theory behind homeopathy is that our body is capable of coming to balance (health) if given the correct stimulus.  This is achieved by using a remedy that is chosen not for the disease, but rather the person who is experiencing the disease.  This means that the choice is specifically tailored to the person.  

Let's say three children who are in school together get a fever. Although it may seem they all have all gotten the same "bug," in reality they present the fever differently.   One child might get a 105 degree fever with feverish delusions and panic, requiring Belladonna.   

Another might present with a fever of 101, a stomach ache and clinginess where a sure choice would be Pulsatilla.  Yet another child might be chilly, angry and have diarrhea with his fever. This child would benefit from Nux vomica.   

By stimulating the body's ability to bring itself to balance, each of these youngsters will not only resolve the fever within hours or a day, but will be left in a better state than before the fever presented.  This means that for a child who is prone to these fevers he will be less likely to have another one in the near future.  

However, if the illness is repeated, it is likely that the same remedy will do the trick. At some point shortly after, the body will resolve the propensity for this illness and will not return.  
Self sufficiency is a goal many of us want to attain.  It is achievable with the correct tools.

With a good how-to book, CD's or a class one can take care of her/himself and family with confidence and aplomb.  Homeopathy is the ultimate instrument of self sufficiency.   Join me and the millions of others who have eliminated the danger of superfluous drugs with these safe, powerful homeopathic medicines.  It may mean a life of restorative health.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider. 


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