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The Beauty of Cell Salts

Dear Friend,

As you read this newsletter, I am embarking on a month-long adventure in India, where I will be studying with a father-son team of exceptional homeopaths, the Drs. Banerji, at their homeopathic hospital in Kolkata, India. I can’t wait to begin to share what I learn with you! The office will remain open in my absence, and my staff is ready, as always, to assist you. May this New Year provide joy, health and prosperity for you and your family!



The Little Soldiers of Homeopathy

I like to call cell salts the “easy homeopathy.” As many of you have come to realize, classical homeopathy is not an easy or effortless subject. It takes many years to master its principles and tenets. However, cell salts is one area of homeopathy that will delight you with its simplicity and its easily grasped concepts. This is an underutilized method that allows the beginner to do sometimes stunning work in short order. These powerful salts are like little soldiers, always dependable and ready to be called into battle in our fight to maintain our family’s health.

So, what are cell salts and how do they fit into the world of homeopathy?

What are we made of? Cells, of course…cells that formulate, build and nourish different tissues and organs in the body. And what are cells made of? Cell salts!

Inorganic cell salts determine the composition of the cell. When the body turns to ashes, it is reduced to inorganic constituents that largely consist of the salts of lime, magnesia, etc. Of course, many other components make up the body, including water and organic matter, but these other ingredients are useless without the basic inorganic cell salts that serve as the building blocks of our organs, bones, muscles, blood, in fact, every part of our body. To maintain proper order in the system, the proper quantity, distribution and assimilation of these basic building blocks must be present.

When we speak of cell salts as homeopathic remedies, we refer to these vital cell provisions prepared homeopathically, which means they are prepared in minute, subdivided form, ready for assimilation. The theory of cell salts is built on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Schussler, a homeopathic physician in 19th century Germany.

Dr. Schussler tells us that “every disease that is curable can be done so when the proper cell salt is determined, and every incurable disease is able to be ameliorated.” This is a powerful promise.

Health is a state where all the cells are in correct abundance and in the proper ratio with each other. This is accomplished when the cells receive the proper distribution and requisite amount of cell salts.

Because cell salts are vital to the body, any tissue salt deficiency or imbalance may produce illness. The symptoms will differ according to the cell salt that is deficient. By supplying the proper cell salt, the shortage can be alleviated, the cells will again function normally, and health will be restored.

It‘s surprising how quickly the cells respond to the offered stimulus. I’m reminded of a time when my cousin, a conventional doctor, and I were conversing on how exhausted he was after working through the night without a proper meal since the previous day. He was about to have a cup of coffee. Instead, I popped three pills of Ferr phos 6x in his mouth. He wasn’t a believer in homeopathy. However, after two doses and a period of 40 minutes or so, he reported, without my prompting, that he felt fully rejuvenated.

“What was that stuff?” he asked. Yes, fatigue met by overwork is often relieved by Ferr phos. Not because we covered up the symptoms, but because we resolved them with the correct salt that was missing as a result of the stress. Do you find this fascinating? My cousin did.

Of course, cells can be affected by a myriad of stressors, such as drugs that deplete mineral and nutrient stores. The inherent efficiency in each of our systems can also determine how they function. This can be attributed to our DNA and the stresses we endure, and, of course, much of the health of the cells is determined by our foods.

In times of stress, be it psychological or emotional stress, a series of colds or flu or simply stress from everyday life, you might find that cell salts will offer the nutritional boost required for full, robust life.

Dr. Schussler recognized that there were many more nutritional building blocks occurring in the human cell, but by distilling them to a mere 12, he simplified his system and felt the system was adequate given the potential for the work of other homeopathic remedies to complete the action. He concluded that these 12 are the salts that are constantly present. This is satisfying because, although many homeopaths use cell salts in tandem with classical homeopathy, it has been reported that homeopaths of considerable repute in India and probably elsewhere have used cell salts alone with resounding success.

Here are the 12 primary cell salts:

  1. Calc fluor12x (Calcium fluoride)
  2. Calc phos 6x (Calcium phosphate lime)
  3. Calcarea sulph 6x (Calc sulphurica - sulphates of lime - Calcium sulphate)
  4. Ferr phos 6x or 12x (Ferrum phosphoricum – iron)
  5. Kali mur 6x (Kali muriaticum - chloride of potash)
  6. Kali phos 6x - (Kali phoshoricum - potash - Potassium phosphate)
  7. Kali sulph 6x (Kali sulphuricum - sulphates of potash - Potassium sulphate)
  8. Mag phos 6x (Magnesia phosphoricum - Magnesium phosphate)
  9. Nat mur 6x (Natrum muriaticum - Sodium chloride)
  10. Nat phos 6x (Natrum phophoricum – Sodium phosphate)
  11. Nat sulph 6x (Natrum sulphuricum - Sodium sulphate)
  12. Silica 12x (Silicic oxide)

Then we have Bioplasma, a product that incorporates all 12 cell salts into one. It is convenient and also has a place in our understanding and daily usage of cell salt therapy.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, determined that the best way to treat disease is with a single, small dose at frequent intervals. This does not mean that cell salts won’t be as effective or will counter each other when used in combination. Dr. Hahnemann’s principle applies to a specific disease, not to the use of these salts as nutritional supplements.

In low potencies, such as 3, 6 or 12, every one of these salts goes about its own business without interfering with each other. Each does its unique job, and in unison, they make for full harmony in nourishing the cells.

You might be tempted to simply use only Bioplasma, but I urge you to go further because when an individual cell salt is employed according to the symptoms presenting, the ability of that salt will most likely astound you.

                                    Calabrese In other words, if a cold is coming on, with watery eyes, sneezing and a clear runny nose, we would use a dose of Nat mur 6x taken every hour for the first day or so. This could certainly be taken in tandem with Bioplasma during that day. Once the cold is remedied, however, we would eliminate Nat mur 6x and continue on Bioplasma as usual. What I like best about Bioplasma is that it is the all-around nutritional tonic. When in doubt, particularly when someone is particularly stressed, use Bioplasma as an opportunity to buy yourself some time while you are determining the best individual remedy to employ.

So, in your future reading, when we discuss using these remedies for various ailments, you will now recognize when we are dealing with cell salts. I encourage you to take up further study of these little soldiers. As a good place to start, I offer a 2-CD set on the subject, which you can find on my website at www.joettecalabrese.com/products.

Cell salts play an essential role in upholding vigorous health in the human body. Certainly we can’t expect them to be a substitute for our total nutrition. But by supplying these 12 cell salts in tiny incorporable form, we can be comforted that we are being supplied the specific cell salt for the specific malady. These 12 cell salts play a unique role in human nutrition that can’t be duplicated by any other substance. Using homeopathic cell salts is a wonderful way to keep your family healthy and balanced.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider. 


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