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Early December 2012 ~ Volume 4 Issue 12 ~ ISSN: 2152-4890

Much Ado About Flu!

Dear Friend,

We so often use the shortened name “flu” that we may forget that the full name “influenza” is a Latin word meaning “influence.” And what an influence it can have! A whole family down with the flu at the same time can be trying indeed!

Using homeopathic remedies properly can have a profound impact on whether the flu becomes a substantial incident in your family’s life or barely an event at all. Here are the top four remedies you should know to be prepared for this year’s flu season.



Four Remedies

The flu can create trying times for someone new to homeopathy. It is worth the extra effort to learn several of the top remedies. Once committed to memory, they will serve you well.

1) Eupatorium works when the weather is warm and mild. The common botanical name for this remedy is “boneset,” which indicates its area of action. The most telling symptom is a strong pain in the bones. The sufferer can find no comfortable position, as there is much agony, as though the bed is too hard.

Eupatorium is sometimes confused with Bryonia. The differential is that Bryonia remains still and quiet while Eupatorium thrashes in pain.

2) Bryonia is another common remedy for the flu. Look for indications such as the desire for long, cold drinks that are interesting only on occasion. The person is weak, lethargic, sleepy and heavy, with much perspiration. The person does not get sick suddenly. Instead, he is not well for days in advance of an all-out illness. This person wants to be left alone, particularly because his head and eyes hurt as well as his extremities. He favors being very still, as any movement is painful to the eyes or head.   

3) Nux vomica is a favorite because it is often an easy remedy to spot. The person is irritable and has, in general or in the recent past, overindulged in either too little sleep and/or artificial foods and drink. He wants to be left alone because everything anyone does is an irritant to this sufferer.

This remedy is often needed after an exposure to a cold wind. The sufferer experiences intense cold with shivers running up the back. Every movement of the covers is resented for the cold it sends to the back.

Gastrointestinal issues may accompany the chills, including nausea, constipation, diarrhea or any combination of those. Sounds, light and other external influences are despised and resented in a very verbal way.

4) A flu responding to the remedy Pulsatilla often comes soon after the feet have gotten wet. This sets up shivers down the back. The person may crave cool air blowing on them and may resent a warm, stuffy room. The mouth is dry, but thirst is often lacking. The person needing this remedy is usually a female and can be demanding of attention.

Know these and other homeopathic flu remedies, and they will be your friends for life. They may indeed be the ticket to your own health or that of your loved ones.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider. 

Joette Calabrese

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