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The Pain of Sinus Headaches

Dear Friend,

Sensitivity to changing weather patterns, stuffy nose and intense pain over the eyes can be common signs of sinus problems. Enter Kali bichromium to the rescue! But don’t tell the drug companies! They don’t want you to know that a simple remedy can do so much more than those expensive over-the-counter medicines!



The Weather’s Changing…Here Come the Sinus Problems

Krissy has suffered from sinus headaches and infections ever since she had mono in college. Long ago she noticed that every time the weather changed, the barometric pressure altered or the temperature fluctuated, a headache would come on, often followed by a sinus infection.    

She tried antibiotics, analgesics and even steroids, but nothing relieved the pain. And worse, she learned that steroids can cause bone loss. It was no coincidence, she suspected, that she recently broke her ankle in a minor fall.

A little hesitant about venturing into the world of alternative health, Krissy’s apprehension lifted after her consultation with a homeopath. She learned that homeopathy is gentle, causes no side effects, and can be used in tandem with other meds. Eventually as her sinus pain diminished, she would be able to cut back on her sinus pain prescriptions.  

And that’s just what happened. The homeopath recommended Kali bichromium. Once she began the new regime, Krissy had to admit the pain was lessened. The chronic post-nasal drip that had become a part of her daily life since “who knows when” was also resolved.

After a few weeks, Krissy was thoroughly free of head pain, even when a storm came through and the pressure dropped. Over a period of months, she also noticed that it had been some time since she had suffered a sinus infection even with the elimination of the antibiotics.

Now consider Lucy Jamison. Lucy suffered terribly from pollen allergies and sinus pain caused by weather changes. Years ago Lucy had tried allergy shots but found that instead of improving her symptoms, they only worsened. The list of triggers continued to mount, too.

She found some relief of her symptoms after eliminating wheat and pasteurized dairy, but a significant portion of her allergies lingered.

Changes in barometric pressure ushered in sinus pain that began above the eyes and spread into the sinuses. In fact, whenever the barometric pressure changed or the cottonwoods released their fluff, her sinuses would become so painful she could barely function.

Her homeopath also recommended Kali bichromium. Other symptoms that supported this remedy choice included intense pain above the eyes and sinus pressure that becomes worse when stooping down.

The next time Lucy experienced an episode of dripping sinuses, stringy mucus and powerful sinus pain, she took four little pills of Kali bichromium. She repeated the dose in two hours. She knew it might take a round of three to four doses before improvement ensued.

But just after the third dose, Lucy fell asleep for two hours. This was unusual for her. But more noteworthy was that on awakening, she found that the head pain wasn’t minimized, it had vanished! And she was energized and pain-free even though the usual provocative conditions were at hand. Historically the pain and weariness had lasted for days.

A month later, when the rain pelted after a long stretch of drought, Lucy got another characteristic headache. However this time, its intensity was uncharacteristically mild. Nonetheless, she took Kali bichromium again and promptly fell asleep for 20 minutes. When she awoke, the soreness again was absent, replaced by a sense of well being.

Many months later, she again noted a developing weather change, but because she had experienced no sinus pain for the last several months, she smiled to herself in a knowing way. No headache, no dripping sinuses, no fatigue. Three years later, she was still pain free.

Kali bichromium, also known as Kali bi or Kali bich, is made from potassium dichromate, a bright orange, caustic, corrosive compound used in the manufacture of dyes and batteries, to tan leather, to etch or clean glass and in photography.

Through the homeopathic process of nano-dilution, this harsh product becomes a helpful aid for any condition featuring thick, discolored mucus, especially from the nose, but also from the throat, larynx, vagina, urethra or stomach. It is often used for acute or chronic sinusitis. The mucus discharge may be stringy, yellowish or greenish and too thick to cough up easily.

Kali coughs are dry, forceful coughs that often go on for some time without relief. These coughs often worsen when breathing damp cold air, worsen in the early hours of the morning and improve in warm air.

The person often feels pressure and fullness in the sinuses and experiences extreme pain at the root of the nose that improves when pressure is applied to the painful spot. They may also experience feelings of fullness and pressure in the middle ear or migraine headaches that start at night.

Other symptoms that may support the choice of Kali bi include left-sided sciatic pain and rheumatism pains that appear and disappear suddenly or move along the length of the leg and pains in heels and in the soles of the feet.

In general, the symptoms are worse in the morning (especially between 2 and 5 am and when first waking), when the person experiences a sudden chill while undressing, and after consuming alcohol, especially beer, and are made better with heat or warmth, movement and pressure. A person needing Kali bichromium may tend to get cold easily.

Thanks to their experience with Kali bichromium, Lucy and Krissy both learned firsthand why homeopathy has a reputation for addressing self-limiting illness and ensuring that those problems never return. It’s not unusual for homeopathy to resolve substantial and near chronic hay fever and sinus pain. These two ladies now understand the difference between feeling okay and radiating authentic health. Gentle, effective and cost-effective homeopathy brought them to a better place in life, and neither woman is ever looking back.

How about you? If you are experiencing similar symptoms and want to know if Kali bichromium may be the answer for you or if some other remedy might be better suited for your needs, we recommend that you contact a professional homeopath for more information.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider. 


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