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Holiday Madness

Dear Friend,

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us once more. Another year gone! I am grateful this year for the terrific support I have received for my courses, newsletters and blogs. I am honored to be able to pass on my knowledge of homeopathy to you, and I hope you will do the same to your family and friends, so that homeopathy can continue to expand and take its rightful place in the medical field. I sincerely wish you a joyful and blessed holiday season!



It’s a Wonderful Life…with Homeopathy!

The holiday season can be defined by so many images: snow falling on a regular basis, Christmas music on the radio, cards piling up from relatives, children making their list of toys they want from Santa. But let’s face it; the holidays can be a whirlwind of emotions and activities that take their toll on us.

First and foremost, the amount of overeating and drinking can overwhelm this festive holiday. Holiday parties offer all that food that embodies the warmth and richness of the season and conjure memories of holidays past.

Eating wholesome meals high in saturated fats may help you resist those sugary holiday cookies. But if you find yourself overpowered by the sweet smells of cookies and candies or even just the delicious meal in general, Nux vomica 30 will restore your holiday cheer.

This remedy eases digestive problems at both ends of the spectrum, from constipation to diarrhea, which may occur from overindulgence. When the wine or holiday punch comes out, recall this remedy if overindulging makes you feel nauseous or worse.

When the kids dive into the cookie jar or get candy canes from school, this remedy can benefit their overall irritability. Nux vomica 30 will also help them get to bed after the rush of Christmas sets in, which is a little gift for you. However, it should be noted that once these issues cease, do not continue to take the remedy.

One of the most prominent emotions surrounding the holidays is anxiety. This does not just include children being nervous about whether Santa Clause will deem them “naughty or nice.” The extensive family gatherings cause us to dwell on what may go wrong or feel that time is running out. So much to do and so little time! Or we worry that family members may not get along. In this case, Argentum nitricum can soothe these feelings of anxiousness and help return the natural fluttery feeling that surrounds the holiday.

Then we have the “Santa Situation.” Although considered wonderful fun by some, for other parents, consciously lying to your child can be stressful. Children may become nervous about sitting on Santa’s lap or anticipating Christmas Day. Gelsemium sempervirens can relieve the feelings of being overwhelmed that intermingle with the Christmas spirit. This remedy particularly benefits two types of children: those who feel weak or fearful and those who experience emotional meltdowns before an event.

Christmas provides a chance for children to let their imaginations go wild with the possibilities of what they might receive on the holiday or with dreaded anxiety of what they might not. For children facing their first Christmas without Santa Claus, anxiety may play a key role in how they manage the holiday. Some may think that Christmas just stops after Santa no longer leaves presents, and others are fearful of whether they will enjoy the holiday. For children at this stage, it is crucial to be sensitive to how they react to “Santa’s disappearance.” Agaricus muscarius helps children manage the feelings that surround this experience.

The holidays are a time to be productive, but this can be difficult with excited kids running around looking for presents and making a ruckus. Coffea will help get them to sleep. Then, the major work can be done!

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider. 


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Gird Your Loins

You’ve read the headlines: “Millions to Lose Health Insurance.”

The news is scary: potentially losing healthcare to the control of others, or worse yet, all together.

It makes you wonder. Is this a call to action for the family to take control of their healthcare on their own? Not only in reaction to or even irrespective of the political climate, it’s prudent to prepare.

Indeed, I can’t help but note that in my life and the lives of many others whom I’ve taught, in the capable hands of the family, the solutions homeopathy offers far exceed the expectations of even the best of conventional healthcare, even when it’s available.

Yet, that’s not so impressive anyway, says Dr. Joseph Mercola: “The U.S. ranks last in health and mortality when compared with 17 other developed nations. The American medical system is an unmitigated failure at treating chronic illness.”

Lately, my office is getting many calls and emails from folks asking what they need to be doing to prepare themselves to take care of their family themselves.

The concern throughout the country, even the world, is palpable.

Yet even if they are not of this belief, I encourage them to consider raising their family in the manner I raised mine.

That is, no waiting rooms, no meds, no procedures. Only homeopathy and density-rich nutrition.


This lifestyle has been mine for more than 27 years, and I want to teach you the mistakes most parents make that keep them from that ideal.

Should this worry you as much as it has those who have contacted me asking for help, I urge you watch this two-minute video “The 5 Most Common Mistakes Parents Make in Their Children’s Health.”

In times like these, preparation is everything. I know many who plan to make 2014’s resolution one that includes knowing how to treat their family’s illnesses so that there is less dependence on drugs and such. This is not to mention the reduced costs associated with this way of life.

If this sounds like something that stirs you and gives you hope, join me in my journey to teach you how you can be the healer in your home and raise a drug-free family. Click here to learn more.

Events & Teleseminars

Congratulations to Our Winners:

Congratulations to Candie Y. from Flagstaff, Arizona, and Brenda C. from Blacksburg, Virginia, who each won a Hyland’s Remedy Chest in our raffle at the Weston A. Price Foundation annual convention.

India, here we come!

Joette will be in India from early January to mid February working at the Banerji Clinic in Kolkata, India, and learning more protocols to share with you!

The office will remain open.

HOT Off the Press!

JoetteCalabrese.com's Newest Blog Post

It Pays to Breastfeed

Recipe for REAL Eggnog

Want a truly delicious and powerhouse Christmas treat? Try this REAL eggnog and forget about the stuff that comes in a carton. Start with fresh raw milk. If you don’t have that available, whole organic milk is a decent second choice. The same holds true for the cream.

  • Raw honey to taste
  • 16 ounces of full-fat milk (preferably raw)
  • 4 ounces of cream (thumbs down to the ultra pasteurized)
  • A good sized pinch of freshly ground nutmeg
  • 4-6 fresh raw eggs (from grass-fed, free-range chickens)

Put eggs, intact, still in the shell, into a bowl with a squirt of mild dish soap and water. Wash the shells thoroughly. (Salmonella resides on the shell, but, it’s generally not found on the eggs of healthy chickens.)

Drop the honey and about an ounce or two of milk in your blender. Whizz until the honey is fully incorporated. Rinse, dry the eggs and add the yolk and white into the milk mixture. Add the remaining milk and other ingredients and blend. Pour into frosted glasses with a sprinkle of fresh nutmeg on top.

Nourishing, raw, traditional and delicious!

Let's see what's outside

Flu Season Is Upon Us!

Not to worry! Even during the deadly Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, homeopathy came through with flying colors. During a time when half of the patients treated conventionally died from this infection, homeopaths reported a death rate as low as 2%. And remember, approximately 40% of the MDs in the U.S. were homeopaths.

Influenzinum is reputed to abort cases of influenza during an attack when given four times in one day for several days. It works even better when used as a defensive measure before contracting or after being exposed to the flu. As a preventative, it can be taken four times in one day, repeated once weekly for one month and then once monthly until the threat is over.

Influenzinum can stand on its own as a treatment option or rotate with a remedy that specifically matches the symptoms of a person suffering from the flu.

For more information, check out my booklet Ahh Choo! The Flu!

Quote From Joette

" Have you ever noticed how some people exude a certain energy, humanity and a harmony of spirit? If you have, then you have witnessed the language of authentic health. A language softly spoken, passionately executed and universally understood. "

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