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Fever is not always a cause for a remedy. In fact it is often better left to complete itself because it is a valuable cure. Fever “cooks off” a viral or bacterial infection more effectively than any external means. When we reduce a fever via medications it keeps the body from healing properly. The body has the additional burden of processing the unnatural drug. Although advised by medical doctors for years, aspirin is a particularly dangerous drug when given during fever. It is only recently that doctors have shied away from this practice. Now Ibuprofen is prescribed, and again we are learning of the toll this practice takes on our families.

Throughout history, homeopathy has maintained the same position: let a fever run its course, augment the nutrition and fluids and make the person comfortable. This is a rather sweeping statement and circumstances will determine the strength of this guideline. Yet there are occasions when it may be valuable to treat fever. When a high fever, of approximately 103-106° continues for days without interruption, the concern generally is not for fever but for dehydration. To minimize dehydration, coat the palms of the hands and bottoms of feet with olive oil and insist on fluids. Homemade popsicles are considered fluids and are more accepted by children. Dehydration can be dangerous, and if it goes too far, may require immediate hospitalization for treatment with an IV. In any case, long lasting high fevers should be treated homeopathically as well as painful or spasmodic coughs with accompanying fevers.

If you give the chosen remedy and the patient falls asleep, consider this a good sign. The best healing is done during sleep. If in the morning the fever and its accompanying symptoms are gone, you have chosen the correct remedy. If the same symptoms return, repeat the same remedy. If this does not result in increased health then it is time to try another remedy. A useful sign is to see vitality returned to a languid sufferer and peace restored to an agitated one. When a crying child who is clinging and feverish stops crying yet the fever and clinging remain, consider this a move in the right direction. Do not repeat the remedy until a positive direction ceases. The mental or psychological presentations are often our most accurate indications of pathology.

Homeopathy requires the art of observation and hones skills of interpretation. Finding the right remedy is a crucial step in healing someone, but what to do next can be perplexing if these rules are not adhered to.

Three Leading Remedies for Fever

1.) Belladonna

  • Best remedy to try first
  • Give during early stages
  • Most commonly given for fever
  • Red face
  • Hot skin
  • Glassy eyes and dilated pupils
  • Restless and agitated
  • Can be a bit incoherent
  • Nervous excitability

2.) Nux vomica

  • Extremely chilled – worsened by moving or removing blankets
  • Symptoms can be triggered by overindulgences
  • Can be accompanied by digestive symptoms or heaviness in head
  • Can be worse in morning and in the open air

3.) Pulsatilla

  • Give when fever is the only symptom
  • For persons who have classic Pulsatilla emotion symptoms – weepy, clingy, craving affection … changeable moods, whiny-type irritability
  • Do not like external heat and do not like to be covered
  • Triggered by overeating and worse at night
  • Often not thirsty

Sixteen Reasons to Choose Homeopathy

Homeopathy is fast becoming the medicine of choice for American families. This is for good reason. It works. But should a thread of doubt linger, let’s look at the reasons to choose it.

1) Homeopathy has no side effects.
2) Homeopathy is approved by the FDA and unlike modern meds, has never had a history of even one remedy taken off the market.
3) Homeopathy is inexpensive. The cost is $5-$15 per bottle and if a kit is purchased, the cost can be as low as $1.70 each.
4) Homeopathy has a reputation for being used by the privileged and famous: The English royal family, the Beatles, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John D Rockefeller, Dizzy Gillespie, Daniel Webster and many American presidents.
5) It is possible to learn Homeopathy at home to address simple acute illnesses.
6) Homeopathy is gentle, safe and can not ever interfere with presently taken meds.
7) Homeopathy works on children, infants, the elderly, pets and livestock. In fact racehorses have been given it for decades.
8) Homeopathy has a following through the world including Europe, India, South America and is only now gaining acceptance in the US.
9) Homeopathy works. I already said that, but it bears repeating.
10) Homeopathy treats the whole person, not the disease. This allows corresponding and seemingly unrelated issues to fall away.
11) Homeopathy can be life saving.
12) Credentialed, homeopathic consultants are available on line, so when you’re stuck on a problem, there is professional help readily available.
13) Homeopathic philosophy follows specific laws and principles based on the Laws of Nature. These have been proven so that they are no longer considered theory.
14) Homeopathy is easy to dispense. Kids love the taste and pets accept it easily, too.
15) Using homeopathy gives us a sense of self mastery and independence that we so crave in a world of medicine of commerce and dictatorial medical staff.
16) Remedies will last decades, as long as they are not left in very hot settings. They may have stale dates printed on them, but that is because this is required by the FDA for all products. They can be ignored.

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