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Joette Says…

Fingers crossed. Let’s hope the economy recovers this year. Here’s a suggestion that might help your pocketbook now and in the long haul. Learn how to use a little homeopathy. I don’t mean drop what you’re doing and return to school. I’m suggesting taking more control of your health and finances by treating your family with simple inexpensive remedies. Arnica montana for bruises, Belladonna for ear infections and fever, Mag phos for cramps. Fewer co-pays. No expensive meds. There’s nothing more empowering than taking control of your healthcare. It’s intelligent, rational and offers big dividends. Homeopathy is economical medicine.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

Joette Says…

Health was never like this and more is the pity. The health and wellbeing of our kids is paramount, yet we have allowed antibiotics, analgesics and a myriad of other questionable meds to be administered to the youth of America. Only a generation ago, our grandparents would have been suspicious of a drug that had a small print warning of side effects. Today, we think nothing of subjecting our children to these atrocious drugs. It’s time to turn the tide. Think as independently as possible. Think homeopathy. It takes years of study to become a certified homeopath. Yet, a parent can easily accomplish seemingly miraculous work at curing her child of ear infections, fevers and even injuries with a small commitment to learning basic homeopathy. It is not unusual for a mom to eliminate the use of antibiotics and painkillers from her child’s world with homeopathic remedies. Consider becoming your family’s healthcare provider. Homeopathy. Medicine of empowerment.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

Homeopathy is…

Homeopathy is a great method of self and family care. Many moms have been impressed with the ability they wield with a little knowledge of homeopathic health care. Repeated ear infections in children can be treated at home without antibiotics. So can croup, fevers, and flu. Homeopathy offers a family an inexpensive method to treat common family ills that is safe and efficacious.

Homeopathy is…

Homeopathy is a medical therapy that takes years to master when taking on an illness of chronic nature. However, since homeopathic remedies are safe, it is a most suitable method of healthcare for those who want to take control of their family’s health on their own. Learning homeopathic first aid, as well as mastering simple techniques to treat ear infections, high fevers and other common illnesses, is an opportunity to become self reliant. Empowering oneself with simple, safe and reliable remedies is a rewarding method of healthcare.

Homeopathy is safe

It is harmless because the remedies are extremely diluted so that any toxic effects are antidoted or removed. Hence, they can be confidently administered to babies, the elderly and infirm. Even those who are very sensitive to other substances will have no ill effects when given a remedy at the correct potency. Homeopathic remedies have also been given to wildlife, livestock and pets and are considered the medicine of choice by millions. Judge for yourself. Consider learning more about this most efficacious method of nontoxic medicine.

Homeopathy is…

Homeopathy is not an insignificant medical therapy. It has been a part of the cloth of medicine in hospitals, clinics and practices throughout Europe, the US, South America and India for centuries. The tenants of homeopathy have been known since the time of ancient Greeks, but were not fully fleshed out until the late 1700’s. It is generally acknowledged that Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and scholar, was the man who systemized the method. Today, homeopathy is enjoying a predictable comeback as a result of the overall disappointment with conventional drugs.

Consider peering into the world of homeopathy for your and your family’s health care. You, too, may find the older, more stayed therapy is the best.

Homeopathy is…

Remember the old term “miracle drugs”? The first time we heard this was in reference to antibiotics. Unfortunately, the concept was taken to an extreme and every sniffle, cut, ear infection and UTI was considered an opportunity to throw the big guns at the immune system. Well, we know better now. It took half a century, but the populace is clamoring for better medicine and care. Consider, instead, homeopathy.

It has a proven track record of no side effects, not even those that might show up decades later. Just plain, good medicine with a reputation for curing the most stubborn illnesses.

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